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Sweatshirt - Required in Professional Version

Among the precise makeup tools, it is worth paying attention to the brushes and wrinkles.Service accuracy, robust materials, the right shape of the edges - all of this can be important in obtaining the ideal eye styling effect.Verified tools for professionals are also a guarantee of success in case of domestic use.Check out what differences professional cheeks from accessories available in online pharmacies and markets.

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How to get down to eyelash extensions?

One of the most common procedures performed in beauty salons is eyelash extensions. You can perform them using tape extensions or clumps of natural hair for application. Regardless of the technique you choose, the type of tweezers for application will be important - the flawless effect of the styling depends on their precision. Therefore, it is best to bet on quality and choose a product whose brand guarantees a firm grip and precise operation. The type of termination, the fit of the arms and solid, stainless steel are always a recipe for a perfect result of eyelash extensions.

Professional means.... simpler. These tools were created to make your work better and easier

People who have tried it at least once in their lives know how simple it is to model eyebrows and eyelashes with accessories from the Professional category. The popular varieties of the product - straight or slanted versions - should be a must-have in your trunk or beauty equipment box. You can get brand-name Lashes Extension accessories in the best version, with a guaranteed affordable price - provided you go to an online cosmetic wholesaler for professionals.

Tweezers for eyebrows - before applying mascara

In our catalog you will find a bunch of products for eyebrow and eyelash styling. Tweezers for eyebrows adjustment must demonstrate a strong grip, so that the hair can be removed in one stroke, without exposing the person undergoing the treatment to repeat the operation. The crimped interior of the edge is a guarantee that the course of eyebrow depilation will not provide only unpleasant experiences. Many people precisely remove individual hairs from the eye socket, so that these hairs do not grow back and turn into a bushy version. Eyebrow modeling is a must-do before using eyeliner and mascara. A messy line can undo all the effort put into styling. Professional makeup artists from beauty salons will not pick up Eyebrows&Lashes cosmetics before using eyelash and eyebrow tweezers.

How to choose the right tweezers?

Wondering why different tweezers differ so much from each other? Not counting the gripping tips, the long or curved arms allow a better overview of the working field. Curved tweezers don't obscure eyebrows or eyelashes, but this works similarly with long, straight-shaped equipment. Remember that the longer the tweezer, the more it matters:

  • who designed and made it,
  • what materials it was made of,
  • what facilities its user can count on to make the result as professional as possible.

As for the even edges that an eyebrow tweezer should have, the final effect and comfort of use depends on the precise fit of the edges, so that the hair captured in the notches does not slip out and you do not have to repeat the unpleasant pulling of the hair with the bulb from the hair follicle.

Brand counts. You will get your hands on an innovative product

A professional brand ensures that the edges meet precisely, and the force of the springy, strong stainless steel will ensure a firm grip. These details determine whether you are dealing with quality tools or one of the mass products. Every product available in our online wholesaler, including cosmetic tools and accessories, comes exclusively from the professional series, produced by companies such as Staleks, Mavi, Vetus and Snippex. Bevel tweezers, straight tweezers or point-tipped tweezers (eyelash options) in our catalog, regardless of type, always come from proven manufacturers.

Should the tweezers be straight? Or maybe oblique?

Convenience of use also depends on other practical features. Very popular in our store is a sensational black tweezers with a non-slip handle, the favorable price of which can strongly surprise. Many tools for eyebrows and eyelashes are profiled products, facilitating the use of manual skills of the beautician. However, the basic selection criterion for an eyebrow adjustment product is whether it will be a straight tweezer or an angled tweezer. What is the difference? The first type with equal, perpendicular edges to the handle is used for professional eyebrow depilation by a beautician. The slanted version is designed for self-adjustment in front of the mirror - people performing this procedure always raise their hand to the face at an angle.

What are the differences between eyebrow and eyelash tweezers?

Tweezersfor eyelashes look quite different from tweezers for eyebrows. Devoid of sharp, tightly clamping edges, it is used for precise application of clumps of false eyelashes and attaching them to the eyelids. Therefore, its tips are long, round spikes, which, however, need to demonstrate a combination of precision and pressure force, so that the transferred piece of eyelashes goes to the intended place. Our offer includes a large selection of equipment regardless of the category - eyelash twe ezers can always be recognized even without a clear designation precisely because of the characteristic tips. Compile your set of tweezers with different profiles and tips to precisely adjust eyebrows and extend eyelashes.

Professional cosmetic tweezers in the office and for home use. Good price and free delivery

You already know what an angled tweezers, straight tweezers and point eyelash twe ezers should be used for. You can opt for a one-size-fits-all drugstore product, but the listed subcategories are essential if you want to get serious about styling and framing your eyes. When choosing, be guided by the brand name, the shape, the quality of workmanship - this is the assurance of buying a truly professional product. Remember that the tweezers available from us:

  • provide a firm grip thanks to the precise pressure of the edges,
  • do not damage eyelashes, do not collect glue, do not require the operation of additional tools,
  • are hand-sharpened and retain their properties for a long time,
  • have a pressure designed to reduce effort during use,
  • come in many shapes to suit the purpose and manual skills of different people,
  • are made of stainless steel and are suitable for disinfection and sterilization.

Black tweezers for eyelashes or long, slanted tweezers for eyebrows? Our experts will advise!

When ordering tweezers at iLeopard, you can count on a variety of options. Every new product available in our store we try to test the opinion of our contractors. Therefore, we can only recommend products from proven brands, including Mavi, Staleks, Vetus Lashes or Snippex. Eyelash tweezers, oblique tweezers, curved tweezers with contouring - check what models are currently available for sale. An option with a satin coating for ease of use or a version with a steel finish? Whatever you choose, be sure to get the best products of each type, making it much easier to get the job done when styling eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrow and eyelash tweezers in a large selection. This is a great opportunity to change your makeup to a professional one

You don't have to be afraid of eyelash extensions when you have exceptional equipment from the offers of top manufacturers. New models of each type and certain bestsellers, tested by our customers, are a recipe for successful eye styling for people with different beauty types. Eyelash tweezers and oblique tweezers for eyebrows from our offer are an essential set that will take self-performed makeup to the next level. Buy truly professional equipment with a guarantee of a good price and prompt delivery. Thanks to efficient shipping, you can start working on your exceptional eye makeup right away. Choose a kit that suits your sophistication and manual skills. With a larger order you will be covered by free delivery, and if you run a cosmetic establishment, we invite you to permanent cooperation - in this case the price can be even more favorable. Compile your reliable, innovative cosmetic tools with us, which will make the offer of your salon even more professional.

Eyelash tweezers from iLeopard straight to the indicated address

We have been supplying beauty salon owners with all categories of equipment and cosmetics for many years. Professional service, constant expansion of our offer with new assortment and free delivery if you decide on permanent cooperation. We are also open to the needs of individuals, for whom we allow the use of preparations and tools created for health & beauty professionals. Find any type of twe ezers with us - if in doubt, we suggest you contact our specialists, who will suggest whether a simple black tweezer or another type of product for Eyebrows&Lashes will be more suitable . The choice is simple - professional tweezers with precise pressure and matching edges, or a slightly cheaper universal product, available at the market or drugstore. Taking care of your eye frame you can have a smart option - professional tweezers will make basic care and cosmetic activities simpler. Close the stage of half-measures and bet on a new, more convenient way of taking care of your appearance, and you will feel like in a beauty salon.

Branded eyebrow adjustment tweezers to your address or to a parcel machine

We process orders on the spot and ship them within 24 hours as standard. Each item from our catalog is available on the spot, and if we happen to be awaiting delivery, you will find information about the status of the goods in the product description. Pick up your shipment from the courier or at the parcel machine, instead of looking for accessories of similar quality in stationary stores. Be smart and buy online what you won't get in a regular cosmetics store. Your professional tweezers are waiting for your purchases. It's easy - check out the available products and categories, add eyebrow and eyelash tweezers to your shopping cart, then try them out right away before applying mascara and brows. Feel free to browse our entire range - try our tools and enjoy an exceptional makeup look.