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Unworked Dust Empressor

In the cosmetic office may appear dust from slated nails.The unfunctional dust absorber perfectly copes with this problem.With this simple patent, you’ll take care of the purity and hygiene in the manicure position.In our store you will find mobile and stable models, also in the version to be built in the plate.Choose efficiency and comfort.Find out our filter absorptor range and find the suitable for your salon.

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Vento Pro undercounter nail dust collector for built-in square grille

Dust absorber with carbon filter VENTO PRO. It is an ideal solution to allergens, dust and microorganisms The filter used in our absorber has an innovative filter layer covered by a bio-functional coating that not only stops dust but also stops the development of microorganisms. • High...

Price 1,540.00 zł

Other, of circular cross-section

Do you use ceramic fingernail tips to grind your nails? When working with a milling machine, be sure to use an efficient, professional other, not further worked than cold-formed or cold-finished. I 'm going . Nowadays, nail processing is most often based on a high-speed electrical device with interchangeable ends. Traditional watches are more for minor adjustments. Many are used for grinding because they can quickly collect a large area of nail plate. This makes it possible to get any shape and shape quickly in a beauty parlour or at home. Fresheners, like UV lamps, have contributed to the development of modern manicure and pedicure. As their careers progressed, more devices appeared. Without them, milling machines can become uncomfortable and inconvenient.

A side effect of grinding. How can a bagless nail polisher help?

There is another side to the efficiency and efficiency of milling machines. As your fingernails develop, dust particles get into the air. Floating in the air and falling, they create a major problem during manicures. It's not just a matter of a nasty scratch on the throat and tearful eyes. Dust particles and skin particles may contain microbes and allergens. Therefore, working in "society" is both unpleasant and dangerous to health. A high-power bagless dust collector is the optimal way to remove almost 100% of air pollutants. His work also affects the final manicure effect. As you know, nail polish is usually done right after a nail polish. The floating particles quickly adhere to the base, the top, and most importantly, to the finished coating. To avoid spoiling the final effect, they should be removed from the air during grinding.

How does a bagless nail polisher work?

The latest models are equipped with carbon filters instead of bags. The device attracts the filter coating and neutralizes unwanted particles in the deep layers of the cartridge. Modern disposable cartridges have bio-based coatings. Their job is to:

  • neutralisation of allergens,
  • removal of microbes,
  • the elimination of unpleasant odours.

All iLeopard models come with interchangeable filters that can be cleaned and reused. The high power of the devices increases their efficiency, making dust inhalation by humans no longer a problem. Restore order to the workplace! On the Internet, it is easy to find videos of grinding stations with and without bars. This view leaves no doubt. Make sure the color of the manicure is perfect without any crumbs sticking to the wet varnish.

Invest in a bagless dust collector

Other, of circular cross-section this is a device with an innovative vacuum suction system. The higher the power of the equipment, the faster and more accurately the air is cleaned of dust. Thanks to this system, all of our products are characterized by quiet operation. Activation of the filter in the absorber may go unnoticed. And yet it produces great results.

In the case of more expensive absorbers, the choice must take into account several questions. How to choose the optimal parameters of bagless absorbers? When will they be able to deal with a really big amount of pollution? How long can they run continuously? The most important characteristics of caseless structures are:

  • for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8528 [1],
  • the guarantee of long service life,
  • protection of mechanical parts from dust,
  • a new generation interchangeable filter for repeated use.

Profico — a bagless portable absorber or a built-in version of Bianco?

Check out the catalog of bagless vacuum cleaners on the iLeopard online store. Our job is to provide a comprehensive supply of health and beauty professionals. All the devices in our range guarantee high efficiency and long service life. With our offer, you can take nail polishing to a whole new level. These are some of the best milling accessories in their category. We have something for you

  • a width of not more than 50 mm Vento Pro for building,
  • polish absorber for bianco buildings An atom of 100 W (white, black and chromium),
  • 80W Profico — portable bagless absorber with HEPA filter.

Portable, indoor, vacuum or fan? The bagless option has many supporters!

The most commonly used filter dust collectors are portable models. Perfect for home use. they'll also work for mobile beauty services. For a professional manicure stand, consider a bagless absorber built into the upholstery. Why is this the optimal solution? This makes the device disappear beneath the work surface and takes up no space. Right next to it are the wrist supports. The client will sit comfortably with her forearms on the counter, and you will have no problem getting to any important place. Nail polishing over the bar of a kind used in motor vehicles it shortens the path of particles to the filter. You can finally say goodbye to that nasty dust cloud over your roof. Admit it, he can float in the air for an amazing amount of time and spoil the mood during a manicure.

Is nail styling your hobby? Select a bagless dust collector for the 45W milling machine

A lot of ladies are discovering hybrid manicures lately. It's a way to get beautiful nails, not just for yourself. The hybrid's getting better and better? Don't just add a new color to your cosmetics! In addition to nail polishes and nail decorations, put a small, less powerful absorber in the basket. Instead of the 80W vacuum suction milling equipment, you can use one of the 45W models. It's a fully professional piece of equipment that will work when you're working on your nails at a slightly slower pace. You're the nail expert among friends? Take the challenge with a more serious model. 80W Profico bagless milling machine (80W is the power of the absorber with filter) is a popular equipment for mobile manicurists.

Bianco and Portable Profico models in the iLeopard range

You can find bagless milling equipment in many variations. A Bianco or Vento Pro construction model will allow you to complete a professional manicure position. Why don't you check the 80W cell phones? The Profico bagless 80W milling machine is a highly regarded product. Take advantage of their excellent price. For our regular customers or for orders over 250 PLN we reduce costs! Check to see if the model you choose is covered by free shipping. We're offering several options for picking up the absorber you ordered. Polish post, courier, InPost or Frog? That's a lot of options for getting the necessary nail equipment.