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Not just relaxation.Farmona Bath Salt with Healthy Properties

Drinking means relaxing and improving well-being.This is an effective and very pleasant way - thanks to the advanced Farmona cosmetics, you can also experience a deep action that supports the health of tired muscles and the skin of your legs.It is easy to use, and with regular use of bathing salt not only relaxes but also prepares the legs for further care.Check how easily and effectively you will help your feet with Farmony salts.

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Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral foot bath salt 1500g

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral salt for foot bath  The foot bath with the addition of sea salt perfectly prepares the skin for pedicure. It gentles the scores, making it easier to remove patterns and printings. It works disinfecting, refreshing and neglecting the smell of sweat.   Purpose:...

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Farmona NIVELAZIONE Light intensively moisturizing foot cream 150ml

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Light Foot Moisturizing Cream  A light cream in the form of a pineapple.It quickly absorbs and penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. It brings immediate moisture and relief for tired legs, without an unnecessary feeling of skin smoothness and fat.   Active ingredients:...

Price 36.30 zł

Farmona Antibacterial foot bath salt with silver ions 1400g

Farmona Antibacterial Salt to Bath Foot with Silver Ions 1400g Antibacterial bathing salt has been designed to care for your feet with a tendency to excessivity.Active ingredients contained in the product, such as salt crystals, yony silver and zinc oxygen responsible for strong action...

Price 53.90 zł

Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Softening foot bath pearls 800g

Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Moisturizing Pearls for Bathing Foot  Delicate foot bath pearls are recommended especially for very dry and sensitive skin. Designed as a preparation for the shower of the legs before a podological or pedicure procedure. The product effectively cleans and softens the...

Price 51.00 zł

Farmona SMOOTH FEET Grapefruit foot bath salt 1500g

Farmona SMOOTH FEET Grapefruit Salt for Foot Bathing   The salt designed for the bath of the legs with a pleasant and refining smell of grapefruit, perfectly prepares for the procedure of pedicure. It is especially recommended for dry skin with a tendency to swelling. It stimulates...

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Farmona - foot bath salt with a wide spectrum of action

The primary function of good bath salts is to regenerate tired feet. After a hard day's work, your legs may become sore and tired. Bath salts are relaxing and anti-fatigue. And not just because of the active ingredients that promote vascular contraction and reduce the sensation of swollen limbs. Salt fills the bathroom with an intense, soothing scent, providing a lasting feeling of freshness- foot bath salt with the addition of minerals contained in sea salt, composed of active herbal extracts.

Farmona bath salts will refresh your feet and improve their condition

The safe low cost of cosmetics, the guarantee of good results and a large selection of proven products are the advantages of the Farmona brand. Vegetables and fruit foot bath salt from Farmona Nivelazione it's also great for even very rough skin. Apply it before a pedicure or during refreshing treatments - it will cope even with very dry and rough skin that tends to harden and sweat, as well as with bumps and marks. The power of sea salt is combined with the health benefits of sage and hemlock.

Herbal salt for your feet. Prevention of horn formation and printing

The Herbal series of cereals, pearls, and bath salts will appeal to people whose primary concern is to relieve sore and swollen legs. Herbal foot bath salts it provides long-lasting relief by refreshing muscles and constricting blood vessels. This improves blood and lymph flow and restores freshness and vigor to the legs. It's also a way to reduce the frequency and intensity of skin rashes and prints. Gentle Pedologic Herbal foot creams for very dry and sensitive skin will soften and help to remove accumulated stiffness and roughness, but their regular use will help to maintain a satisfactory condition for a long time. All right herbal foot bath salt the eucalyptus oil also reduces the troublesome problem of excessive sweating.

Antibacterial, smoothing or softening? A salt bath will have several effects at once

In Farmona's wide range of cosmetics, you'll also find something for inflammation and fungal changes. Antibacterial foot bath salt from the Podologic line it is a specialized product that not only eliminates unsightly and painful lesions but also reduces leg sweating. Lowering this factor significantly reduces the growth of microbes. The product achieves its special effects by using mineral salt crystals, antiseptic silver ions and healing zinc oxide.

Foot Bath Salt - An Effective Recipe for Healthy and Beautiful Feet

What kind of protection to choose? Regardless of its purpose, each of Farmona' s preparations prevents excessive sweating of the feet, cleanses and moisturises the dried skin and makes you feel fresh. A bath with the addition of professionally created compositions is also pure pleasure!

Give your feet perfect smoothness with the salts of Farmona Nivelazione and Podologic

Farmona also offers a preparation for advanced foot care professionals. It 's . active bath salt, in which the mineral components have been enriched with an increased content of urea and AHA and BHA. The deep penetration of the rotted skin is provided by an extremely strong and safe cocktail of 5 acids:

  • glycol,
  • milk products,
  • lemon,
  • of apple,
  • the salicylate.

This kit effectively cleans and refreshes the feet before pedicures and pedicures. Watch your back! It is only used on the feet - it may be too strong for the skin on other parts of the body.

A lasting feeling of freshness. A relaxing bath

The active ingredients in this salt from the Podologic Acid series loosen the connections at the level of the dead epithelial cells and facilitate their removal by milling. At the same time, they help to refresh, moisturize, and smooth the skin. Designed for specialized use in podiatry, it is powerful, effective, and gentle.

Search your foot and hand salts in the iLeopard catalogue!

The range of Farmona Nivelazione and Podologic products, designed for specialized applications, is not just a large selection of dedicated cosmetics. The guarantee of good prices and the benefits of shopping online for cosmetic and podiatric practices mean that you can now have specialist support for your feet at your fingertips. After a consultation with your podiatrist, you will determine the extent of your foot problems and receive specialist support with Farmon. You can be sure of good prices by choosing cosmetics from a specialized laboratory that you cannot find in a regular drugstore.