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Cosmetic Wipes – Skin Hydrator

The wheat belongs to the devices that moisturize the skin with a water pair.This method has been used for skin care for centuries.Today, modern devices use methods known for a long time.The vapour is responsible for giving the air a concentration state.It also helps to use its power during the targeted application.You can enrich its effect with aromatic additives.Find out what the universal skin moisturizer will help you with our rich offer.

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A device for softening and cleansing skin and skin in delicate areas

The vapozon consists of a steam generation part and an arm with an application nozzle. In our offer you will find cosmetic devices that allow you to use several functions. They are adapted to the needs of beauty salons. This category of equipment allows you to offer customers additional treatments. Among other things, with the help of vapozone , ozone therapy or aromatherapy can be performed. In addition, the camera primarily acts as a humidifier. It softens and facilitates deep cleansing of the skin also in its deeper layers, replacing, for example, peels. In our offer you will also find devices for home use.

Cosmetic vases can be used for daily skin care. It is also applied to the neckline, neck, shoulder area. This is a natural, non-invasive method that collects excellent opinions among users. It is worth applying it before applying deep-acting cosmetics. Well-moisturized and softened skin absorbs care products better.

How to properly use a cosmetic vase?

Cosmetic vase not only produces water vapor, but also helps to maximize its potential. What are the effects of performing the procedure with the use of this equipment? Condensed but completely secure application:

  • softens and plumps the top layer of the skin, cleansing it of blackheads,
  • allows you to remove excess sebum from the skin by unblocking pores,
  • stimulates the sebaceous glands and supports them in the natural removal of toxins and impurities,
  • oxygenates and stimulates the skin to breathe independently (another way to cleanse),
  • acts on blood vessels and blood circulation, which also removes deposition metabolic residues,

Softened skin with enlarged pores is better for dermocosmetics. First of all, it increases their effectiveness. Often used empty vapozon, with only water vapor. Also then your skin will be smooth and cleansed. Obtaining such an effect does not require great treatments on the part of the beautician. The humidifier achieves a great result in a short time. In addition to removing toxins , the steam cleanses the pores of residual sebum. The skin begins to breathe, circulation improves, and the treatment continues long after using the device. The price of professional vapozon (Biomak, Beauty System) is relatively small compared to the obtained effects. Not only aesthetic, but also health-promoting - e.g. ozonation treatment removes dangerous microorganisms, and aromatherapy relieves muscle and joint pain. The mere use of a humidifier without additives does not necessarily give the result known from advertisements for cosmetics and treatments of other categories. However, cleansing the skin allows you to achieve an excellent basis for performing subsequent procedures using the next cosmetic device. Add a product from our website to the cart and enjoy the charms of these treatments. Steam humidification and aromatherapy are very popular and have a good reputation in the Wellness & Beauty industry.

Description of exemplary treatments

The use of steam is associated primarily with facial care. However, it is worth thinking about using vapozon also to cleanse, for example, the back or cleavage. A great idea for vapozon in a beauty salon are treatments that strengthen the scalp. Advanced cosmetic devices are most often multifunctional. These include the highly reputable vapozones created by ActiveShop, Azzurro and Beauty System. The latter manufacturer offers, for example, equipment on a tripod with wheels, the BN-707 vasoson. The camera is equipped with a lamp and magnifier to increase the precision of the application. Such a device can be freely moved and attached to cosmetic chairs. They are used for treatments:

  • classic steam humidification,
  • aromatherapy,
  • ozonation.

The second treatment not only brings relaxation, but also reduces muscle ailments. It can also be used in the prevention and therapy of respiratory diseases. For this reason, the Beauty System equipment is also used in sanatoriums, baths and SPA relaxation zones. In turn, ozonation is the most natural disinfecting treatment. A professional-looking camera with a lamp and magnifying glass will also match the trustworthy appearance of a beauty salon.

Category: First choice devices

Vapoons and other cosmetic devices from our offer are characterized by reliability. We have for you only equipment designed for professional applications. We offer Biomak, Beauty System or ActiveShop products. Our offer is distinguished by favorable prices. We source directly from manufacturers. By putting the vasodon in the basket on the Leopard store website, you can be sure that you will receive devices for specialists. We can deliver vapoons on a tripod to your office. The equipment can be placed next to cosmetic chairs and significantly expand the offer of the salon.

The steam humidification treatment can be carried out independently of other procedures. It will definitely appeal to customers visiting the office. A little essential oil will allow them to offer an aromatherapy treatment. We also have mobile products that can be used at home. Convenient application with a Beauty System device instead of a classic sausage? Choose a vasodon tailored to your needs and provide your skin with professional, natural care with a safe treatment. All products in this category on the Leopard website receive positive feedback from satisfied users. One steam cleansing treatment is enough! You will quickly find out why you should bet on professional Beauty System or Azzurro equipment.

Natural cleansing of the face and décolleté by cosmetic vase

Moisturizing with vaposone effectively replaces the classic peeling. The treatment performed with a humidifier not only softens the epidermis. In addition, it unblocks and stimulates the removal of impurities and toxins from the depths of the skin. You can support this process with additional products. Vapozon is a category of cosmetic device that belongs to the least invasive. It works completely painlessly and brings a feeling of complete relaxation. Therefore, the humidifier in the beauty salon should also be used as a cosmetic device for relaxation.

Installation and use of this equipment is not complicated or cumbersome. Branded products with a good reputation are equipped with a security system. It is based on cutting off the power supply if a leak in the system is detected. Regardless of size, the vasoon consists of a water tank with a heater and an arm with a nozzle. Devices with ozonation function have an additional outlet for enriched oxygen.

Bet on products from the Leopard store's offer!

Why is it worth visiting the Leopard store and website? We are a large wholesaler with cosmetics, products and equipment for beauty salons . You will find everything you need to equip and operate a beauty salon. You can order cosmetics, appliances and furniture, e.g. cosmetic chairs. We offer only products created for professionals. We focus on good contact with our regular customers. Another advantage of our offer is a favorable price. We also offer free delivery if you decide on other specialized cosmetic devices, e.g. cavitation peeling. Our partners can count on additional bonuses and information about promotions and new products. Payments are divided into convenient installments. You can also choose a convenient way to collect the parcel, e.g. in InPost parcel lockers or in Żabka stores. Your equipment for the office is in our online warehouse! We invite you to the Leopard store for reliable products for the beauty salon!