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Screenshots, screenshots and nails - Manicure Essentials

The nail modeling before the application of the lakes is the basis of any styling, so scores and nails are essential in any cosmetic suitcase.Reliable, accurate cheeks for different tasks must be at your hand when pressing and modeling your nails, shaping the shape of gel and acrylic coatings, developing the skin elements.Try professional manicure thinning tools with the offer for professionals.

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The manicure tools? No scissors or move!

Before performing a complete nail styling, make sure that your cosmetics can handle the challenge. The basis is universal other, of circular cross-section, which can be used both to trim and shape the nail plate and to cut the skin. However, experts say that it is best to have equipment for each of these activities. The basic set of cutting tools includes:

  • machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material
  • nail clipper
  • other, of circular cross-section with narrow arms
  • other, of circular cross-section

Nail scissors and leather scissors - what's the difference?

Other, of circular cross-section there are several versions. They differ in the width and length of the arms, the profile of the cutting edge and, above all, their purpose. In addition to this handy manicurist kit, there should be professional nail clippers whose cutting properties rely on a slightly different mechanism. As for the scissors, you can find among them universal models - the main purpose will be simple nail shortening. When it comes to modeling, go for professional nail plate and skin tools - each has completely different properties.

Leather shears you can tell by the shorter, narrower cutting edges. The sharp pointed ends of the arms are used to precisely cut through small, bruised pieces of tissue. Nail scissors, on the other hand, have wider arms, but their cutting edges should be just as sharp and reliable. In our offer you will find a large selection of scissors, also in a very convenient option for left-handed people.

Choose branded scissors and nail clippers

When it comes to manicure accessories, quality is key. Professional products are distinguished not only by their strong stainless steel, which can often disinfect and sterilize tools without losing their original properties. The second issue is precisely matched cutting edges and compressive strength, precisely designed by professional builders from companies like. Stalex or Mawi. It is important to make certain cuts along the entire length of the blade, especially at the tip. This is where you will find the most important difference between a product designed for use on a styling stand in a beauty parlour and regular scissors from a chain drugstore or supermarket.

The product intended for mass consumption is more rapidly blunted and does not deform over its entire length, which requires further amendments. As a result, the shape of the nail is often far from ideal. Similar differences can be quickly seen with nail clippers. Professional tools leave a perfectly flat edge right to the end.

Other, of circular cross-section

The manicure kit should be complemented by other accessories. Hand tools, necessary for nail styling, other than scissors and clippers, consist of:

  • a length of not more than 30 mm,
  • a length of not more than 30 mm,
  • a total thickness of not more than 10 mm,
  • in addition to the above, you may also need to use a skin extractor.

Remember, advanced nail work requires a variety of tools. It's only when you're modeling tiles that you decide which tool to use. If you are painting different people's nails, you should be aware that the properties of the tiles and skin will be different each time. That's why you have to choose a set of nail tools to get the best results. This means not only the appearance, but also whether the front of the tile will be cut smoothly or gently crumpled. For fragile and brittle nails, the quality of the cut will be crucial. It's hard to get perfect results every time you use the same tool. If you are serious about styling your nails, put together a set of tools to help you make the right choice at the right time.

Nail clippers - the main advantages

The choice of scissors or nail clippers may not always be about how comfortable a manicurist is to work. A professional will always choose the right solution for the condition of the tile. The nail clipper allows you to cut and shorten, always ensuring equal edges of the tile. This also applies to acrylic or gel extensions, although synthetic mass can also be modelled with scissors.

Leather scissors plus a cosmetic tip - a nail styling kit

To give your nails the perfect shape, use tools tailored to the challenge. Also, consider the type of utensils that suit you best. When it comes to skin removal, you have several options. The use of a milling machine with special tips for this purpose requires skill and is certainly not a method for beginners. You can choose from handheld accessories such as pegs, rods, hooves and other, of circular cross-section. I 'm going . You can use your hooves to push the edges of the nail shafts away. If they're small, all you have to do is do this procedure to get an aesthetic nail line. In the case of enlarged epidermis, they can be weighed in this way to remove any excess fragments. For smooth, unbroken hides, it is best to use a rod that collects the hides from the entire perimeter in one movement. In the case of damaged, cracked or shattered fragments, the stems or other, of circular cross-section.

Find the right scissors on iLeopard

You're on the website of an online wholesaler supplying cosmetic professionals. Our regular contractors are long-established podiatric practices and beauty salons. We've compiled our catalogue of tried and tested products based largely on customer feedback. We have professional versions of scissors and nail clippers for you, as well as scissors, pliers and scissors for skin. We'll get you a fully equipped nail salon. Our equipment is used every day to perform manicures and pedicures in the best beauty salons, which is why we can recommend it with confidence.

We have professional scissors and nail clippers

Reliable equipment that, after repeated use, remains as sharp, precise and durable - such scissors and clippers are available in our offer. Made of high-quality surgical steel, they are suitable for frequent disinfection and sterilization in autoclaves. They can ensure that your manicure is done in professional and hygienic conditions. Find out which nail accessories and tools work best for you.