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Single Waste Heater - Mono

Waste in the roll is a quick and convenient way to depilate.It’s only needed a set with a rigid insert and a wax heater - mono or for a few stickers.The universal wax, applied with the appliator, is rapidly and clearly distributed throughout the skin.Good quality inserts with wax make depilation cease to be a complicated procedure.It is important to keep a few simple rules.Check out our offer of mono heater, ideal for personal use.

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Single pin heater

How it works other, of circular cross-section in a pin? It's simple - just run device for heating and putting into a station applicator with insert. I 'm going . After heating waxes for hair removal it's ready to use. It still needs to be carefully applied to the skin. Thanks to this guy equipment it's extremely quick and easy. It takes a professional to make a successful wax other, of circular cross-section. I 'm going . It looks like a docking station or a charger, but it does something else entirely. In version other it's the best choice for someone who wants to try it for themselves hair removal.

Starpil products - professional hair removal

You can also use a professional product in your own home. Starpil is a brand whose manufacturer provides materials and the equipment used by the best beauty parlours. The wax heater in the roller ensures an appropriate melting temperature. This helps to distribute the wax accurately and evenly. That means more hair removed and the skin without unnecessary irritation. WITH professional equipment heating mono and with free delivery, you'll easily master the arcana hair removal.

Wax heater in the beauty parlor and your bathroom

After starting the device, when waxes for hair removal it's ready, you can start applying it. A professional product will tell you when. Comfortable pin of a capacity 100 ml it will definitely make it easier to apply. What should we remember when applying wax?

  • wax should be applied and pulled in the direction opposite to the hair growth,
  • despite some opinions, the fizelin strap should only be removed in parallel,
  • do not apply wax to the same area several times.

Before breaking up waxes fresh must be glued to it i'm going to have to get a strap. Manufacturer of device wax can add pins and straps to the device.

What do you want, wax in a pot or a pin?

In a professional cosmetic office hair removal must be completely professional. This means that different areas of the body, even hair types, determine the types of hair that are used waxes. I 'm going . They all have one thing in common: waxes in liquid, in in the form of granules and the roll must be heated before use. Thick liquid formulation it reaches even the smallest hair, but it also attaches to the leather. I 'm going . Lighter waxes it's more skin-friendly in dresses. Most of the time, though, it doesn't remove 100 percent of the hair. Hair removal wax in rolls best applied to regularly treated areas hair removal. I 'm going . It can be applied as quickly and as efficiently as possible hair removal in the comfort of your own home.

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Every product in our catalogue belongs to the category of professional materials. For hair removal, we offer heating pads and waxes in rolls for cosmetic and personal use. For our regular partners delivery it's free! At Leopard, we supply efficient and safe products with an excellent reputation. For more information, please contact us via the contact form or by telephone.