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Farmone – the cream.Farmona Professional Face Care

A beautiful cera, keeping a young look as long as possible, is the dream of many Ladies careful for their appearance.Meanwhile, a decrease in skin rigidity and the danger of age-related coloring, hormonal disorders or an irregular lifestyle quickly reflect on several faces.Among the preparations Farmona face cream will best deal with utrining good condition and vital look of the pear for a long time.Check out how different brand products can help you too.

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Farmona PURE ICON Microdermabrasion cream 200ml

Farmona PURE ICON MicrodermabrasionThe Pure Icon microdermabrasion is an emulsion micropeeling that allows individual adjustment of the infusion intensity. It is especially recommended for skin with clear signs of aging, requiring renewal and dehydration. It effectively removes the dead scores,...

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Farmona IDEAL PROTECT Regenerating barrier cream SPF50+ for the day 50ml

  Farmona IDEAL PROTECT Regenerating Barrier Cream SPF50  A mild and regenerating preparation to be applied on the skin after exfoliation and to care for the irritated skin by invasive procedures. It stimulates the natural process of recovery of the skin, helps to regenerate the skin, provides...

Price 53.90 zł

Farmon facial cosmetics

Farmon's face creams they're designed for different skin types. So it's worth trying them out and finding the best solution for you. In the catalogue of the Cracow-based company, you can find many products with a composition and mechanism of facial skin regeneration tailored to specific conditions. For dry skin and loose skin, this will be a moisturising effect. For people whose biggest problem is overproductive sebaceous glands, dermatological irritants will be needed. Regardless of your skin type, you'll find a product in the Farmona range that fits your needs.

Safe and low Farmona cosmetics at the online beauty wholesaler

You can find the right cream, lotion or serum at our online beauty wholesaler. We've been offering Farmon specifications to professional cosmetic and podiatric practices for years. Good cosmetic prices, a guarantee of good results and shipping within 24 hours of ordering - safe shopping at iLeopard will help you take care of your own healthy face. And that's not all the benefits of online shopping! For regular customers, a discounted bill, free delivery on larger purchases, and most importantly, excellent, innovative skincare products will convince you to take advantage of our offer. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our promotions.

How do you take care of your skin? Try to achieve the effect with Farmon cosmetics

Herbal Care - moisturizer with aloe or the actively oxidizing Anti Pollution cream? The choice depends on the type of skin and its propensity for drying, watering or excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. It is worth spending some time and attention to find cosmetics (guaranteed good prices!) that are suitable for your facial skin problems. If your skin is:

  • not oxidised,
  • grey,
  • tired,
  • unbleached

consult a good beauty parlor. The Farmona brand has earned a reputation for combining centuries-old natural plant ingredients with scientific discoveries. That's why we can recommend every product of this brand - we add assurance of effect to every order. Safe shopping and convenient courier delivery are not our only strengths. Shopping at iLeopard is also a guarantee of good prices. Choose cosmetics not only effective, but also available around the clock in our store. The price is the same as in a wholesale store, the quality is the same as in a SPA salon, and in addition, instant shipping and guaranteed delivery - try the perfect cosmetics through us.

Original Farmona Recipes - Benefit From the Knowledge and Experience of Experts

The secret to beautiful Farmona skin lies in the original recipes developed in an innovative natural cosmetics lab. The Herbal Care range offers the exceptional power of herbs and plant extracts - a good example is moisturizer with aloe for everyday use. Pure Icon's cosmetics are purposely anti-aging. Anti Pollution face cream it's our response to external threats to our skin. You will also find specifics for pigmentation disorders with discoloration caused by uneven distribution of dyes. The protective serum will also smooth your wrinkles and oxygenate your skin. For the youngest you can choose Farmona Kids - emollient cream with a guarantee of safety for the delicate child's face. You can rest assured that the experts at Farmona didn't forget any skin type or age range.

Low cosmetic prices, a guarantee of fresh skin

All of this is provided by Farmona's natural cosmetics lab through our store. The guarantee of good prices, contact with specialized staff, delivery 2-3 days after placing the order are just some of the advantages of accessing the company's wide range of innovative cosmetics with the option of courier delivery. We ship the ordered goods instantly, and regular customers can count on additional discounts and delivery at no cost.

200, 150 or 50 ml? Each cosmetic is a separate rejuvenation program!

Try a facial skin cream made from centuries-old, natural plant-based ingredients in an innovative, easy-to-absorb consistency. Each product has specific properties, and the size of the packaging is also important information about how a particular cosmetic will work. Each is available in a quantity tailored to the way the renewal programme is carried out. The package leaflet contains the volume of product needed for one cycle - size should not be the determining criterion here. See how selected products from Farmon's natural cosmetics lab work.

Microdermabrasion with cream - Farmona Pure Icon

Some of the products Farmona is an advanced dermo-cosmetic the health benefits. They penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it from the deepest layers. Pure Icon is a series for people with skin that shows signs of aging and needs to be rejuvenated. It shall include, inter alia:

  • exfoliating microparticles,
  • extracts from seaweed,
  • alanthine,
  • panthenol.

Farmona specialists have developed an anti-aging emulsion micropeeling for exfoliation that can regulate the rate and intensity of the process. The effect of applying this delicate preparation is to clear the dead skin layer of the face, remove roughness, smooth facial wrinkles and significantly reduce sagging skin.

Formon Anti Pollution - actively oxidising cream SPF15 150ml

If your skin is exposed to stressors on a daily basis, in time they will affect your condition. What could possibly hurt her? These include:

  • smog,
  • staying in air-conditioned rooms,
  • psychological factors (stress, tension, etc.),
  • uV radiation,
  • the cigarette smoke.

Did you know that adverse environmental conditions (air pollution, water composition) adversely affect your body and make your skin age faster? Anti-pollution hormone it is a product combining an active refreshing and rejuvenating effect with protection of the skin against similar risks. The most recent advances in cosmetology are added to the centuries-old natural plant ingredients. The essence of protection is the oxygenation of cells, so Anti Pollution cream can work in up to three areas: protecting, oxygenating, and refreshing. Cosmetic packaging is a real facelift program. The delicate consistency allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the tissue, ensuring that the preparation is effective.

The online wholesaler for professionals recommends. Farmon's offer in the iLeopard catalogue

These and other Farmon products of category "Face cream" are waiting for you in our warehouse. The manufacturer's price should also be an incentive to choose this purchase option. Farmona manufactures cosmetics for specialized applications in beauty salons. It is often difficult to find them in online grocery stores and supermarkets, so it is best to order them from Farmona's online store. To summarize - a specialized product, free delivery in Poland (taking into account the size of the order or in the case of permanent cooperation), a favorable price - it is really worthwhile to be interested in our offer.

Order freely, pay safely! Low prices guaranteed every time

The goods in the warehouse, the price from the manufacturer - now any individual customer can take advantage of the offer for professionals. Every pack of Farmon cream is a good step towards rejuvenating and looking good. It's not just a day/night moisturizer! Derma-active facial cream, created in the best-equipped cosmetic lab in the country, will take you to the next level of body care.

Take care of your skin with cosmetic products

The delicate consistency, lightness, and pleasant sensations are just the beginning of the careful application of these cosmetics to the face. Each skin cream in the company's extensive kit works longer and deeper, permanently rebuilding damaged skin. Any pack of Farmona Herbal Care, Anti-Aging or Pure Icon, suitably selected for the type of problem, will produce a noticeable and palpable effect after just one cycle. Produced as supportive products in beauty salons, beauty parlours and spas, they are now also available for individual users. Consult our staff (if you need help, the iLeopard hotline is at your disposal during the hours indicated in the 'Contact' tab), plan your shopping, shop and pay safely at the specialist online store.

Super creams Farmona - facial skin care from a specialist wholesaler

The size of the supply can vary greatly - we are equally happy to serve large entities and individual customers who want to benefit from specialist cosmetics. Take the opportunity to improve your skin condition with Farmona's innovative cosmetics available on our online store. This brand of cream or serum is a big step forward for your skin. Don't miss your chance to effectively regenerate and refresh your facial skin with top-notch cosmetics.

How to Find the Right Lotion

Choose a pack containing a product for different skin types. It's not just the size or texture that matters - try them out and choose a cosmetic that suits your condition - oily or dry skin, wrinkled cheeks. Choose Farmona Herbal Care moisturizer with aloe, Anti Pollution face cream or any other series designed to meet your different needs. We are at your disposal - subscribe to our newsletter, use our hotline or ask a question using the contact form.