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Farmona ACID TECH Mandelic acid 40% 30ml

REMOVAL - REGENERATING ACID TECH - MINERAL QUAS 40%40% amygdala acid from the Acid Tech line is recommended for any skin type, recommended for dry, mixed, acne, fat, aging, with coloring, also sensitive skin. It cleans the skin, regulates the work of the lion glands and the seed, smoothes small...

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Farmona ACID TECH Neutralizer 280ml

Acid Tech Neutralizer 280ml  A preparation for neutralization, that is, the interruption of all exfoliating preparations.It neutralizes the action of acids, shows a mild, koi effect, prevents irritations, eliminates excessive burning, brushing, swelling and redness of the skin. The preparation...

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Farmona Active dermo-lifting concentrate 10 x 5 ml

Farmona Active Dermo-Lifting Concentrate 10 x 5 ml Concentrated , active lifting preparation designed for any type of mature skin with clearly marked symptoms of decline in density, loss of solidity and elasticity. Concentration can be used as a supplement and maintenance of the effects of the...

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Farmona Active whitening set with vitamin C 10 x 12ml

FARMONA REVOLU C WHITE Active Whitening Set A professional line designed to care for skin with coloring, based on a comprehensive approach to brightness.Its action focuses on regulating the work of melanocytes and controlling disorders associated with the irregular distribution of colorant in the...

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Farmona Algae Mask Algae mask with vitamin C 500ml

Farmona ALGAE Mask with Vitamin C   The dark mask is designed for all skin types, especially for the skin with uneven color, gray, tired and with numerous wrinkles. Algae mask with vitamin C gives immediate moisturizing, clear smoothing of the skin, strongly regenerates and elasticates.Improves...

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Farmona ALGAE MASK Calming algae mask with green tea 160g

ALGAE Cleaning Mask with Green Herbat 160g Recommended for all skin types, especially for contaminated but at the same time vascular and dry skin.The mask perfectly cleans the skin, cleans the vascular skin, relieves and moisturizes.With the use of the purifying algae mask, the condition of the...

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Farmona ALGAE MASK Rejuvenating algae mask with snail slime 160g

ALGAE REMULING MASK ALGAE MASK 160 g Mask for all skin types. It is recommended for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive and vascular.It immediately moisturizes, moisturizes, moisturizes and elasticates the skin.With the use of the slic slide filter, the visibility of wrinkles is reduced...

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Farmona Anti-aging hand serum 200ml

Farmona Anti-Aging Serum 200ml Professional serum white – anti-agingit was created with the mind of the hands with clear signs of aging.The preparation ensures improvement in the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, smoothness and intense moisture.The active ingredients contained in the product...

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Farmona Anti-cellulite body butter 500ml

Farmona Body Butter 500ml Guarana Slim Anti-Cellulite Body Butter was Created for Skin affected by cellulitewater and fat.Active ingredients contained in the product such as: L-carnitine, extract from guarana and imbiru they guarantee strengthening of the skin, improving its solidity and...

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Farmona Anti-cellulite massage oil 950ml

Farmona Anticellulite Massage Oil Guarana Slim anti-cellulite massage oil it stimulates the smell of tropical fruits.It improves the strength of the skin.It intensely strengthens, regenerates, while relieving irritation. Active ingredients:wine oil solar oil Capacity: 950 ml

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Farmona Antibacterial foot bath salt with silver ions 1400g

Farmona Antibacterial Salt to Bath Foot with Silver Ions 1400g Antibacterial bathing salt has been designed to care for your feet with a tendency to excessivity.Active ingredients contained in the product, such as salt crystals, yony silver and zinc oxygen responsible for strong action...

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Farmona Antibacterial foot cream with silver ions 500ml

Farmona Antibacterial Foot Cream with Silver Ions 500mlProfessional Foot Cream with Silver Ions it is recommended for people who have an active lifestyle.It is intense, allowing the care of the legs with a tendency to excessivity.Active ingredients contained in cream provide effective protection...

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Farmona Dermaacne Pear face wash gel 500ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Grush Gel to Wash the Face A mild gel created with the intention of a fat, mixed, acne, with a predisposition to scratch and excessive brightness and with extended times. Effectively cleans, thoroughly washing makeup, any pollution and excess sebum from the skin surface. Thanks...

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Farmona DERMAACNE+ Antibacterial tonic 500ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Antibacterial Tonic  A professional tonic destined to clean the fat, mixed, acne, with a tendency to shine. It perfectly refreshing and at the same time regulates the seed secretion while compromising the pores of the skin which reduces their visibility. It restores the proper...

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Farmona DERMAACNE+ Cleansing mask 200ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Cleaning Mask   The glue-based cream consistency mask is recommended especially after the skin cleaning procedure. It works detoxifying and cleansing the mouth of the lionic glands, thereby regulating the secretion of sebum. Through compressing the extended pores, it...

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Farmona DERMAACNE+ Softening mask 200ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Mask   A professional preparation preparing the skin for manual cleaning, pulverizes the corneal layer of the prostate and unlockes the pores, which helps remove the bacteria. It intensely nourishes the skin, and the ingredients contained in it with a relieving effect prevent...

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Farmona DERMACOS Soothing and strengthening mask 200ml

Farmona DERMACOS Mask   Extremely mild, professional mask for all kinds of irritated and red. It quickly and clearly improves the appearance of the skin and eliminates redness. It strengthens and elasticates the walls of the blood vessels, preventing their breakdown.     Purpose: irritated,...

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Farmona DERMACOS Strengthening cream for couperose skin 150ml

Farmona DERMACOS Strengthening Cream  Strongly regenerating cream with an action that strengthens the fragile blood vessels. It is especially recommended for the care of the bladder,reddened sensitive with a tendency to irritation. The cream clearly improves the condition of the skin, cleans...

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Farmona Dermo Slim Intensively slimming and firming concentrate 150ml

Farmona DERMO SLIM Concentrate  Concentrated preparation with humidifying and exciting action. Recommended for the skin with visible cellulite, less flexible with a predisposition to wheat and as a weight loss-supporting treatment.The concentrate is also perfect in combination with the...

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Farmona Exfoliating foot gel 75ml

Farmona Foot Smoothing Gel 75ml The Podological Acid series is dedicated to people struggling with dry, hard and destroyed skin of feet.Strongly soft and fake it stimulates the regeneration and regeneration of the skin. Foot slurry gel is a subological preparation, designed for the strongly...

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Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Regenerating hand mask 300ml

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Regenerating hand mask  The product with a creamy consistency, with an intensive regenerating effect, intended for dehydrated skin and brittle and brittle nails. Thanks to its active ingredients, it moisturizes, softens the skin, regenerates nails and protects the...

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Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Sugar peeling for hands 300g

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Sugar Peeling  Peeling with cleaning properties for dry and dehydrated skin. It cleans, cleans the skin. It stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients of the successively applied cosmetic preparations.   Active...

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Farmona EXPERT LASHES Soothing eye cream 50 ml

EXPERT LASHES Eye Relief Cream 50ml   Delicate skin around the eyes.Recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive and vascular.   Active ingredients:   the d-pantenol, by alantoin, natural sugar beta, canola oil, hyaluronic acid, Hydromail   The Effects:   he relieves, reduces the...

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Farmona EXPERT MASSAGE Aroma Oil - Massage oil 500ml

Farmona Expert Massage Aroma Oil 500ml  Professional oil for facial and body massage.Farmon’s new EXPERT MASSAGE line is three oils designed for classical, cosmetic and relaxing massage of the face and body that moisturizes and moisturizes the skin. Purpose: any type of skin, especially grey...

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