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Fluids for surface disinfection – what should not be forgotten

From the hygiene point of view, the fluids for the disinfection of the surface in beauty salons or hairstyles are a priority, not less important than styling or processing.With hand disinfection and instrument sterilization, it is an effective way of safety where lack of asepticity becomes the cause of the transmission of the infectious material.Take care of professional surface disinfectants that next to creams or foods must be a permanent supply point for your office.

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Schulke Mikrozid AF Liquid - Fast and effective alcohol surface disinfection

Alcoholic liquid for deinfection of the Schulke surface Schulke Microzid AF Liquid - Surface Desinfection Fluid on the basis of alcohol sold in a comfortable packaging - bottles with a curve and an additional closure equipped with a small opening.The liquid does not contain irritating substances...

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Schulke Mikrozid - wipes for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces 100 pcs.

Schulke Mikrozid - Desinfecting and surface washers Schulke Mikrozid it is low alcohol cleaning and desinfection surfaces to ensure immediate action.They are also suitable for touchscreens in smartphones.Check and test! What Are the Characteristics of Schulke Microzid Surface Desinfection? First...

Price 37.99 zł

Surface disinfectant fluids - means for special purposes in the beauty shop

What is the most important characteristic of the decontamination products? High-quality disinfectants should always be on hand! That's not all. Even if your facility is known for its cleanliness and orderliness is a habit that all employees have, you may find that the barrier to asepsis is not the same everywhere. The most common mistakes are:

  1. inadequate type of disinfectant (too often the purchase price is low)
  2. ordinary cleaning products instead of proper decontamination
  3. improper cleaning and disinfection procedures
  4. incorrect or invisible information on disinfection rules

The highest level of protection can be achieved by implementing strict aseptic procedures in your establishment. Even the best surface disinfectant will not provide hygienic safety if it is not handled properly by those responsible for maintaining 100% sterility at all stations. It is best to start with internal training and placement of clearly formulated procedures with a bulleted list. The next step will be a thorough accounting of the workers performing the treatments for compliance with the rules of disinfection. This applies to both hand and workstation disinfection.

It is important that both actions are performed each time between treatments. Hygiene is increasingly based on what customers think of the facility - another reason why it pays to ignore disinfection procedures. Only now can we be sure that the effective and efficient disinfectants in our catalogue, whose price is significantly reduced with a constant supply, will have the right effect.

Surface disinfection - how to choose the right fluids?

For more efficient hygiene and aseptic management in your premises, divide all surfaces according to the frequency of contact between employees and customers:

  • work surfaces (roofs, tables, chairs, armchairs, deck chairs) – thorough disinfection after each treatment;
  • surfaces with occasional contact (appliance enclosures, waiting room furniture, handles, coffee table or magazines) – decontamination after closure
  • floors – decontamination after closure
  • other non-contact equipment and surfaces (window sills, standing furniture) – decontamination once a week

Each type of surface requires a different disinfectant. Disinfecting work surfaces requires the use of a strong liquid with an alcohol content well above 70%. Full decontamination, which guarantees sterility, involves washing the surface with hot water before disinfection. If the specifics of the plant (fewer workstations, high traffic) make this difficult, a highly concentrated and effective product should be ensured.

It should be noted that decontamination carried out correctly should eliminate any pathogens that have settled on the decontaminated surface. But even then, spores, or survival forms of microorganisms and viruses, may remain. That's why surface disinfectants are so important, so they can't turn into active pathogens. In our catalogue, we have tried and tested products with a very high biocidal spectrum and a very low price.

How to safely disinfect leather upholstery?

We'll be happy to help you select any other products necessary for proper decontamination. Leather or leather-like, porous covers of buckets, armchairs, or sun loungers, which are so prized by customers for their comfort, should be washed with special preparations for gentlemanly surfaces. Concentrated alcohol can destroy the face of these pieces of furniture after only a few uses, so you should also choose a surface disinfectant based on other substances that will be friendly to these pieces of furniture.

Disinfect the floor. Choose special surface disinfectants - products that both wash and disinfect

After the last customer leaves, we should thoroughly wash the floor with hot water and detergent, and then disinfect the entire floor. After a long day on your feet, no one wants to double-clean, let alone take an extra dozen minutes to dry the preparation on the lining or terracotta. With a view to a clean and aseptic floor, we have prepared a range of chlorine-free detergents which, thanks to the ammonium environment, contain surfactants, which means that they both wash and disinfect the floor. The promotional price also encourages you to add them to your basket during your monthly supply of surface disinfectant.

Surface disinfectants in a well-structured offer

We offer you a wide-spectrum of biocidal disinfectants that guarantee complete elimination of even the most resistant pathogens. These include only products that have been tested in practice and are often ordered by our regular customers. Surface disinfectants will make the disinfection in the beauty parlour work. Another advantage of our range is an attractive price, even lower for regular supplies. We have products that work in a variety of ways, from powerful biocides to disinfectants for roofs and work surfaces, to specialized alcohol-free disinfectants for delicate finishes, to ammonia-based floor cleaners with disinfectant properties.

The choice of aseptic maintenance strategy and the type of products ordered is up to the owners and managers of modern beauty salons, beauty salons, hairdressers or tattoo shops - you will surely find in our offer any type of products for effective asepsis

This is not just a cleaning product. We offer a professional medical surface disinfectant

When it comes to workplace disinfection, we don't distribute conventional cleaning products. The price of our products, which is advantageous over other products on the market, is directly proportional to their professional use. Our surface disinfectants are specialized medical products, recommended by well-known manufacturers for hospitals, operating rooms, medical laboratories and rehabilitation clinics. Every disinfectant from Schulke, Mediline or Incidin represents a quality that meets the high standards of the medical space.

Now, thanks to our warehouse, it's also available as a specialized solution for non-medical institutions that need equally effective antiseptics. The information on the label makes it clear that these liquids kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi that could otherwise cause serious illness in infected people. This ensures that the disinfection of living rooms is carried out to a high standard.

Surface disinfection - why choose our products?

By recommending a range of reputable manufacturers, we guarantee the effectiveness of their floor disinfectants. Our surface disinfectants, which remain affordable and reliable regardless of the type of germs and viruses, are a comprehensive disinfectant kit for all sterile areas in beauty salons and podiatric offices. All that is needed is a consistent and methodical use of the products ordered, which can be helped by regular supplies and a favourable price for regular supplies. Please contact us by phone and by e-mail via the messenger.