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Wire Clamps - First Aid in Neck Clamps

Growing nails are an extremely painful accident, on which an effective procedure is applied - placed in the subological office of the wire clamps.In their construction they resemble a bit the ortodontic camera for the teeth, and their task is to strengthen the direction of the growth of the nail plate and stop its wrapping into the nail valve.The clamry is made of steel or titanium wire and imposes after the procedure to remove the rooted part of the nail from the valve.The relief comes quickly and the patient immediately feels relief.

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Nickel-titanium wire barbell package 10 pcs.


Nickel-Titan Wire Podology – to Rescue Growing Nails Nickel-Titan String it is used in professional subjects during treatment of growing nails .Painless treatment with the use of titanium drunk allows you to easily correct the shape of the nails, removing the painful disorders associated with...

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The problem of growing nails

Anyone who has experienced this experience knows how excruciating the pain can be when a badly growing toenail pierces tissue in your foot. What is meant by this sentence? Most of the time, we blame ourselves - it all starts with the wrong nail cut. A rounded nail plate, especially in the case of a thumb, will show sooner or later. This edge shape causes the edges of the tiles to expand in the wrong direction - sideways, right toward the shafts, causing incredible discomfort. If they haven't broken through the edges yet, you can try to reverse this trend by redesigning the nail, cut straight, parallel to the finger, with slightly rounded edges. Already at this stage a corrective bracket may appear. The growing straight plate will regularly protrude from the edge without colliding with the nearest neighbor. However, if the nail has already grown, we are left with a visit to the podiatrist. You have to get rid of the inflammation before the clamp appears.

Patches for growing nails

With this simple procedure, your fingernails re-learn how to grow. A brace for a few months to six months will straighten the nail plate and prevent recurrence. Made of steel or titanium, twisted with special components in the podiatric office, it provides serious protection for the well-being and better condition of pain-stricken patients. The nail clip is permanently attached. You attach it to the edges of the plate, pulling it towards the center. Selecting the settings by the podiatrist will prevent the edge from pulling too close together, which could cause further deformation. The wire attached to the edges is twisted together with special tools and left in the middle of the nail after cutting. It can also be immobilized by using a suffix. For a person wearing titanium wire on his foot, wearing a brace is not a problem - it is not a hindrance.

A wire brace - a lifesaver for your nails

Wire stoppers, used to correct nails, must be turned professionally and painlessly. To protect the nails, they must be reliable and durable, so they are made of strong steel or titanium. Bracket elements, usually in a kit, are also available in our warehouse with specialized means of supplying cosmetic and podiatric offices. Our website offers braces made of durable wire that allow patients to function normally after the procedure. The underpants from our catalogue do not bother you - you wear them without any surprises. If the nail grows in the right direction and is properly cared for, the problem will not grow. A wire brace is the last resort, and all you have to do is monitor the direction of nail growth.

Titanium floor clamps

Despite the emergence of new techniques for nail regrowth, the use of steel clamps is not declining, as can be clearly seen in the number of orders for wire clamps. Now that the problem of ingrown toenails has been overcome, the job of the pedicure is to keep the toenail in good shape so that it looks great on the foot. Wire stoppers they not only keep your fingers healthy and prevent conditions that threaten your health and well-being, but they are also the starting point for beautiful feet. We invite the podiatric offices to cooperate - after eliminating the problem of growing nails, the use of braces requires durable and effective products. A skilled use of the foot brace can be very effective - you can get the braces on the top shelf, which are available in our store at very good prices.

The power of titanium for beautiful and healthy nails

They are particularly effective and reliable plates, sheets, strip and foil - lightweight and extremely durable material. It is used in a variety of modern engineering fields, with space engineering at the forefront. It distinguishes them

  • simple installation with earthmoving tools
  • high durability of the structure up to the photo itself
  • some effect by stiffly holding the nail on the growth line

Manufacture from materials of any heading they can be applied to a variety of nails, but are most commonly used to correct toenails. The use of clamps may be less costly for customers with a steady supply in our beauty and podiatry department. With regular deliveries, our contractors save on delivery costs and purchase discounts. The wire braces in our range have led to increased interest in pedological foot correction. We invite you to take advantage of our offer and join our constantly supplied offices.