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Breathers for scores – essential for beautiful nails

Lighting manicure requires care for details, so it is worth taking care of hand tools to develop scores.It is not always possible to accurately process the surroundings of the nail valves with a freezer with the right ends.When they require accurate cutting and equalization, the Pushers of Inter-Vion or Staleks should join action.What types of accessories do you need to have in your hand and what to guide when choosing?Check out what our store offers to professionals from the Wellness&Beauty industry.

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How do you choose a good skin care product?

The way your nails look depends on the detail. Before coating tiles or gel coatings with varnish, the skins must be carefully separated and cut. For this first action, a traditional nail tool belonging to the repellent category is used. We offer professional nail tools from leading brands such as Inter-Vion, Staleks and Mavi. These may be the following accessories:

  • an anchor,
  • the council,
  • the hoof,
  • the hand.

Despite their different names and shapes, they are used for finishing nails. In combination with cutters and leather clippers, they smooth the edges of the tile. This creates the aesthetic effect of nail polish. What we're offering is a long-lasting stainless steel tool that will expose even problem skin. With precision edges with different dimensions each product from our tenders ensures professional conduct.

Inter-Vion metal skin repellent with guaranteed results

What information will be needed when choosing a kit? You can use a variety of shapes and sizes. To various points the nail shaft should fit narrow blades or wider edges. The offer of the brands Staleks, Inter-Vion or Mavi allows you to complete the necessary kit. We recommend reliable one- or two-sided tools, coupled with skin clippers. Each product reliably repels the skin and allows for precision cutting.

Why is it worth ordering a product with delivery from a Leopard store?

With these manicure tools, you won't get stuck in the developmental phase of the plaque. This often happens when you use regular pharmacy accessories. At Leopard, we only offer professional versions of manicure and pedicure materials and tools. The fast shipment with a certain delivery has already convinced several customers to work with us. Join our group of partners - order faster, better and with a guarantee of a product for professionals!

All the advantages of our manicure tools

We work directly with professional equipment manufacturers. Shipping directly to customers means delivering the best products on the market. Metal leather tools Inter-Vion, Mavi and Staleks provide the highest quality of service. Using them also means years of reliability. They're made of stainless steel. This allows them to be placed in sterilization machines. There are also no restrictions on disinfection. You can do this without worrying about losing the valuable properties of the utensils.

Read the description carefully and buy the right leather accessories!

Check what shapes and sizes of hooves or ridges are missing from your kit. Order Inter-Vion, Mavi or Staleks with a free delivery guarantee from a fixed quota. If you're a regular customer, we'll send you reliable skin tools at no extra cost. You have doubts about what utensils you'll need. Please contact our staff and obtain the necessary information before placing your order.