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Do you bet on sterilization?You need a good handle!

Not just autoklaw - if you are going to sterilize cosmetic or processing tools in your own device, you need to supplement equipment with gloves for gloves.A simple product from the AGD store is not enough – complete sterilization can only be achieved with a professional brush.A certain combination of packaging that guarantees asepticity is a necessary condition in the process of exposure.Good brand, affordable price, guaranteed service - put on the camera to the cosmetic office from our offer.

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Sterile sleeve heaters of the highest quality. Medical radiators

We recommend professionally tested welding machines to complement sterilization kits in podiatric and cosmetic offices. Specialised machines for soldering paper-foil bags and sleeves must provide a secure soldering iron that will keep the aseptic package waiting for its turn, and you will be assured that efforts to render the tools completely sterile will not be in vain. The paper-foil sleeve heater, like special packaging made of multi-layer film with self-adhesive properties and reinforced non-dusting paper, should reliably join the two layers and secure the tool inside. The most important thing a product involved in the sterilisation process should offer the user is:

  • appropriate power
  • electrothermal units for rapid heating
  • other, of circular cross-section
  • a width of not more than 50 mm
  • smooth and secure cutting by the installed guillotine
  • a pressure or sliding mechanism providing a solid pressure force on the welded edge


What makes a good paper-foil welding machine?

When choosing the right equipment, pay attention to the power that will translate into an instant, solid sleeve assembly, a layer of paper and foil. This is where the efficiency of the equipment comes from: rapid heating and efficiency. It is also the job of good welders to prepare the package so that it does not lose its leakage while in the autoclave, thus ensuring the appropriate width of the weld. The glove must also remain closed during storage and must not break open under the influence of high temperature or humidity.

Foil sleeve heater - how to prepare an autoclave package

The sleeve welding machine shall be completed with interchangeable sleeves before starting operation. The inserts in the feeder ensure constant access to the packaging during the preparation of the sterilisation packages. The handles in the roll allow the length to be adjusted to the sterilised tool each time.

  1. After measuring the length, press the heating element to the edge and hold for approximately. three seconds.
  2. Use the guillotine to cut off the prepared bag.
  3. Place a disinfected steriliser inside.
  4. Add the test strip.
  5. Place the open edge under the heating element and close the package.

The kit is then prepared for placement in the autoclave. After this process, after removal for up to six months, it will be ready for use - with care at all stages, we can be sure that it is 100% sterile. In order to save electricity when the autoclave works, packages can be stacked on top of each other, remembering to place them on similar sides (paper to paper, film to film) to avoid sticking them together at high temperatures. Our shop also offers excellent packaging for welding machines - you can also check other goods and services not only online.

Try the top offer! Heaters from our catalogue are distinguished by reliability and excellent price

In our offer you will find welding machines with the best recommendations from users. Branded products are distinguished by an attractive price and excellent performance. All our products are efficient and durable - regardless of the operating parameters, each of our sterilization sleeve soldering machines works reliably for a long time. Please contact us for information on the power and performance of any equipment.

Choose a precision product that facilitates autoclave sterilization

The built-in two-dimensional standard sleeve tray feeder allows you to seamlessly measure the desired length, weld and cut another bag into the sterilisation package. All of our products have an efficient and efficient heat strip and guillotine system that has been conveniently placed in the housing. A lightly pressurized welding lever, which activates the heating element, ensures that the paper and foil layers are welded together quickly and securely. The advantageous price of the welding machines is due to the constant cooperation with manufacturers of branded equipment for professionals. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for more detailed information on the products we offer to properly sterilize equipment in cosmetic or podiatric offices.

We advise you to choose the optimal version of the sterilization bag welding machine

We've made sure that every product we offer meets all the standards that make sterilization easier. The devices available on the market have similar properties, so in our case the information on the utility was the most important. In order to ensure your satisfaction with the selection, we have developed reliable equipment to ensure that sterilization kits are prepared quickly and efficiently. We know that each of our customers' ratings may be different, so we're happy to discuss details and expectations before choosing the right one. We are confident that every product in our range is of the highest quality and will have the right welder for you.