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Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

How can you effectively ensure safety and hygiene in a beauty parlour or podiatry room? We're offering equipment and accessories for sterilization. A hygienic equipment kit is essential equipment for any professional. We have a wide selection of disposable containers and sterilization tests at great prices. With accessories from leading manufacturers, you can be sure that your equipment will be free of germs.

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Accessories for the sterilisation process of instruments in the podiatric and cosmetic office

Do you use an autoclave in your cosmetic or podiatry office? Our offer shop includes continuous access to the necessary manufacture from materials of any heading to this device! Thanks to the supply of additives for the sterilisation process keep your office sterile. We also have the necessary replacement parts for the autoclave that will allow the device to operate without interruption. You can't just order them online! With the option of permanent cooperation, we will remind you and provide all necessary products for sterilisation. I 'm going . We offer accessories from renowned companies Yeson and Lafomed — manufacturers of accessories for disinfection and sterilization. Ensure safe working conditions for you and comfort for your customers!

Controlled flow of sterilisation process

Do you work in the podiatry, beauty or hairdressing industry? Ensure effective disinfection and exfoliation of tools with professional accessories. When choosing an autoclave to sterilize tools, you should have constant access to the necessary accessories. At our warehouse, you can order professional sterilization equipment at a reasonable price. Well-known brands such as Lafomed and Yeson guarantee reliable products for sterilisation in our daily practice. Silicone gaskets for cosmetic autoclaves whether sterilization gloves will increase the level of sterility in your practice. Each tightly packed tool should be checked after removal from the autoclave. Therefore, containers and sterilization tests are also necessary. Certain autoclave products at attractive prices can be found at the Leopard department store!

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

Invest in professional accessories from Leopard. Our products will ensure complete safety and hygiene in your living room or office. They are all hygienic, industry-standard, and easy to use. We recommend, among other things. The following:

  • for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles,
  • sacks and bags for sterilisation
  • for use in the manufacture of printing machinery,
  • a width of not more than 50 mm,li
  • distillers for water.

Additives for disinfecting and sterilising tools should always be on hand to ensure the efficiency of the whole process. They can help you sterilize effectively tools. I 'm going . You'll also make your customers feel comfortable. In podiatry and cosmetology, confidence and trust are very important. We therefore encourage you to read the entire catalogue manufacture from materials of any heading for disinfection and sterilization at an excellent price. With us, you're guaranteed to use only professional products.

What equipment and accessories to choose for disinfection and sterilization?

Sterilizer additives are not just printer rolls sterilisation, containers and tests. Continuous checks should also be carried out on silicone autoclave wires and seals. Ensure the highest level of sterilization in your own office! Put in the basket 100% certain Yeson and Lafomed products from our catalog. We have trigger hoses and silicone autoclave gaskets for you in various sizes and colors. When you order, our staff will be happy to help you choose the right accessories.

Order sterilization accessories at attractive prices

Don't risk the health of your customers or the reputation of your business! Choose sterilization additives that ensure that your equipment is sterile and ready to use. The blades of surgical and cosmetic instruments must be free from germs. That's why the whole sterilization process depends, among other things. from the choice of professional manufacturers of the necessary additives. Pick the silicone gaskets you need for the Yeson autoclaves! Add to the basket other necessary materials: sterilization sleeves, tests for autoclave, containers and printer rolls. We offer the best in the industry in this type of products, we guarantee reasonable prices and reliable delivery.