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Peelings for the Hand

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Farmona Hands & Nails Artist Enzymatic peeling foam for hands and nails 150ml

Farmona HANDS NAILS ARTIST Enzymatic peeling for hands and nails  Farmona Professional’s enzymatic hand peeling pen is a special preparation applied to thin and stumbling skin around the nails, uneven surface and coloring of the nail plate after manicure procedures. Hands & Nails Artist's hand...

Price 31.90 zł

Farmona VELVET HANDS Hand peeling

Farmona Velvet Hands Peeling  Aromatic peeling is recommended for the skin with shrinking signs, loss of solidity and flexibility. It cleans the skin, removes the dead cells.It cleans and cleans the skin. It intensely moisturizes and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients from...

Price 79.00 zł

Farmona HANDS SLOWAGE Tri-active anti-ageing hand scrub 200ml

Farmona HANDS SLOWAGE Anti-ageing hand peeling  Delicate and at the same time effective peeling, which cleans and diluces the dead spots. It illuminates and reduces the visibility of colours, balances the color of the skin, smoothes it. It expressly improves the appearance and condition of the...

Price 45.10 zł