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Podoland Cęgi 03 - straight, side for shortening nails 16mm

Nuts to cut the nails 03  High quality stainless steel. Ideal for cut and cut your nails straight.They are very well and stable in their hands, making the work safe and comfortable. Additional advantage is a sharp rubber, thanks to which the tubes are suitable for domestic use.They have a double...

Price 95.00 zł

Podoland Podologic Scissors - for cutting dressings, taping tapes, reliefs

PODOLAND FOOTWEAR  Footwear used in specialized offices and home conditions.They are perfectly in their hands.In the working part of the knife are simple, which makes it easier to cut backup materials, inserts, stretches or taping bands.One part of the work has a sharp shape and the other is...

Price 32.00 zł

Podoland Podology Set - clamps, tamponade applicator

SUBSECTION OF PODOLAND  In the composition of the straw enters - nail shortening tube 02, mini tamponade appliquator, ligasano tamponade.   Number 02 - Strings simple, side-side with a sharp spoon.It is ideal for shortening your nails, even in home conditions.It can be used in children and...

Price 120.00 zł