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Medical Bases - Safety and Hygiene Guarantee

Among the measures to maintain cleanliness in cosmetic and podological offices, medical foundations play an invaluable role.Comfortable in use, single-time hygiene products, used to protect the workplace from swelling, also limit the transfer of pathogens during the procedures.This is environmentally friendly products that are subject to purification after simple use.We invite you to choose the most suitable product for each user.

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Protective Undercoat - Non Woven 2W - 60 Cm Black

PROTECTING FROM DRUG – MAINTAINING HYGIENE AT WORKPLACE Fiber/cylinders are a very practical solution, allowing to maintain appropriate sanitary conditions in places frequently visited.They are used on surfaces that have direct contact with the patient's skin to provide adequate hygiene and...

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Disposable medical drapes covered with pink foil - paper and foil drapes Practical Comfort roll 32cm x 50cm 40 pcs.

Single-time medical foiled pink – foiled servets Practical Comfort 32cm x 50cm 40 st. Practical Comfort is made of two layers of foil and two layers of foil. This thin and less thin material works perfectly in daily care.It can replace the basics by providing impermanence and greater...

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Medical supplies - the easiest way to keep clean

Medical linen is a type of sheet that is laid out on a chair or couch before a procedure. In spite of their inconspicuous form, professional medical devices are designed to insulate surfaces within the scope of their activities. The role of medical records is to:

  • protection of sensitive workstations from contamination or damage
  • isolation of the work area from potential contact with infectious material

Each manufacturer should include information on the level of protection and safety that should be provided by disposable liners. It is not always possible to find them, so information about the medical use of the roll and the higher price than for materials without such a guarantee will be an important guide. Our offer also includes other categories of disposable protective materials for larger surfaces. A cosmetic office will also test roll-on or roll-off toothpastes, which, in turn, protect the patient's face or hands from unforeseen events. Preventive use of both sanitary pads and napkins protects against various side effects during the procedure. The price of a roll of material that can only be used once is the best argument for regular health and beauty salon care.

Among disposable products, medical supports are in the top three

The use of single-use protective products such as medical cellulose liner has only advantages and should therefore become a good practice in cosmetic, cosmetology and podiatry offices, as well as in tattoo parlors and hair salons. It is used like a sheet to cover a sofa or a beauty chair. The main benefits of using medical supports include:

  1. Increased hygiene;
  2. Increased asepsis;
  3. Order in the office;
  4. The low cost of highly effective measures.

Our offer includes professional hygiene products for medical use, which are affordable in relation to their professional character. Every medical cellulose found in our store is pleasant to the touch and meets the high standards for medical applications. The term 'disposable' should under no circumstances imply poor quality. They are made of fibre or cellulose with a high degree of absorption to ensure that they are impermeable during treatment. The reinforced structure makes it difficult to tear and dust during use. Perforation makes it easy to remove the required size to spread it on smaller or larger pieces of furniture. With the help of medical supplies, the position can be effectively secured, which guarantees a recognized manufacturer and the experience of our warehouse.

Medical supplies - we 'll secure regular supplies for your office

To what extent should medical supplies be provided? All you have to do is determine how many positions your salon has and take into account the number of customers who use its services in a day, week or month. What is this information for? Disposable armchairs and armchairs require the use of two metres of rolling stock, while the medical backing for the armchair is about 1.5 metres for each client. Now all you have to do is simply multiply, and that gives you an indicative order size and its price. If you are in any doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to help you determine your actual needs and set a size and frequency of delivery that will be cheaper than occasional purchases.

Which manufacturer will provide the best set of disposable materials?

All medical supplies and other disposable items in our range meet medical standards. We are not a distributor of ordinary products - every manufacturer in our catalogue is a recognized supplier of disposable materials for hospitals, clinics and surgeries. We want to provide the same quality to cosmetic and podiatric clinics, as well as hair salons and tattoo parlors, which is why every medical kit we offer offers a full guarantee of solid protection. We strive to make professional aseptic products as affordable as possible for our customers, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the best brands on the market and regular deliveries to renowned beauty and podiatry salons. Add to the basket selected rolls of the strongest substrates on the market, along with other essential hygiene products.

Quick purchases and on-time delivery

The quick and easy shopping on our website and the timely delivery by courier or ATM of several items ordered at the same time will ensure that they are not unexpectedly lacking in your salon. Make sure that regular use and supply of disposable personal protective equipment takes your facility's hygiene to a whole new level. We also provide a quick telephone and email contact for further information,