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Desinfecting Cosmetic Tools - Unbeatable in Every Salon

The standard in beauty salons is increasingly sterility - on the pattern of medical treatment offices, receptions or laboratories.The disinfection fluid of cosmetic tools remains an important part of the scheme of conduct for achieving full asepticity.Particularly sharp tools, having contact with the spider during the procedures, must be disinfected after each use, even if they are intended to get into the autoclave.Check out what reliable preparations from our catalogue you can count on.

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Schulke Mikrozid AF Liquid - Fast and effective alcohol surface disinfection

Alcoholic liquid for deinfection of the Schulke surface Schulke Microzid AF Liquid - Surface Desinfection Fluid on the basis of alcohol sold in a comfortable packaging - bottles with a curve and an additional closure equipped with a small opening.The liquid does not contain irritating substances...

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Complex disinfection in the beauty parlour - start with the tools

A comprehensive antiseptic programme requires effective and efficient products. One of the conditions for reliable protection is constant access to adequate means and should therefore be accompanied by affordable and regular supply of disinfectants. We offer access to high-quality, highly biocidal formulations that require alcohol at least 70 percent. Lower concentrations are used in ready-to-spray products, which you can also order from our online shop. You will also find products to disinfect surfaces and hands - an indispensable aid in keeping your facility completely aseptic.

Disinfecting Tools - Why Is It So Important? We answer

Disinfection fluid is primarily a means of protecting both staff and customers using salon services. Anti-sepsis is the only way to stop the transmission of bacteria and viruses that can pass from person to person through non-sterile tools. Protection against infection is also an important factor in building a company's image, as is care and quality of care. Choose your regular set of preparations and use them after each use of the tools - this good practice will only bring benefits. It is important that the office officially implements antiseptic procedures and establishes a current procedure. Employees should also be required to comply with it.

How effective should the disinfectant be?

Although disinfectants do not achieve complete sterility, their high biocidal properties are the basis of safety in the office. Our products are also used in surgeries and their effectiveness is confirmed by manufacturers' tests. They kill all types of yeast bacteria and viruses, including rotaviruses, adenoviruses and coronaviruses. Even with the most effective tools, persistent forms may remain that can only be removed by professional sterilization. Today, autoclaves are becoming more common in beauty salons, but a three-step process is still required to maintain asepticity:

  1. Washing
  2. Disinfection
  3. Sterility

It is only this final process - exposing the tools to steam at very high temperatures - that ensures complete sterility. High-grade disinfectant liquids eliminate all active forms of microbes and viruses, leaving only persistent forms. In any case, before the tools are placed in the autoclave, they must be decontaminated, washed in hot water with strong detergent and disinfected with a biocidal product. Effective disinfectant should bring cosmetic or podiatry equipment to a state of near-sterility. This is guaranteed by the products in our offer - their price becomes relatively lower with constant cooperation and regular deliveries.

Infections - the high price of a poor antiseptic. You can fix this

However, effective disinfectant gas is more than a decontamination component, which it does with washing. The use of post-work handling procedures is an effective barrier against micro-organisms and viruses. Simply put the bathing equipment used in one of the disinfecting products after the end of the service. Careful cleaning of the equipment with an antiseptic reduces the risk of transmitting pathogens to the cosmetic plant to almost zero. Of course, this requires additional safeguards, such as:

  • the use of single-use devices,
  • use of protective gloves
  • disinfection of work surfaces and cosmetic furniture

In our offer you will find the necessary means not only to disinfect the tools in the beauty parlours. We also offer hand and face sanitizer. The price of these specialised products is extremely favourable, especially for larger orders or permanent cooperation. Our catalogs contain only disinfectants from reputable companies that have been manufacturing products for years that are also used in operating rooms and decontamination locks in many hospitals and clinics around the world. We are also convinced of their effectiveness based on the great interest shown by cosmetic, podiatric and other practices that use them on a regular basis.

Disinfectants - disinfectant in the beauty salon

Disinfecting cosmetic products is a necessity, requiring great care and compliance. Sharp tools that are in direct contact with the skin should be inserted into the liquid container after each use. To do this, prepare a bath in a special container with a lid (proven models that stand out for a favorable price are also available in our offer). The disinfectant may also be used in external application, sprayed with an atomizer or spray. Regardless of the type of disinfection chosen, it should not be forgotten to wash items in hot water with special means. Also, after removing the tools from the disinfectant, remember to rinse them with running water and leave them to drain and dry in a designated place.

Or should I order only sharp tools?

It is best to implement disinfection of all equipment used during cosmetic procedures. This list should include:.

  • machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material
  • flat rolled products
  • spatulas
  • cuttlefish
  • scissors
  • other
  • councillor
  • combed
  • brushes
  • peaches
  • machines and appliances
  • cuttings
  • beetles
  • and terminals for all types of equipment.

Tools that have come into contact with the epidermis, such as cutting cloths or tweezers, should be inserted into the special container immediately after use and before washing. Some feel that this should only be done if there is blood, mucus, or sebum on the instrument. It is preferable to normally place any sharp-edged tool in the bath after single use. The cost of a disinfectant or even a few other tools is much less than the potential consequences of infection. Other tools, on the other hand, can be disinfected with a handy sprayer before use.

Tools disinfectant in an atomizer or spray

In addition to efficient preparations and concentrates with very high biocidal activity, intended for disinfection in the bath, we have in our offer specials with a spray applicator. Does an atomizer or a spray mean another kind of disinfection? Certainly, none of these can replace fluid for tools of a complex design - with many small parts or an asphalt design with many corners. Only immersing such an item in a container of high-power disinfectant will ensure 100% surface contact with the disinfectant. Care should be taken that the smallest fragment does not protrude above the liquid level. Although alcohol vapour also kills pathogens, it may not be enough to completely decontaminate. Moreover, spraying the medium from the outside does not guarantee that the entire surface of the tool will come into contact with the preparation.

Specialised cosmetic disinfectant with a convenient applicator

However, spraying from a handheld container is a very useful method of antiseptic application. In this way, it is possible to refer to tools of simple construction that do not cause tissue damage, even in non-standard situations, such as tools falling to the ground. Of course, it is best to have a second, disinfected set of equipment in the tray. It should be remembered that after application, whether by immersion or spraying, the product should always be left to soak. Only then do we use the stream of water to rinse and re-dry. The low cost and ease of use in all situations encourages the purchase of a container of disinfectant for spraying. Before placing in the cart, check the package leaflet for the product in the spray or atomizer. In addition to universal products, we also offer special products for hand, surface and tool disinfection.

Disinfection of tools - disinfection fluids are the basic equipment of these facilities

The procedure for washing and disinfecting all equipment should be applied in all areas where skin contact occurs, such as skin, hair, nails, ear piercings and tattoos. Disinfectant for hairdressing, pedology, cosmetics or tattoo tools, as well as hand sanitizer or other disinfectant preparations must be available in sufficient quantities to maintain the highest level of daily asepticity. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the capacity of the ordered packages and the quantity needed for effective use - this can be done with our help.

Our offer - a good product, high standards and a good price

We'd love to work with you on a long-term basis. Not only with reliable and consistent supplies - we will also advise on the manufacturer, type of means, quantity and type of application that will be optimal for your salon. Our strengths are knowledge of the market, experience, effective preparations and a competitive price, even more advantageous for proven contractors.