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Footwear - essential accessories for foot styling and hygiene

Metal, artificial plastic, pumeks - the types of steep surface, which the stairs offer us, are strongly varied.No wonder - the scratch on the foot is the most thick, but it doesn’t always look the same.That’s why in this category we offer you a wide selection of products to , thanks to which swallowed and fertile pets will stop disrupting the effect of care, health and pedicure procedures.Check out our offer and add a good brand card to your home foot care set.

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Foot Rub - A Natural Way to Make Your Heels Smooth

Professional accessories that restore healthy and beautiful feet are not just for cosmetic and podiatric use. Removing the rough skin from the feet, especially the heels, is a procedure that must be done carefully and regularly. The thicker skin on our heels is an inheritance from our ancestors, whose stiff soles allowed them to walk upright for miles. Today, we can walk barefoot in the meadow whenever we feel like it, so hard heels are no longer an asset in the difficult art of survival. Unfortunately, the epidermis keeps getting thicker, which makes heel washer for a long time to come, it will remain an essential piece of equipment for anyone who cares about health and elegance.

What kind of foot rub do you want?

Modern fashions and lifestyles encourage the display of well-groomed feet. Cracked, wrinkled skin on the heels often spoils the styling effect. That's why getting your legs to the point where you can show them off to the world is a fundamental task in any beauty salon. If the condition of the heel raises concerns about the health of the feet, care should be taken in the podiatry office. In both places heels, available in different abrasive surface sizes, hardness and grain, are used to select the best method for the customer's problem. Footwear it's a natural tool - every workshop has a whole set of tools with different parameters. It's the same with tarts. We invite you to take a look at our offer - popular models and series of innovative brands of wet and dry scrubbing accessories for you at excellent prices.

The heel pad will give you control over the appearance of your feet

Use footwear in combination with moisturising cosmetics, it should produce a velvety smooth skin on the heels. Unsightly cracks and wrinkles do not go away overnight - too much use of these accessories during a single application can have the opposite effect in the form of redness and abrasion of the skin. In the case of neglected stocks, it is advisable to include grading:
  • thick metal friction to the hardest outer layers
  • a pumice scrubber to remove the coarse coating
  • the delicate friction (puma or plastic) for smoothing the epidermis
Another method worth considering is electric other, of circular cross-section with interchangeable ends and rotary adjustment. It's a great option for professional foot care. Especially in the podiatry office, it is advisable to use a variety of tools - cracked, painful heels require not only care but also the use of remedies to heal dangerous lesions.

How to Choose Good Footwear?

What to Look for When Choosing other? What ? We offer only tested cosmetic products from reputable manufacturers who specialize in foot care. Every purchase, whether for professional foot restorers or for those interested in taking care of their own heels, is of the highest quality. How, then, can you make the right choice of accessories? Heel force we need to figure out which type will best fit our foot problems. When placing a delivery order in a basket, the following aspects should be considered:
  1. the type of abrasive surface (metal, ceramic, plastic, pumice)
  2. waterproof frame integrated with abrasive surface
  3. ergonomic hand shape
  4. expected tool life
Every beauty or foot salon needs effective, tried-and-tested tools, and their choice should not be dictated by price or design alone. Our website allows you to choose the perfect fit. Please contact us - we will be happy to provide you with information on selected products. It is important to know that each type of work surface requires different handling after use.

Pumice, metal, or maybe ceramic? That 's what you need to know when choosing a heel rug

For example, metal products need only be decontaminated (sterilization is also recommended) and will still exhibit similar thorny properties. Pumex, on the other hand, wears out as a natural material, gradually rubbing off and filling its pores with hard-to-remove debris. Therefore, in the case of products with pumice in the basket, disposable accessories should be provided - the pumice alloy scrubber is the most difficult to keep clean. A good rule of thumb is that puma belongs to one person. Another option is an electric saw with interchangeable ends. If you decide to buy for personal hygiene, then personal hygiene foot rubber with a pumice would be an excellent choice. Among the accessories that look best in a fancy bathroom machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material, with a waterproof guarantee, of course.

Specialized heel clippers with guaranteed best results but also with caution

It should also be noted that the main differences between classical a foot rubber it's a modern fuse with interchangeable ends. An electrically driven device is convenient, less time-consuming and less effort-intensive, but it cannot always be considered a substitute for a hand-held footstool. An automatically rotating roller with an abrasion function works evenly, but even at low revs it will not guarantee the precision of operation that will allow accurate and safe development of rough and stiff heel areas. Strong pressure and even work of the saw will certainly come in handy at first, when removing the roughest outer layers of the skin. However, the closer you get to sensitive areas of skin, the easier it is to break and peel off the blood layer. A common mistake when polishing heels is to remove the areas that no longer need to be polished. At first, you don't feel any tactile stimuli, and by the time your heels start to hurt and turn red, it's too late. So it is best to pick up a gentle scraper and pull out the last hard pieces at intervals. This will allow for better control, a more gentle effect and avoid unnecessary side effects from your or the client's foot care. In our range you will find both efficient and footwear of different grain sizes, to be used in subsequent stages of cultivation. Health and well-being start with the feet, which is why we invite beauty and foot care salons and individual customers interested in the highest level of body care to our store. We guarantee access to select products from companies specializing in advanced foot hygiene.