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Manicure Footwear – Make Your Cosmetic Salon Functional

The first impression is the most important!And this is not only about the receipt of the other person, but it also concerns the cosmetic salon.This is the first impression that decides whether the customer decides to stay in the salon and use the services.Therefore, it is necessary to make every effort to make the appearance of the room elegant and at the same time comfortable.We will support how to equip the office to attract attention and attract new customers.

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We 're all about elegance

Usually beauty salons take great care to maintain an elegant interior. And that's a good thing, because professional cosmetic procedures are usually for women who value style. And as we all know, a beautifully scented interior attracts. In addition, grooming in a place that smells of beauty will be a great pleasure. White, gray, black, and silver are the colors that are commonly considered to be elegant and at the same time appropriate for any interior. Gold or glittery accessories will add warmth and a sense of exclusivity.

It is also very important to choose the right furniture, which should be like eye-catching charms. But their usefulness is also very important. We know how important these elements are, which is why we select the most functional models that fit into any interior, while being incredibly stylish. The most important are: a cosmetic chair, a manicure chair for the person performing the procedure, pedicure and manicure chairs, stools, a chair or a recliner. We try to keep the price competitive with the rest of the market.

What do you need to know about him ?

Manicure chairs are an essential part of any beauty salon. Moreover, this equipment should not be chosen at random. Such a cosmetic chair must be appropriate to the decor of the office, its size and, above all, the needs of the manicurist. There are a variety of models on the market, including electric seats, with movable elements, in different colours - black and white.

We recommend, among other things. a reliable cosmetic chair with an up-and-down controller. Two pedals at the rear of the base allow smooth adjustment of the base and cradle. this cosmetic armchair is comfortable and folds up to 180 degrees, it can also be successfully used as a recliner. A blind opening has been fitted to the head which allows a comfortable position to be taken. The seat is covered with high-quality and easy-to-care eco-leather. In addition, manicure and pedicure chairs have a manually or hydraulically adjustable footrest. The cosmetic armchair also has the possibility to raise the armrests upwards, which makes it easier for the customer to occupy the seat and adapt it to individual needs.

In addition, a rotating cosmetic armchair with a hydraulically lifted and lowered lock with a hole in the headrest is also of great interest. It's perfect for cosmetics, makeup and massage. He has removable armrests and a blind spot in his head. The seat covers are easy to wash off, made of eco-leather, meeting strict EU requirements, aesthetic, nickel-plated metal elements. A disposable bedspread, napkin, or towel was fitted underneath the chair. This beauty chair is available in black and white. The price is very attractive compared to similar models available on the market.

Guarantee, quality and customer satisfaction are the motto of our company

Our company offers you cosmetic chairs with a high quality of workmanship, which proves its durability. Besides, every beauty chair comes with a warranty, which is an added bonus. We try to rely only on proven models and reputable manufacturers. That's why we only offer cosmetic chairs from reputable brands. The satisfaction of the returning customer is our top priority, so we make every effort to make sure that the choice they make is satisfactory to them.

Moreover, we value the time of our customers and offer online ordering, which will certainly save you time. In addition, we offer the possibility of quick delivery directly to your address. The cosmetic chair shall be dispatched within 48 hours of the order. In addition, on the online shelves of our department store you will find not only beauty chairs but also other assortments that are essential for the work of every beautician. These are professional products of the highest quality – accessories, appliances, lamps and cosmetics. We offer dermatologically tested cosmetic kits, nail accessories, hybrid varnishes from professional brands, products for body, hair and skin care. And the price is competitive.

A wide selection of furniture for the beauty salon - wholesale Warsaw

Furniture is a big part of our range. We make sure that our renowned salons are equipped to the highest standard and are comprehensive. We try to approach each client individually, listen to their expectations and needs and help them make the right choice. Products on offer include:

  • other bars and rods
  • table
  • cosmetic chair
  • work tables
  • chair for manicurist
  • cosmetic chair
  • pedicure and manicure chair
  • other, of circular cross-section
  • table

As well as the necessary equipment, which is the equipment of a professional beauty salon. The leather cosmetic armchair we offer is a testament to our high level of professionalism. The workmanship is top notch. These chairs are extremely elegant and modern, with a luxurious design. However, the greatest advantage is undoubtedly the ease of use. A deep, comfortable seat made of durable – eco-friendly material that's very easy to clean. It will certainly do its job in modern beauty salons as well as traditional interiors. It's the perfect beauty chair for makeup and other beauty treatments. The seats have a swivel seat which facilitates use. In addition, they have height adjustment on a chrome-plated, durable base and the price is very attractive compared to others available on the market.

A cosmetic chair for the 21st century

The chairs are elaborated in every detail with the utmost care and most importantly – practical and very comfortable. The manicure chairs are a perfect addition to our range. Besides, they're a staple of every beauty salon. A manicure chair needs to be comfortable because it's a long-term item in one position. The client needs to feel comfortable during the procedure, like a manicure. These chairs are equipped with armrests to help maintain the proper position of the hands and to relieve stress on the joints and elbows. A well-profiled beauty chair will appeal to any client. Taking care of a chair like that will be a real treat. So choose the right seats for you and your office.

For very demanding customers, we also offer an electric beauty chair, which is ideal for beauty salons and spas. It is equipped with innovative solutions such as autonomous motors that allow control in four planes by means of a remote control. This function enables treatment of the face and body. Using a remote control, we can adjust the height of the chair, the angle of inclination of the backrest, and the footrests to suit the needs of the client and the type of procedure being performed. Cosmetic armchair also has a seat which can be placed in a crib position. Heating the mattress is an added bonus. And the price is very competitive. Nursing is a very easy element to fulfill. We can use special skin cleansers to help keep it impregnated.

We also have a range of hand-care chairs, manicure and pedicure chairs - extremely elegant and functional. They have places where you can put the accessories you need during the procedure and even a whole set of cosmetics. The manufacturer guarantees their durability, which attests to the great interest shown by renowned spa cabinets.