Preparations for foot corns, calluses, blisters and calluses

We offer effective preparations for corns and calluses, thanks to which you can expand the offer of your office with the highest quality therapies. We offer selected preparations, including fluids and gels for softening the epidermis, salts, creams, and foot reliefs that will satisfy even the most demanding customers who want immediate relief and long-lasting results. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment, which is the key to success in professional podiatry.

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Camillen Hornhaut profi-Spray - strongly softening liquid 200 ml


Product for the fight against fertilizing skin, imprints, fractures and skin narrowsCamillen Hornhaut Prof-Spray strongly softening skin.In addition prevent the formation of inflammation.In its composition contains 20 percent concentration.This is problematic for him parts of skinwhich are...

Price 45.00 zł

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral foot bath salt 1500g

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral salt for foot bath  The foot bath with the addition of sea salt perfectly prepares the skin for pedicure. It gentles the scores, making it easier to remove patterns and printings. It works disinfecting, refreshing and neglecting the smell of sweat.   Purpose:...

Price 49.50 zł

GEHWOL SOFT FEET Foot and leg butter with pomegranate extract 500 ml

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Butter 500 ml - Butter for feet with pomegranate  GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Foot Butter provides intensive nourishment and care for the feet and legs with its high-quality ingredients and fruity aroma. The rich formula with pomegranate extract and Moringa oil moisturizes and...

Price 149.00 zł

HAPLA Hapla-Gel Metatarsal Band - Forefoot Relief L 1 pair.

 Hapla-Gel Metatarsal Band is a ready front loading with a gel insert made of polymer gel and a special Hallux path. The polymer gel lowers the pressure on the foot and makes it easier to move.The tape is useful in the atrophy of the fat foot bowl, pain, discrepancies or skin fractures. It is...

Price 70.00 zł

Camillen Hornhaut profi-Spray - strongly softening liquid 1 l

  Product for the fight against fertilizing skin, imprints, fractures and skin narrows  Camillen Hornhaut Prof-Spray a liquid that strongly softens the skin.In addition prevent the formation of inflammatory states.In its composition contains 20 percent concentration. This is because of the...

Price 135.00 zł

Farmona NIVELAZIONE softening foot mask 500ml

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Foot Mask  Cream mask intensely moisturizing the legs, designed for very dry and thin skin. It has a nutrient and moisturizing effect.Reduces excess rotating, smoothes and prevents the formation of patterns and printings.   Active ingredients The : urine, lanolin, honey...

Price 52.80 zł

Farmona Exfoliating foot gel 75ml

Farmona Foot Smoothing Gel 75ml The Podological Acid series is dedicated to people struggling with dry, hard and destroyed skin of feet.Strongly soft and fake it stimulates the regeneration and regeneration of the skin. Foot slurry gel is a subological preparation, designed for the strongly...

Price 64.40 zł

GEHWOL FUSSBAD herbal salt with lavender for foot bath 10 x 20 g

Herbal Salt to Bath Foot with Gehwol Fussbad Lavender 10x20gSalt regenerates tired and burning legs. Strengthening of the legs affects the softness of the fertilizing spider, patterns and footprints.It works deodorant and disinfectant. It stimulates the bleeding.Released natural aromatic oils are...

Price 36.00 zł

GEHWOL SOFT FEET Foot and Foot Butter with Granate Extract 100ml

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Butter 100ml  GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT foot butter intensely nourishes and preserves feet and legs thanks to high quality ingredients and fruit odor. The rich formula with granate and Moringi oil extract moisturizes and elasticates the skin, making it smooth and acamite. Shea...

Price 55.00 zł

Camillen Hornhaut profi-Spray - skin softening spray 50 ml

Wear for six!Camillen Hornhaut profi-spray soft skin and skin.This makes the skin perfectly prepared for further cosmetic processes.The spray contains a 20% concentration of the urine that bacterial action and very soft.  This is the ideal product for fighting fertilizing scrotum, footprints,...

Price 19.90 zł

GEHWOL FUSSBAD herbal salt with lavender for foot bath 250 g

Salt regenerates tired and burning legs.Strengthening of the legs affects the softness of the fertilizing spider, patterns and footprints.It works deodorant and disinfectant.It stimulates the bleeding.Released natural aromatic oils are relaxing.  Method of Use: 20 g of salt swallow into the plate...

Price 22.99 zł

What footprint preparations and models do we offer?

Prints and models is a common condition that can cause significant discomfort and affect the aesthetic appearance of the feet. They are most often caused by improper footwear or constant pressure on the feet. In our foot shop, we offer footprint removal products that accelerate and effectively address this problem, providing relief and restoring walking comfort.

Our range includes skin softeners, foot bathing salts, foam creams, gels, bladder products, and other skin care products that provide relief. Each has been carefully selected to ensure the best results. Our products are easy to apply and work quickly, which is crucial for people with foot pain. In addition, we offer preparations for printing with roots that are specifically formulated to deal with these particularly persistent cases. And if your customers are also struggling toenail fungus, our store offers products that will help them in this fight. In addition, in our offer you will find products for hallux valgus, these will help to minimise pain and improve walking comfort.

It's a specialized over-the-counter printer. Prepared foods obtained by the swelling or roasting of cereals or cereal products

Regular use of the right products will not only help you to get rid of fingerprints quickly but also prevent them from forming in the future. We offer products that are not only effective but also safe to use. They're available without a prescription. Footprints and wrinkles are ideal for active people who need a quick and effective solution to this painful problem. With regular use of these preparations, your customers can avoid many problems associated with prints and patterns. And for those who are struggling with their heels cracking, we provide specialist creams and ointments to restore the skin of your feet to a healthy appearance and elasticity. We also offer preparations for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, they are designed to be safe and effective, helping to keep your feet in good shape and preventing serious health problems.

How do the root-print preparations work?

Root prints require the use of more potent preparations. We offer products that, thanks to their salicylic acid content, effectively remove even deep redness. Available from us preparations for printing are the choice of professionals who are looking for efficient and fast solutions for their clients. With us, you can be sure you're offering your customers the best on the market. And if your clients are struggling with with growing nails, our offer also includes specialist tools and preparations to help alleviate this problem. We offer products that are effective in combating chickenpox and viral warts, these will help to restore the healthy appearance of your skin.

What are the advantages of shopping at the Leopard podiatry store?

Shopping at Leopard's underwear store is a guarantee of safety and satisfaction. We provide a wide selection printing preparations and models, professional advice and the possibility of returning the goods. We make every purchase as comfortable as possible for you. Our podiatry store is a place where professionalism meets customer care. Don't wait for the problem to get worse! Visit our shop and select the best print preparations and models. Use our knowledge and experience to ensure that you and your customers have healthy and well-groomed feet. Remember that shopping at Leopard is not only about convenience, but also about knowing that you are choosing products that are effective and safe. Join the group of satisfied customers today! With us, your feet are in good hands!