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Effective Farmona - Face Mask Ready for Application

One formula, many tasks - for the laboratory of natural cosmetics Farmona face mask is one of the cosmetics for special tasks.It is an invaluable support in dealing with various problems.It pulls, pulverizes, smoothes – and this is not all the effects of preparations from the rich catalogue of the company.With them you will prepare the perfect mask for your type of pear.Check out what the innovative cosmetic company has prepared in this category.

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Farmona Algae Mask Algae mask with vitamin C 500ml

Farmona ALGAE Mask with Vitamin C   The dark mask is designed for all skin types, especially for the skin with uneven color, gray, tired and with numerous wrinkles. Algae mask with vitamin C gives immediate moisturizing, clear smoothing of the skin, strongly regenerates and elasticates.Improves...

Price 54.90 zł

Farmona SNAIL REPAIR Active rejuvenating mask with snail slime 200g

Modern formula and the combination of the most effective ingredients.4 products with active and strong regenerating and anti-aging effects.Suitable for all skin types.   Active masks with slick   The purpose:   all skin types, including vascular and sensitive     Active ingredients:   the slum,...

Price 81.40 zł

Farmona Algae Mask Algae mask with hyaluronic acid 500ml

Farmona ALGAE Mask with Hyaluronic Acid   A hyaluronic acid mask for all skin types. Recommended especially for dry skin, with numerous wrinkles, loss of uniformity and flexibility.   Effects : immediate humidification of the skin, visible moisture of wrinkles, improves color, regeneration...

Price 54.90 zł

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Softening mask 200ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Mask   A professional preparation preparing the skin for manual cleaning, pulverizes the corneal layer of the prostate and unlockes the pores, which helps remove the bacteria. It intensely nourishes the skin, and the ingredients contained in it with a relieving effect prevent...

Price 51.00 zł

Farmona ALGAE MASK Rejuvenating algae mask with snail slime 160g

ALGAE REMULING MASK ALGAE MASK 160 g Mask for all skin types. It is recommended for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive and vascular.It immediately moisturizes, moisturizes, moisturizes and elasticates the skin.With the use of the slic slide filter, the visibility of wrinkles is reduced...

Price 54.90 zł

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Cleansing mask 200ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Cleaning Mask   The glue-based cream consistency mask is recommended especially after the skin cleaning procedure. It works detoxifying and cleansing the mouth of the lionic glands, thereby regulating the secretion of sebum. Through compressing the extended pores, it...

Price 42.00 zł
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The Farmona Natural Cosmetics Lab is proposing

Face masks they look similar, but they do many different things. Farmona offers specialized cosmetics for all skin types. The content of natural plant ingredients and active ingredients guarantees a good effect - if used regularly. The cleansing power of the mask isn't everything. Every Farmon product is regenerative and healthful. This is ensured by the original formulas developed in the Krakow laboratory. Our online wholesaler offers original formulations that the packaging says contain an antidote to specific skin challenges.

Face mask with visible effect after repeated application

Every face is different, and the skin requires a completely different treatment. Whether fatty or mixed, it requires components to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, and the dry should be deeply and steadily moistened. Farmon products they have a very specific purpose, so you can choose cosmetics that contain active ingredients that are key to improving your skin.

The Benefits of Farmon Herbal Care

The use of cosmetics from the line has great results Farmona herbal care. I 'm going . You'll find something here for active skin care of all kinds. The content of carefully selected, natural plant ingredients has been tailored to almost any facial skin type. White cumin, sage, and willow contain substances that have a variety of effects, so it is important to choose a mask according to your skin type. Its gently activated, gradually-released ingredients slowly change the skin of the face in a positive way. The formula of the masks has been developed for the specialized care of the beauty parlours, which confirms the extraordinary properties of each product.

Farmona Herbal Care - a mask with the power of nature

Nutritional face mask with white cumin and phytic acid or green tea, which is regenerative and smooth? In the Farmon catalog, you'll find masks in many ways that harness the power of nature. Each pack contains a dermocosmetic of a different product specification. Ordering from our online store means you'll get the perfect solution to your skin problem. Chestnut extract, almond oil, lanolin, or seaweed - choose any product from nature's great treasure. Especially effective in relieving irritation is a series of Farmona Herbal Care is a face mask with herbal and plant ingredients.

How to use the selected product? Our store offers...

Popular sets of Farmona products should be selected according to the key characteristics. Check the label, read the reviews and, if possible, seek professional advice. See which product to use after microdermabrasion and which to use to counteract excessive sebaceous activity. All product categories have been given names to facilitate ordering and shopping. Among other things, Farmona recommends a face mask:

  • a universal algae with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C,
  • the anti-pollution anti-oxidant,
  • a purifier of DermaAcne+,
  • withdrawal or swelling of DermaAcne+,
  • Ideal Protect regenerative soothing with mountain arnica extract,
  • Retin Gold with a hardening-luminous effect,
  • rejuvenating with Snail Repair slug.

The purpose of the mask is related to the skin properties and effects of the substance. Your assessment of her condition will be more accurate if you seek professional advice at the beauty parlor. However, you can help your face if you choose to regularly use a natural product, such as a lotion or cream. White cumin, arnica or fern, even snail slime, should improve your skin condition, of course, if the Farmon face mask shall be appropriately selected.

Farmon's nutritional face mask at the online beauty salon

You can find any mask in any category in the iLeopard catalog. A selection of popular Farmona skin-rehabilitation products are available at your fingertips, and good prices and prompt shipping are standard in our online wholesale for specialist beauty salons. See which Herbal Care, DermaAcne+ or Ideal Proctect products are best for your skin. Specify the purpose of the product and add it to your order - free delivery is also available for those who choose to shop regularly. Take advantage of our offer: a face mask or the body recommended by your beautician ready to use will definitely be in the store range.