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Cosmetics for Diabetics, find out our Diabetic Cosmetics offer

People with diabetes are susceptible to irritation and foot damage.It is therefore important that cosmetics for diabetes are carefully selected.They need to hydrate properly, protecting the skin sensitive to various diseases.In our store you will find tested cosmetics for people with diabetes, used in professional podological offices.They show a wide spectrum of action and protect the legs from numerous disorders.

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GEHWOL Green Balsam Refrigerant to Dry Foot Tube 125 ml

Refrigerating Balsam for Dry FootThe reduction of the unpleasant smell is the responsibility of zinc ricinolein and zinc oxide, which reduce the amount of sweat.Triclosan has anti-inflammatory properties.Balsam cares for the legs (Shea oil, jojoba oil), witalizes and refreshing.Eliminates the...

Price 35.00 zł

GEHWOL BEIN-VITAL Balsam to Foot and Foot Tube 125 ml

Welcome to the daily care of legs and legs. It is easily absorbed, making the skin of the legs and legs smooth and smooth (algae and vitamin E extract).Restore the vitality of the legs.It helps blood and humidify the skin, brings relief to tired legs and legs. Indicated for Diabetics The...

Price 38.00 zł

GEHWOL Balsam Trockene Sprode Haut Refrigerant 125 ml

Balsam is intended for daily care.Mentol relieves and refreshing and relieves the skin.Regular use of the balsam prevents mushrooms, sweating, baking and the feeling of tired feet.The skin becomes soft, soft and pleasant in touch. The composition: lavender, rosemary, oilwith avocado, mentol,...

Price 34.34 zł

GEHWOL SOFT FEET Foot and Foot Butter with Granate Extract 100ml

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Butter 100ml  GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT foot butter intensely nourishes and preserves feet and legs thanks to high quality ingredients and fruit odor. The rich formula with granate and Moringi oil extract moisturizes and elasticates the skin, making it smooth and acamite. Shea...

Price 55.00 zł

GEHWOL SENSITIVE Skin Care Cream with Microsrebr 75ml

Special preparation for the care of sensitive skin.It contains a complex of active substances with MicroSrebre BG, which regenerates the natural microwave of the skin, relieves swelling and burning, and also reduces redness. Care using this preparation prevents the excess spread of infections and...

Price 42.00 zł

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME strongly refreshing to foot container 500 ml with doses.

Gehwol FUSSDEO-CREME Intensive Foot Renewable Cream 500ml   It removes the smell of the feet throughout the day.It contains a care formula with jojoba and aloe oil and the active ingredients of manuka oil.Prevent the fungi of the legs.Micronized zinc oxide provides antibacterial protection.Aloes...

Price 124.00 zł

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Refrigerant Cream 75ml

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Renewable Cream 75 ml  This is an intense deodorant cream with long-lasting action. It removes the smell of the feet throughout the day.It contains a care formula with jojoba and aloe oil and the active ingredients of manuka oil.Prevent the fungi of the legs.Micronized...

Price 32.00 zł

GEHWOL Balsam Trockene Sprode Haut Refrigerant 75ml

Balsam is intended for daily care.Mentol relieves and refreshing and relieves the skin.Regular use of the balsam prevents mushrooms, sweating, baking and the feeling of tired feet.The skin becomes soft, soft and pleasant in touch. The composition: lavender, rosemary, oilwith avocado, mentol,...

Price 26.00 zł

GEHWOL FRISCHE-BALSAM Refrigerant and Refrigerant to Foot Tube 75 ml

Refrigerant and cooling balloon for legs and legs 75ml It contains a balanced composition of coolants and protectors.It takes care of tired and burning legs and legs.It protects from the fungi of the legs, prevents the discomfort of the smell.Recommended for pregnant women, relieves the...

Price 27.00 zł

GEHWOL MINT Foot Cold Balls 125 ml

Cold balls for feet It has a long-term cooling and refreshing effect.It eliminates the feeling of tired and burning feet.It gives an immediate cooling effect.It prevents the formation of unpleasant odor, mushrooms and skin swelling. Indicated for Diabetics The composition: mentol rosemary...

Price 35.00 zł
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Medical care for people with diabetes

People with diabetes should be treated right away subject. I 'm going . Continuous monitoring of the skin of the feet and nails this will minimise the risk of so-called. the diabetic foot. In this respect, diabetics are classified as at high risk. In their case, prevention is key. Diabetes can cause ulcers foot, the risk of amputation. The first steps in treating diabetic foot ulcers include removing excess skin. The patient is then referred to an endocrinologist or surgeon and medication is added. People with diabetes should be in regular contact with a specialist. He'll be monitoring their condition skin of feet and nails and disease progression. If necessary, he will remove the dead skin and correct the nails.

The role of the podiatrist in preventing the development of so-called. diabetic foot

Regular visits to the podiatric office they'll let you enjoy good health foot. I 'm going . You'll need professional care nails and removal of hyperkeratotic lesions (thickening of the skin). This will minimise the risk of complications from diabetes mellitus. Support methods also include selection cosmetics (creams and ointments, ointment) and other products (plates, separators). Choosing the right shoes and orthotics is also essential. They'll help reduce the number of prayers and areas of oppression five. Other they will take care of the diabetic foot as much as possible and help to detect possible risks early.

What foot cream for diabetics? The pathologist will tell you!

Leather feet require special protection and care from diabetic, this is because it is susceptible to many diseases. Deciding to Buy cosmetics for diabetics, attention should be paid in particular to their properties. They must moisturize the sensitive skin of the feet and protect it from drying out. Drying wounds are very painful and difficult to heal. Diabetics try to manage themselves by using preparations commonly available on the market. However, they do not always produce the desired results. It's worth going to the podiatric office early. Only an expert, based on his own experience, can give proper advice. Tips for Proper Care feet and nails, and will select the appropriate foot cream for diabetics. I 'm going . A visit to a specialist's office does not always have to be for surgery. Many serious complications can be prevented by treating the lower extremities properly.

You're struggling with diabetes - cosmetics for diabetics are a big help

Preparations prepared in specialized laboratories companies are backed by a scientific approach. Skin of diabetic feet is often extremely dry and prone to fungus. Treatment of these sensitive areas is necessary to prevent dangerous diseases. This includes diabetic foot syndrome. It is therefore crucial to select the right cosmetics for people with diabetes. They should moisturize and lubricate the skin and help remove dead skin.

Cosmetics for sensitive skin

In our online shop you can find branded products for diabetics. I 'm going . For example balsam, that takes care of the dry skin of their heels. It's an anti-inflammatory and an irritant. It moisturizes and protects against drying. It is available in larger and smaller pack sizes. This first option is ideal for the office, while the second is also suitable for the home. You can also choose a foam that refreshes and elasticates your feet. The urethra is wrapped in it to ensure proper hydration. The foam has been enriched with oils that ensure long-lasting freshness. All of them skin and toenail care products they prevent wounds from forming and getting worse.

What kind of foot care is best for diabetics?

Prevention is important in the management of diabetic foot. The use of cosmetics such as cream for diabetic feet. I 'm going . Most of them should contain azulene. It's supposed to relieve irritation, act as an anti-inflammatory and a biocide. By the way, cosmetics with this ingredient relieve irritation and regenerate cracks. The skin of diabetic feet needs special care because wounds form quickly and are difficult to heal. The cellular structure is disrupted, and the skin becomes extremely dry. The result is painful irritation and scaling and cracking, resulting in infection. Diabetics need to be reminded of their daily foot care and remove dead cells. That's why moisturizing dry skin is an absolute priority. Dedicated otherother medicinal products it moisturizes and lubricates but also helps to exfoliate the reddened skin.

Foot and nail ointment

Cosmetic products such as: foot cream or balsam they help prevent wounds in diabetes. Other preparations can also be found in specialist manufacturers' catalogues. They help to address problems in the late stages of diabetes. Other they often perform surgeries for deep nail and heel wounds. A cream or ointment with medicinal properties is used to treat and disinfect wounds. They are primarily antibacterial and highly curative. In such cases, decisive action is needed. It is therefore advisable to recommend strong and effective medicinal products to help patients maintain foot it's in stable condition.

Preparations for diabetes that we offer

The Leopard online store offers a wide range of cosmetics and products for people with diabetes. You'll find cream, ointment or balsam with the addition of moisturizers and healing agents. They make it easier to take care of your own feet to prevent the growth of so-called foot ulcers. the diabetic foot. We offer skin and nail care products from well-known brands at affordable prices. We invite you after cream for foot for diabetics and other anti-diabetic agents.