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Staleks Clippers for ingrown nails PODO 30 18 mm

KEY CHEQUES   straight edges without swelling; the part of the spine without a spine; a special compressed and thin part of the work to thoroughly remove the growing nails; manual multi-level screening that ensures the instrument’s long-lasting accuracy; comfortable, reliable handheld with a...

Price 160.00 zł

Staleks Cuticle clippers CLASSIC 12 5 mm

CLASSICAL ROUTE 12 5 MM  CLASSIC 12  NC-12-5   Length of 5 mm   THE KEY CHEQUES:  the ergonomic shape of the workpiece is ideal for both manicure and pedicure   ● clean and accurate cutting thanks to hand-strengthed thinning edges   ● exceptional metal hardness allows for longer stretch...

Price 70.00 zł