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Pesticides are the primary product in the pesticide office.

The underlying steel made of high-quality stainless steel is one of the basic products in the underlying work.Thanks to the possibility of sterilization in the autoclave, the butter is this tool that can serve for a long time.Get acquainted with the offer of our store and try professional snacks.

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The pedicure is every podiatrist's tool.

It would seem that such a basic tool as other, not further worked than hot-rolled does not require further elaboration. However, any podiatrist who has no doubt been exposed to many of these products during his or her career will easily distinguish professional footwear from the basic product intended for laypersons. Each other, not further worked than hot-rolled it should be made of the highest quality stainless steel, making it suitable for autoclave cleaning.

Not only do all the staples available in our store allow professional sterilization, but they also allow very precise and precise work. The precise operation of the claw allows even the smallest elements to be captured. When choosing this type of product, you should carefully read the description of the tool and the opinion of the professionals.

The pliers are made of the highest quality stainless steel.

You can't complain about the lack of products on the market, but often it's the reviews and descriptions that help you choose the product you really need. If the product is to be used in a specialist office, a few points should be taken into account.

The main thing is what material the tool is made of. The handkerchief will need to be sterilized for each subsequent use. The autoclave is designed for specialized tools, but it also makes them a little more usable. These ones made of surgical steel will never wear out and they'll last a really long time.

Different types of bead in one place

Innovative other, not further worked than hot-rolled o with a wide gap with other bars and rods, hand sharpened in the classic shape is accurate, suitable for chemical sterilisation and in manufacture from materials of any heading.It's the highest quality product, and its durability ensures long-term reliability.

Footwear with outer soles of rubber or plastics is an essential part of the equipment of a professional foot care practice. Its pointed tip and serrated blade enable it to grasp even the smallest parts with precision. The elasticity of the clamp ensures that the hand does not get tired while working, which clearly affects the comfort of using the product. A pedicure is used in many procedures, such as removing a wire clamp and tamponade. The small size of the product allows it to reach invisible areas in the nail shafts and under the nail plate. The product is made of high-quality surgical steel.

Disinfection and sterilisation of professional products

  1. After each treatment, the tool should undergo a complete process from washing to sterilisation. Before washing, remove any contaminants by hand with a disposable cloth, paper towel or brush.
  2. The first step in cleaning is washing. The use of ultrasonic washing is recommended for this purpose.
  3. The next step is sterilization. After washing, disinfecting and drying, the tool should be sterilised using equipment and under conditions that comply with the applicable standards.
  4. The recommended sterilisation method is water vapour sterilisation at 134 degrees Celsius (not to exceed 200 degrees). Peaches can also be sterilized at 121 degrees. The minimum sterilisation time is 15 minutes, the drying time of the package is 20 minutes.

In our store we have floor coverings the highest quality. We make every effort to meet the highest expectations and needs of professionals. Our products are made of durable, high-quality materials and their quality has been certified. We guarantee the high durability of all articles, as well as safety and comfort of use.

We recognise how important it is for our customers to have their offices running smoothly, which is why we offer a wide range of product categories. All products offered are intended for use by professionals in specialist offices. In Search of Opinion

See how important the opinions of our customers are to us, they give direction to our growth, and we make every effort to meet their needs to make shopping in our store

What tools do you find in our shop?

In our store, you will find not only pedicure pliers but also other professional tools necessary in any podiatric office. Our equipment is based on high-quality stainless steel tools, such as pliers, flat and round pliers, and cutting shears. All of our metal products are made of high-quality stainless steel and come with appropriate certificates and warranties. Our tools are suitable for proper sterilization and disinfection after each use and treatment.

Free shipping from a verified dealer.

Buying more products for the podiatry office is a very good idea. Since the tools are in constant use and must be sterilized in the autoclave after each client, the shipment of the ordered products must proceed very smoothly. In order for your office to function smoothly, it is essential that it be properly supplied. So when you decide to buy, choose a store that is trustworthy and safe. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we focused on shipping and delivery as quickly as possible. In addition, for free shipping, it is enough to have a total of PLN 250 in the basket. If there is a situation where a shortage of products makes it impossible to ship quickly, our store guarantees contact so you can make an immediate decision about your shipment.