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Henna powder bridges - a way to perfect eye cleansing with products from the Leopard store

In the pursuit of a beautiful shape of the bridges, women approach different methods.In such a heavy and delicate matter, however, it is worth trusting the specialists, the people who will professionally be able to perform the treatment of the hene powder.Find out the offer of our store and get ready to do the Henny powder brush.

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Powder henna eyebrows - a treatment that triumphs

It is not without reason that eyebrows are said to be the true frame of the eye. Even though we would have the most beautiful makeup, but our eyebrows would not be properly adjusted or have the wrong color, we will not look favorable. Proper care for this (seemingly unimportant) detail on our face, in fact, is an essential element if we want to look really good.

What to pay attention to during a powder henna eyebrow treatment

First of all, we need to go to a professional beauty salon. There, a specialist will be able to properly perform the henna powder eyebrow treatment so as not to expose us to a mismatched to our beauty type, sometimes even ridiculous appearance.

At an experienced cosmetologist's office, we can count on a full interview, a natural color matched to our skin tone, and a refined eyebrow shape that will highlight our best features. There should also always be an allergy test before the procedure to see if there is any allergic reaction. Only after waiting 48 hours will the professional undertake the powder henna.

It is also important to be able to choose the color so that it is visible, but not cut off from the natural shade. In fair-skinned clients, whose eyebrow hairs are not heavily pigmented, rather softer colors are used, while in brunettes and gray-haired women the color is usually bolder so that the entire eye frame is expressive, but not exaggerated. Depending on the type of beauty you should decide on warmer or cooler colors, but in such a decision it is worth relying on a professional, who should help here. It is he who knows how powder henna will behave on our skin over time.

It is also worth paying attention to the quality of the products used during the powder henna. In order to make powder henna eyebrows look good, it is necessary to use a high-quality cosmetic, which will not only be safe, but also allow you to enjoy the effects for a long time and, most importantly, avoid surprises associated with improper coloring of the henna on the skin.

Powder h enna is usually chosen by people who care about natural styling, which will complement makeup, and save time on daily painting of eyebrows. The effect,lasts for a relatively long time and allows you to enjoy a beautiful look for about 6 weeks.

Powdered henna - preparation for henna treatment

Wondering how to prepare for powder henna eyebrows? Before the actual appointment, it is essential to schedule an allergy test, preferably 48 hours before the procedure. You will then be sure that you will not have any allergic reaction to the powder henna. This is especially true for women who have never had such a treatment, and especially if they have never dyed their hair before. This is also important for allergy sufferers and pregnant women, in whom the product can cause adverse reactions. In the event of any allergic reaction, it must not be performed under any circumstances.

Contraindications to the use of powder henna also include inflammation of the eyes, eyelids and eyebrow area, skin diseases, abrasions, injuries, swelling, sunburn, as well as recently performed exfoliation procedures. Exclusion of allergies allows the procedure to be performed safely.

At the next visit, of course, if there are no allergic reactions, one already goes to the heart of the matter, which is the performance of the procedure itself. The appropriate shape is first sketched out during the so-called eyebrow geometry, then the specialist uses a special pencil or marker that can be safely used on the skin and, depending on the method, a special thread or rulers and tape measures. This allows the beautician to outline the shape of the eyebrows very precisely. Once the shape given to the eyebrows is accepted, the procedure can begin and the powder henna can finally appear on our skin.

Powder henna - how the procedure looks like

The most important thing is to start with a full and very thorough makeup removal of eyebrows and eyes. Both hairs and skin should be cleaned. This is very important, because henna will not stay on poorly prepared skin. Then the beautician, using special gauges and threads, begins to delineate the shape of the eyebrows and protects the skin around them with a white paste. This will ensure that only those areas where the powdered henna was supposed to go will be tinted. After applying the henna with a special brush, the beautician waits several minutes, then washes the product off the hair and skin. The next stage of the powder eyebrow styling procedure is adjustment, during which the final shape is given with tweezers, wax, thread or sugar paste. After such a procedure, you can expect the spectacular effect that henna guarantees.

Powder henna - how to take care of eyebrows

After powder henna styling, it is worth remembering to follow a few simple but very important rules that will allow you to enjoy the effect of the procedure for a long time. First of all, remember that the final color of the eyebrows is formed for about 24 hours. Therefore, do not apply makeup products to the eyebrow area during the first 24 hours. You should also refrain from touching or rubbing your eyebrows and protect them from contact with shampoos and hair conditioners. After applying powdered henna, avoid visits to the pool and sauna for several days. Also limit contact with the sun. Following these few simple rules will ensure that the effect of the treatment will last on your eyebrows for a long time!

Powder henna - in the salon or at home?

Importantly, powder henna can also be done yourself, at home. Such a procedure, although it takes only a few minutes, can give your eyebrows a beautiful color and shape. However, it requires some skill and practice. The most difficult task is the geometry of the eyebrows themselves. For those who already have the given, desired shape of their eyebrows, and are now just refreshing them, this may be an easier task. However, if you have never performed this procedure yourself, it is better to go to a professional salon where your appearance will be taken care of comprehensively.

The price of both the procedure performed in a beauty salon and the purchase of henna to perform at home are not high for the effect is delightful.

The basis, however, is the selection of a professional preparation and accessories to perform the procedure. Deciding to purchase in a professional cosmetic store you can be sure that the product you order will be original, fresh and will arrive properly packaged. to meet the expectations of our customers we not only focus on full security of our shipments, but also guarantee fast and free delivery.

Henna natural way to beautiful eyebrows

Women have been taking care of the perfect appearance of their eyebrows for hundreds of years. One of the most commonly used methods is powder henna. It is a natural dye extracted from the leaves and shoots of the defenseless lavonia. The plant is found in India, Australia, Africa and America. When the leaves are powdered and boiled, the result is a substance that has a wide range of uses, including in cosmetics. Henna can be used to dye hair, darken eyebrows and eyelashes. The product perfectly improves the condition of the skin, softens it and gives it a pleasant smoothness. Powder henna strengthens eyebrow hair, and high-quality products allow you to enjoy the effect for a long time.

Powder henna - colors, strengthens and nourishes

Powder henna is sure to appeal to you if you want to naturally highlight the hairs and nourish them at the same time. It is a unique method of coloring and styling, based entirely on natural ingredients, and is performed in an increasing number of beauty salons. Thanks to powder henna, the color and shape of your eyebrows will be enhanced, and your natural hairs will become strong and n ourished - an effect that every woman dreams of.

Powder henna is a natural preparation based entirely on plant ingredients. Its strength lies in the richness of vitamins with a nourishing effect, thanks to which it gives color to hair and skin, while nurturing them at the same time. The formulation usually includes lavonia leaf extract, indigo leaf extract, minerals and antioxidants.

Powdered henna is so popular because it lasts about 4 weeks on the skin and 6 on the hair. A wax adjustment allows for a perfectly cleansed eyebrow area for about 3-4 weeks. So it is worth combining the two treatments.

Individual selection of the shape, as well as the selection of the natural color takes place under the guidance of an experienced professional. Powder henna allows you to perfectly match your eyebrows to your beauty type thanks to the selection of the right shade of the product.

Advantages of powder henna eyebrows

Powder henna for eyebrows are the benefits themselves! First of all, it is a natural coloring, which does not damage the hair in any way. Unlike classic henna, the preparation of the powdered preparation does not require the use of hydrogen peroxide, which has a detrimental effect on the condition of the eyebrows. The treatment combines coloring with care, making the hairs shiny and nourished. Powder styling gives a chance to fill in gaps where eyebrows are sparse, as it also tints the skin. It is worth noting that the effect of the treatment lasts much longer than when using a classic preparation. Powdered henna is visible on the skin for up to 14 days, while on the hair for up to 6 weeks. So you can enjoy beautiful eyebrows for a longer period of time!

What are the other advantages of powder henna for eyebrows? It's also a wide range of colors, which allows you to get a color of different shades and tones, perfectly matched to each woman's beauty. Thus, not only brunettes, but also blondes and ladies with red hair will be satisfied with the results of the procedure. In addition, the application of powdered henna on the eyebrows is most often combined with extensive eyebrow styling, which allows to obtain a shape that fits the face. The procedure, performed by experienced stylists who have undergone proper training, is sure to bring beneficial results!