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The underlying freezer - the necessary tool for the underlying.Fresh to the floor – what to choose?

Any specialist, regardless of the field he is engaged in to perform his work well, must be provided with the best tools.It’s not different in the case of professional podological offices, where one of the basic tools is the electric steep freezer.Only and exclusively the professional underlying freezer effectively removes deformed layers of the skin, generates scores and allows the proper development of the stairs both wet and dry.

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What treatments is an electric heel milling machine used for?

In theory, the milling machine can be replaced by simpler tools, such as files or scalpels, but just think of working in a podiatrist's office without a milling machine. Everything would take incomparably more time, and what's worse - it wouldn't be as precise. A milling machine is a versatile device that allows you to work quickly and accurately on a changed area of skin or nails.

When working with a milling machine, the most important thing is its speed, as well as the cutters used. The material of the cutters is very important for treatments. For example, stone cutters can easily work the cuticles, while diamond cutters are indispensable for shaping the nail plate. Interchangeable cutter rolls should also be able to be used dry and wet.

What features should the best heel milling machine have?

A milling machine is an essential piece of equipment for a salon, both podiatric and cosmetic. It greatly facilitates the performance of nail and skin treatments, and makes them more precise. The huge selection of such products can make it very difficult for a beginner podiatrist to choose a good device.

A powerful heel cutter - how to choose one?

When looking for a heel cut ter, we must realize that other names are often used for it, such as heel file or electric file. Regardless of the name, all these devices must perform the basic function - to effectively remove keratinized skin from the heels. A pedicure milling machine, to be considered a really good device, must fulfill several basic functions. First of all, the device must have an adequate power supply, be suitable for wet and dry operation, have the ability to adjust the number of revolutions per minute, be equipped with a dust absorber, and have replaceable cutters and rollers included.

The procedure of developing feet and nails with a milling machine always generates large amounts of dust. Even if we are very careful, and always wear a mask on our face during the procedure, invisible to the naked eye micro dust enters the lungs. All the people who are in the office with you are also exposed to its harmful effects. A few years of working in such conditions can result in the development of a disease specific to this occupational group, namely allergies or serious lung disease. Podiatrists also usually work on feet whose skin is affected. Thus, the risk of infection with harmful microorganisms also increases. These are the main reasons why a professional milling machine must have a dust absorption system.

Milling machines with a dust absorber allow for so-called dry work. Dust is absorbed and retained in a replaceable bag inside the machine with the help of special filters. This type of milling machine allows for more precise work, as dry skin is much easier to evaluate and work on.

Professional milling machine - pedicure at the highest level.

The best models of heel milling machines not only firmly and quickly remove keratinized skin, but they are also safe for all skin types, and the nail and heel area can also be worked on during the procedure. There are also models of heel cutters that have continuously adjustable speed, so that they can adapt to the needs of each person, the quality of the skin and give the greatest comfort.

When choosing a foot milling machine , it is also worth considering the question of what kind of power supply, it is important to have adequate power, durable batteries, a modern rechargeable battery and .... good price. Particularly noteworthy is the already mentioned podiatric milling machine with an absorber - only such a device is a truly professional heel milling machine. Another important option is the ability to work wet and dry. Many treatments that require the use of a device such as an electric heel file are just done wet. This method of working out heels and removing keratinized skin is more pleasant for the client than dry work, which in turn is considered much more precise.

The ability to adjust the number of rotations is another of the basic features of the heel milling machine, which is paid attention to by those who are professionally engaged in podiatric treatments.

Ranking of the best pedicure devices - learn about the entire range of heel cutters

Devices that have the best performance usually start the ranking. Many people choose their heel cutters on this basis. There are various models of this device on the market, but before you click "buy" you should find out what a particular heel cutter allows and see if it will be sufficient for our work.

When choosing a heel cutter, you are sure to come across some interesting models. Every year a ranking of the models is made available, which you should necessarily consider when choosing the best electric foot file for you. Various devices are available, but the electric heel cutter needed in the work of a podiatrist must be fully professional.

Pay attention to details - what are the characteristics of a good podiatrist milling machine with an absorber?

When buying a milling machine, it is worth paying attention to a few essential points.

Weight and wavelength

Among the basic ones, without a doubt, are the weight and size of the device. These are important features especially for podiatrists who run a mobile podiatry office, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. When working in a stationary office, when the equipment is not constantly being transported, it is advisable to opt for a lightweight and handy handle that sits securely in the hand during treatment, thus eliminating excessive strain on the wrist.


Another consideration is loudness. The quieter the milling machine runs, the better for both the podiatrist and everyone in the office. Above all, it is more comfortable for the patient, who does not have to stress about the noise and can talk calmly with the podiatrist. In addition, it is worth mentioning that prolonged work with a very loud milling machine can even lead to slight hearing damage in the specialist.


The cost of operating a milling machine, especially one with a dust absorber, involves not only regular cleaning and servicing, but also frequent replacement of bags and filters. On the other hand, a device with a spray requires a special cooling solution to operate.


Your attention should also be drawn to the issue of speed regulation, which allows you to treat each person individually, so as to thoroughly get rid of dead skin from the heels but not to damage the healthy epidermis. A professional heel milling machine should be equipped with such a function - as it is highly appreciated by both professionals and customers who pay attention to comfort during the procedure. Heel milling machines, which will be in professional use, must take care not only of the skin of the heels, but of the whole feet. Adjusting the number of revolutions per minute is a guarantee of painless and thorough removal of the layer of skin that has died or shows pathological features.

Interchangeable parts

It is necessary to know which model is equipped with a set of cutters, which you can choose according to the procedure to be carried out. Devices intended for use in professional offices should obligatorily have interchangeable cutters in the set, and preferably they should also have the possibility of quick replacement of cutters on the so-called click. This is a very convenient solution for everyday work, it also significantly speeds up the entire process of preparing for treatment.

Power of the absorber

The strong suction power of the absorber guarantees that during the procedure you will avoid the spread of grated epidermis. The greater the power, the greater the confidence that we will be able to maintain maximum cleanliness in our office. By choosing a milling machine that is equipped with a good quality dust absorber, you can be sure of your own safety and that of each person who visits your office.

Power supply

Working as a podiatrist or performing podiatric pedicures, you will use this device several times a day. That's why technical issues are so important - the power supply of the milling machine and also the batteries that will allow you to use it.

Buy such a model that will fit securely in your hand, and does not produce strong vibrations during operation. This type of foot file, increases the comfort of the procedure for both the podiatrist and the person receiving the treatment.

Heel milling machines in the work of a podiatrist.

Although pedicures are also performed in specialized podiatrists' offices, it is not the same procedure as the one used by people going to a beautician. The difference is due to the fact that in his work a podiatrist most often deals with feet with lesions, while a beautician most often works out the feet so as to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic effect and get rid of keratinized epidermis.

Podiatrists, in addition to removing unwanted skin from the feet, have to deal with calluses, corns, ringworm and other diseases affecting different layers of the skin. Precisely because of this, it is so important to be able to change the speed of rotation. Specialists choose devices where the speed ranges from 4,000 to 40,000 revolutions per minute.

Podiatry also uses many more types of cutters than cosmetics. A really powerful heel milling machine is a necessary device in the work of a podiatrist. Heel milling machines must be powerful enough (it is considered that the minimum should be 60 watts) to get rid of unwanted skin, since the skin of the feet is much thicker than that of the hands.

Podiatric heel cutter - technical tips

Due to the rather high prices of podiatric milling machines, it is worth taking special care of their proper cleaning, service and selection of cutters. In order for the heelcutter to serve as long as possiblein a professional office, where its operation is at the highest level, it is worth paying attention to the technical aspects of this device.

It is especially noteworthy to choose a milling machine for which you can easily select interchangeable rollers. Specialists especially recommend foot milling machines, for which you can select rollers of the brand Archer and Scholl. They allow you to remove dead skin in an extremely effective, but also completely safe manner, without causing skin irritation even in extremely sensitive people. The ease with which they can be replaced is also of non-trivial importance for those who use foot skin milling machines in their daily work, as the Archer or Scholl rollers allow for quick and trouble-free replacement and convenient operation.

A good milling machine is a device that you can also move. The possibility of mobile work is increasingly appreciated by professionals, and the option of a treatment with travel to the patient has recently been strongly sought by customers who want to take care of the skin of the feet and for various reasons can not appear in a professional office themselves.

How much is worth spending on an electric foot file?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to such a question. The price of this type of device is affected by a great many features. The differences are enormous. There are milling machines available, the prices of which start from a few, and reach a dozen or even tens of thousands of zlotys. However, given that milling machines are one of the most important and used devices in any podiatric office, one cannot afford to let price become the key issue.

A good milling machine designed for specialized work is a device that must perform many functions, and it is an expense for years, which is also one of the best investments. So, buy such a product that will meet the needs of your work 100%, and be guided in this choice by technical parameters. Daily cleaning of the milling machine prolongs its life. Changing the filter as recommended by the manufacturer means lighter work for the milling machine and suction pumps, and healthier air around you and your patient.

The ranking of heel cutters allows you to choose a product that will perform optimally in your podiatrist's office, and at the same time its price is not too exorbitant. The price of a heel cut ter is influenced by many factors already discussed, however, you can, by creating a list of options that are most often in use during your work, choose a product that meets your needs 100%.

Specialists usually consider the power supply, battery, batteries that should be included, speed and the ability to work both wet and dry. For most people who use a heel router on a daily basis, the best is one that has an absorber. When making your choice, buy one that has positive reviews from many people. This is proof that the brand, producing the product, knows what parameters the best heel cutter should have and its price will be adequate to the quality.

Foot milling machines - many options in one device

Given that the epidermis of the foot is usually much thicker and harder than that on the hand, foot milling machines must differ in power and cutters from those used in manicure treatment.

This device must adequately take care of the skin not only of the heels but also of the entire foot, and in addition, after replacing the cutters, it should be able to work on the nails and their surroundings. In addition, this device in the work of the podiatrist must cope with the skin, on which there are also lesions such as corns, calluses or ringworm. The best is a powerful heel milling machine that can also cope with such skin problems. however, it is necessary to regulate the number of revolutions per minute so as to adjust to individual needs.

The roller used for foot care must also have certain parameters, and its replacement should be quick and trouble-free. It is important that the entire device meets the parameters we need - only in this way will we be sure that the heel cutter we choose will indeed serve us for a long time and perform all its functions.