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Lafomed, Compact Line autoclave ideal for medical sterilization, also available with built-in thermal printer

The Lafomed autoclave is an excellent solution for medical sterilization. The device offers a reliable and effective method of disinfecting medical instruments. With advanced technology, the autoclave ensures complete safety for patients and medical staff, eliminating the risk of cross-infection. It's an essential tool in every medical facility and in the beauty industry, ensuring a high standard of hygiene and safety

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Autoclave of the Lafomed Compact Line

Autoclave of the Lafomed Compact Line it is a professional device for sterilising both cosmetic and medical devices, which is characterised by its small size and ease of use. It is a compact device, ideal not only for beauty and podiatry salons but also for small and medium-sized dental clinics, veterinary offices, tattoo parlors and other medical facilities. The equipment offers different sterilisation modes, such as dry, water, vacuum and flash sterilisation, which ensure maximum disinfection efficiency and elimination of all germs. The Compact Line is equipped with an intuitive touch panel that allows easy configuration and monitoring of the sterilisation process. In addition, it also has the function of automatically starting and stopping the process to ensure safety and convenience of use. The Autoclave Lafomed Compact Line is an essential tool for any healthcare facility that cares about the hygiene and safety of its patients.

Functionality and characteristics of Lafomed autoclaves

Lafomed autoclaves are characterised by high functionality and a number of features which allow the effective and safe sterilisation of various medical devices. Various sterilisation cycles can be used as well as separate programmes for sterilising packaging and tools. In addition, they have an intuitive control panel and an LCD display that allow easy operation and monitoring of the sterilisation process. By using appropriate technologies and materials, Lafomed autoclaves are also highly efficient and durable. In addition, they have various safety features, such as sound and light alarms, which warn of possible failures and errors. Because of these advanced features, they're a reliable tool in the sterilization process in medical facilities.

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product this is a state-of-the-art solution that greatly simplifies the disinfection process. They can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and other microbes from surfaces of all kinds. Fully automatic sterilisation programmes work by emitting disinfectants which are sprayed inside the device. Using special sensors, the programs analyze the level of contamination and adjust the dose of sterilizers to suit specific needs. This makes sterilization more precise and effective. They are extremely helpful in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, which is particularly important in the context of a pandemic situation. Testing programs are very helpful, and the self-diagnostic system is effectively protected from damage.

Lafomed - Class B medical autoclave

Lafomed it's a company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality devices, including medical autoclaves. One of its most popular products is Lafomed class B medical autoclave. I 'm going . Class B devices are an extremely effective tool in the sterilisation process. Not only do they offer complete control over the process, but they also provide high efficiency in removing microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. Lafomed class B medical autoclaves the thermal printers are also easy to use and feature innovative technology. They have vacuum systems and precision sensors. This ensures safe and hygienic working conditions. The Lafomed Class B medical autoclave is also equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows easy programming and monitoring of the sterilisation process.

Use of autoclaves in beauty and podiatry

These devices are widely used in beauty and podiatry salons. They're used to disinfect tools like scissors, needles and nail clippers. The sterilization process involves exposing the tools to high temperature and pressure, which allows the destruction of all microorganisms, including germs, fungi and viruses. These devices are an essential tool in the beauty industry and contribute to maintaining the quality of services. The device will work well in hair and beauty salons but is also particularly recommended for hospital wards.

Autoclave of the highest class

The highest class of Lafomed "premium" autoclaves means that these advanced devices are also used in medicine, dentistry and ophthalmology and laboratories. Autoclaves of this class have precise temperature and time controls, which allow effective elimination of all bacteria, viruses and fungi. The high quality and reliability of these devices places them at the forefront of medical technology.

Lafomed medical autoclave with thermal printer

Lafomed medical autoclave with built-in thermal printer it's a state-of-the-art device that's used in a variety of facilities that require sterilization. With a built-in printer, it is possible to automatically print and archive sterilisation process reports. The device is easy to operate and provides high-quality sterilisation. It has a wide range of sterilization programs tailored to different types of medical devices. It's a device from a built-in thermal printer is an essential piece of equipment for any professional salon, not just a beauty salon but a podiatric or hair salon.

Technical passport of Lfomed autoclaves

Technical passport for Lofamed autoclaves a document containing all necessary technical information on the device. Contains, inter alia:. data on technical parameters, electrical schematics as well as instructions for operation and maintenance control. This is an essential document for medical and technical personnel using Lofamed autoclaves. The device complies with medical standards and directives.

Excellent autoclaves for sterilization at the Leopard foot shop

At the Leopard podiatry store you can find the perfect cosmetic autoclaves for disinfection and tool sterilization. The products available in our shop meet the highest standards of quality and safety. They can reassure surgeons that their tools are completely free of germs and that they provide the highest level of patient hygiene. We offer easy-to-use equipment that provides effective disinfection for both small and large tools. We invite you to take a look at our range of autoclaves.