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Dust absorber for the nails - ideal for the manicure salon

Do you have a problem with the dust of the office when sliding your nails?It will be solved by an effective cassette dust absorber.Classic ventilation and constant refreshment of the cosmetic office are not enough.In the manicure position, use the device designed specifically for this purpose.Good air flow and a wide filter surface allow you to get rid of even a large amount of dust.Check out how the device designed for special tasks can help you.

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Table and portable solution

Working in a dusty room is bad for your health. Dust from the corneal nail plate gets into the airways and causes permanent changes in the lungs. Part of the solution is a mask. However, it is best to eliminate the pollen in the embryo and use an efficient tape absorber. It's a piece of equipment in the shape of a low rectangle that highlights a large area at the top. Dust absorber for building you can hide it under your desk. It doesn't take up much space in this version. However, rectangular cassette filters can also be found in portable devices. They keep the workplace free of white settlement. In addition to your health and well-being, you will give your living room a clean, friendly, hygienic aura. I'm sure it will be appreciated by all who visit this place. The simple shape and discreet operation of this equipment can surprise many

Dust absorber for the cartridge case — a cage in the rack will suffice

The liquidator building dust in the cassette version, it doesn't even take up the manicure stand. According to user reviews, all devices in our range have an effect after the first connection. All that's left on the shelf is an elegant cage. You can grind your nails just above it, and the dust is immediately absorbed by the carbon filter. What's more, most cartridges have a special biocidal coating. It's a way to absorb allergens, mites and germs from the air. Often no collection container is necessary dust — for building only a filter is used. Excellent results are obtained by models without conventional turbines, but with a vacuum suction mechanism. Combined with increasingly efficient filters, this produces excellent results.

Other, not further worked than hot-rolled

The small size and the handy format make it a portable version of the manicure dust absorber. Unlike the built-in version, it is immediately ready for use. Clean models from the iLeopard range (e.g. a width of not more than 50 mm) are specifically designed for mobile applications. Some weigh less than a kilogram, and their performance remains high. They guarantee comfortable use for both the stylist and the client. It's also a good option if you're doing your own hybrid manicure. Remember that any use of the milling machine should be with the dust removal equipment on.

Why shouldn't you use a milling machine without an absorber?

It is widely believed to be a revolution in nail styling. Besides the lamps, it was the milling machine that changed the manicure the most. You can model more and more easily, since there are interchangeable ends with different properties. Nowadays, you can give a tile any profile you want. This often requires the use of several different caps and the collection of a large amount of horn mass. You can also cut and grind overlays, tips, gel extensions, etc. All of this makes the manicure dust machine take on more pollution. They used to use hand filters. The falling dust gathered in one place and was much less. Today, as soon as the mill is turned on, a small cloud immediately rises into the air. Some of the debris falls, others form a nasty suspension in the air. It's not just nail residue. During operation, the milling machines in the air fly, among other things.

  • skin flakes,
  • microbes and fungi,
  • there are allergens.

How much dust can fit in a lung? Don't try to experiment!

A Momo cassette dust collector or other dust removal equipment is a necessary addition to the milling machine. Few manicurists work wet, which greatly reduces dust emissions. In the case of easier dry treatment, the use of a special mechanism to capture residues is mandatory. For their own good and that of their customers, they should go to work with the milling machine. At least when you're using the grinding function. Take advantage of our wide range of solutions and choose one of them. Do you use the milling machines every day or every few days? Without a vacuum cleaner, you can get up to two kilograms of dust into your lungs in a year. Don't waste your health — Absorbent equipment costs less than $200. For such a small price, you can get quite a lot.

All dust collectors offered by iLeoprad

We have prepared for you a large selection equipment to improve the air quality during nail treatment. This is, for example, a series of construction works Momo S41 with different versions of the bars. We also have the classic versions of the dust-absorbing devices for manicure Vento Pro or Activ. Dust absorber for building Momo was created by ActiveShop. It's one of the major manufacturers of beauty equipment. What else can surprise our clients' choices? Dozens of satisfied users recommend the cassette dust equipment in our catalog. Which one do they pick most often? Solid for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles Momo Professional there's always a lot of interest. His opinion is based on the number of copies ordered. A series of modern designs Activities it combines economic and practical value. These are relatively inexpensive products of good quality. According to our clients, they're doing very well in the underutilized positions. In the case of devices for the construction of Momo S41to it's not just a matter of vacuuming the manicure. The stylish appearance of the frames adds to the workplace.