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Qualitatively - Stainless wheat and other cosmetics in your office

One of the most commonly used products in the cosmetic or underground office are steam-free rubber and hygienic cotton plates.They should always be hand in hand, reliable and safe for the skin.How to choose the right materials to be used for every day in a professional salon?We have only tested products that guarantee the best effects when performing cosmetic procedures.Trust manufacturers specializing in providing supplies to professionals.

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Bet on quality - dustless swabs and other cosmetic products in your office

One of the most commonly used products in a cosmetic or podiatric office are dustless cotton swabs and pads made of hygienic cotton. They should always be on hand, reliable and safe for the skin. How do you choose the right materials for daily use in a professional salon? We have only tried-and-true products that guarantee the best results when performing cosmetic procedures. Trust manufacturers that specialize in providing supplies for professionals.

Cosmetic pads always at hand

When it comes to cosmetic and hygiene supplies, cosmetic pads and cotton balls are essential items needed for:

  • daily hygiene,
  • applying makeup,
  • washing the face, neck and décolleté.

A universal product, useful both in a professional beauty salon and daily use by all household members. In our online wholesaler you will find a large selection of shapes, formats and types of pads and cosmetic swabs for specialized applications. We have pads and cotton balls soaked in a variety of cosmetic and hygienic substances. These are beneficial extracts based on natural ingredients or products with health-promoting effects - often high-quality dermocosmetics, which provide a ready-to-use product for makeup removal or care of exposed body parts. We offer a large selection of hygienic and cosmetic materials, which are used for cleansing the skin and help to restore perfect condition and natural radiance

Facial cleansing pads made of high-quality cotton

Flakes and cotton swabs are widely used in daily care. It is difficult to imagine cleansing the epidermis, removing makeup or washing the complexion without them, but not only:

  1. They are also used in the preparation of manicures and pedicures.
  2. It is with the help of cotton balls or pads that you can easily remove polish from nails.
  3. Skillfully used, they allow you to correct makeup - with them you can remove excess mascara or lipstick.
  4. They are also useful when cleaning the auricles.
  5. You can use them to make a face pack or mask.

In the iLeopard wholesaler we have prepared a large selection of high-quality cosmetic pads in various packages. Both individual customers and beauty salons, through which even dozens of customers pass daily, will find something for themselves. In this case, cotton pad s in large packages will come in handy. Ordering a larger quantity guarantees a lower price. In addition, you will get the assurance that during the work of your team will not run out of this basic hygienic article.

What cotton swabs will pass the test in any situation?

Cosmetic cotton balls are worth having on hand whenever you need to gently cleanse your skin or wash your nails. A bag of fluffy pads is an absolutely necessary accessory for any dressing table. They must be made of absorbent cotton, so that they can be soaked in facial cleansing specs. In our catalog we offer only the highest quality products from companies specializing in the creation of items for beauty salons. Therefore, we are confident in their quality. Natural cotton guarantees the safety of even the most sensitive skin. All our products have been tested for allergic risks. They do not contain synthetic additives or artificial dyes. Swabs come in handy if you want to find different uses for them. Our manufacturers guarantee that only natural, non-allergenic dyes were used during production.

Cotton cosmetic pads and cotton swabs - universal equipment for the salon

A large selection of shapes and sizes of cosmetic pads guarantees that they can be used for various treatments. Popular round cotton pad s are the most common format, but you will find many other hygienic materials of unusual sizes and shapes. Handy, in aesthetically pleasing packaging, they also provide convenience of use. This is important when they should just happen to be on hand. Tightly packed, they ensure hygienic cleanliness and safety for the skin.

Choose the option of permanent purchases in the online wholesaler for professionals

Take a look at our offer of hygienic washing and cleansing materials, essential for every professional office and home office. With us you can stock up on larger packs of cotton, nonwoven or cellulose pads and cosmetic swabs in smart style - simple, reliable, ready-to-use. All the products that the iLeopard website offers come from recognized companies in the hygiene and cosmetics industries. They are made for reliable use during professional aesthetic procedures. Thanks to our offer, you will not only gain the opportunity to use cosmetic materials of the highest quality, but you can also gain access to bonus solutions when it comes to regular order processing. Contacting us and making regular purchases also means favorable prices, with free delivery and promotional offers waiting for regular partners as part of manufacturer advertising.

Beauty pads not only for facial cleansing

For people who take care of their beauty and for those who do a lot of nail styling (also for their own use, multipacks with convenient application will prove useful.) Among the products we have prepared in our catalog, affordable solutions dedicated to users of UV and LED lamps for hybrid manicure stand out. When removing old layers of varnish, rinsing and applying further elements of the hybrid, the most important thing is that no particles stick to the freshly applied, still wet layer of varnish, gel, top or primer.

Take care of a clean, effective nail design with flakes from our offer

Our store offers cosmetic pads from manufacturers of materials for beauty salons (e.g. Mavi or Zelletten), which have been created with this in mind. Using them, you can be sure that no unpleasant surprises will spoil your freshly applied layer of hybrid manicure. Anyone who has done such styling at least once knows that the thick consistency and electrified material attract hair, crumbs, dust and other particles. Therefore, applying a cleaner, whose task is to clean the coating of impurities, cannot mean new, unwanted additions in the form of cotton fibers or cellulose. Specialized branding does not only mean a soft and pleasant feel to the touch. Any package containing cosmetic pads or cotton balls for professional use is first and foremost a guarantee of a product tailored to the customer's requirements. In the studios of cosmetic companies, special formulas are created to ensure the compact structure of the material, which, under the influence of soaking, friction or other phenomena, will not begin to leave traces on the washed surfaces.

Cellulose or cotton? See all the options for our cosmetic and hygienic materials.

How do the materials available in our online wholesale store differ from market and drugstore products? Manufacturing an advanced dust-free product for cosmetic and hygienic purposes starts with choosing the right material. This includes:

  • nonwoven fabric made of natural, prepared cotton,
  • cellulose-based materials without the addition of aggressive chemicals (such as chlorine).

When buying hygienic materials, many people pay attention to showy packaging and price. Nothing could be further from the truth! Seemingly very similar product may differ in the content of artificial ingredients, such as viscose or polymeric substances. Manufacturers in our catalog guarantee the use of only natural ingredients in the production of pads and cotton balls.

Special purpose product - cotton balls and cosmetic pads

Find out how materials dedicated to specialists differ from ordinary hygiene products. When choosing a product in our store, it is best to pay attention to functionality and composition right away. The professional brand is responsible for the properties that the final product has. Nonwoven flakes, signed by the best manufacturers:

  • do not delaminate during use,
  • thanks to special technology, they keep their edges unsharpened,
  • do not curl or clump during soaking,
  • have an absorbent surface on both sides,
  • do not leave traces, threads and particles of material on the skin or nails.

Multipurpose cotton pads - packaged in 500 pieces or 1000 pieces.

We have a variety of variants and sets of hygienic materials for you. Buy a large pack of non-woven flakes with lint-free edges, choosing a larger quantity. Such a product should be available in a professional beauty salon regardless of the circumstances. Robust cosmetic pads, made of fine cotton fibers, with universal dimensions of 50x50 mm, will prove indispensable in your salon. Packages of a few hundred pieces at intensive work are depleted very quickly, so it is best to opt for flakes that are distinguished by large quantity and relatively favorable price. Ordering available goods from our site as a regular customer, you can count on additional benefits such as discounts or free delivery. Decide on an excellent product for skin care - you will receive any package at a good price, the option of free delivery and lightning-fast delivery time.

Cellulose flakes in a roll - an economical and convenient solution

If you are looking for convenient and efficient nail styling, there are other available options. For rinsing, collecting dirt, spreading cleaner or top treatment, cellulose flakes in a large roll are ideal. This is a great option to always have easily accessible swabs on hand. Their tear-offs are easy to perforate, and their compact size makes them easy to use "all at once." They are also excellent for use at home - a rolled up roll, containing min. 500 pieces of small leaves, takes up less space than you'd expect. It will come in handy for intensive use for anyone involved in hybrid manicures and pedicures. Customer evaluation leaves no doubt: this is one of the most frequently ordered items in our wholesale store. Pay attention to the origin and variants of the product. We assure you that every package of cosmetic pads available at iLeopard contains proven, durable hygienic products. Take advantage of the free delivery option for regular orders - in addition, a favorable price and access to industry news await you.

Be with us! Hygiene supplies at online wholesaler for professionals

Online wholesaler iLeopard is engaged in supplying beauty salons, podiatrists, spa studios and tattoo studios with various types of product from under the Professional sign. Like tools or beauty products, cosmetic pads for face and neck skin are also distinguished by uncompromising quality. Buy one of the products available from our site and see how quickly we deliver exceptional beauty products and tools to interested parties.

What kind of cotton balls and cosmetic pads? We suggest

All categories and subcategories of products for skin, neck, décolleté or nail cleansing have a common denominator: a proven brand, a recognized manufacturer, a large quantity per package (at least 500 pieces) and proven quality. For skin, it's best to get simple, lint-free and dust-free cosmetic pads made of selected cotton non-woven fabric. They are characterized by high absorbency and durability - ordinary stores and drugstores offer variants that are visually similar, but of inferior performance and quality. Often the package contains less absorbent variants of the product, for example, absorbing only from one side. Our assortment provides a guarantee of reliable use

Standing orders - fast shipping and reliable delivery

Washing nails during manicure and pedicure requires strong, dust-free gauze pads, which, in addition, will be easily accessible to the stylist. Irreplaceable variants for nails are made of natural cellulose, which does not tear or dirty the cleaned surface. Convenient cosmetic pads on a roll are enough for efficient use at the salon workstation. Order any number of pieces in smart style. To streamline delivery, our site offers a permanent supply option - this way every brand and all categories are available on hand.

Choose your supplies at iLeopard online wholesaler

Take a look at the details of the offer. A good price with the option of free delivery, any quantity of high-quality product, pick-up at the indicated address - interested parties will certainly appreciate the permanent cooperation. In addition, a brand for professionals and a product perfect for professional use awaits you here. Check us out - if you have questions, we will be happy to answer them over the phone or in a message in the communication panel on our website.