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Roses - Accessories for Special Task

Under the name of the rose freezes, which awaken friendly bonds, very powerful and effective stainless steel tools are hiding.Although they look unconscious, they serve to perform procedures that support health and well-being.Curious construction and characteristic, small finish is the equipment necessary for the removal of imprints with deeply hidden roots or the development of places busy with fungal changes.Therefore, a good freeze with a reliable finish must be made of high-quality steel.

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Red milling - use

The spherical, regularly cut shape of the tip ensures that you can reach every corner during foot health and care procedures. No one should be fooled by the small diameter - the rose mill owes its final shape to geological tools. The characteristic 'flower' shape of the tool is also the best way to drill vertically and horizontally. By rotating the edge and the flow line, the stainless steel ball mill goes deeper into the cause of skin and toenail problems, slowly picking up the necessary layers to remove. It's most commonly found in the deeper layers of the skin, like a thickened core. Because of its precision, it can also be used to repair areas where the nail plate and nail shaft connect.

Rosemary mills - products for professionals

In the podiatry office, other milling machines are used to remove the upper layers of thickness, while the rose petal is an option for the crucial phase - the regulated rotations allow you to remove the cause of discomfort and sore feet. The same applies to the various defects that require active use of the product. The milling of rosettes is frequently used, among others. in:

  • the procedure to remove deep layers of prints
  • cleaning the inner layers occupied by fungal changes
  • other cases requiring subcutaneous intervention
  • careful processing of damaged hides

Because of the strong stainless steel and sharp edge of the milling machine, it requires a skilled operator. Regulation of rotation, pressure, manual operation, working with the person undergoing the procedure - not everyone can immediately master the rules of using strong and delicate milling machines. Complicated procedures and more difficult cases, you should consult a podiatrist. A specialist's office will also give you all the information you need about proper foot care to avoid serious complications and more serious procedures that require deep penetration.

Reliable milling machines of stainless steel

Information on the properties of each product can be obtained from our warehouse - we have been supplying podiatric beauty salons for many years. We'll be happy to suggest products that will work best in your office. Various parameters are important, m. other. the diameter, the shape of the blade, the purpose of the cave. A different rubber mill will work for nail restoration before a manicure, a different product should be used for pedicure - it will definitely be harder and sharper. What should be kept in mind when installing a mill into a milling machine socket?

  1. Depending on the desired effect, you should use a tip with the right construction - the diameter and shape of the blade are important.
  2. Check the manufacturer's description of the product - what you can use it for.
  3. After use, place the grout in sterilisation tools.

Steel milling machine - a special purpose tool

As a specialized grating for cosmetic milling machines and underground milling machines, the rosette can be used repeatedly. The highest quality surgical steel gives it a long life, but like all surgical instruments, it must be decontaminated and sterilized after every life. It's one of the slowest-growing milling machines. In our catalogue you can find the highest quality products that are suitable for repeated disinfection and rinsing. We propose m. other. reliable Camillien milling machines with the added benefit of a good price. Do not worry about adding cutters of different cutting depths to your basket - they should be in your cosmetic or podiatric tool kit.

Advice and specialist care on our website - choose the permanent supply option

Specialized milling machines are essential equipment in modern facilities for a healthy appearance and well-being. If you opt for regular supplies and refills for milling machines on our site, the price of the equipment may prove even more attractive. Whether you need a rubber mill to remove fingerprints in a podiatric office or this product will be used to model damaged skin during a manicure, our shop offers specialized equipment available also as part of a permanent cooperation. We offer not only the delivery of proven equipment, but also detailed information on what types of rose mills may be useful in your office.