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Cosmetics for dry skin

Dry feet affect many people of all ages. Often, this is due to improperly selected cosmetics, using too many or too few. If you have this type of skin problem, you may want to visit your doctor's office, where you can get advice on proper care. In our store we offer a wide selection of effective dry skin cosmetics for both professional and home use.

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GEHWOL SOFT FEET Foot Cream with Hyaluronic Acid Tube 125 ml

Foot and leg cream with hyaluronic acidIt is easily distributed and quickly absorbed.The cream contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids.Milk peptides and honey extract significantly increase the elasticity of the skin, making it visiblely smoother.The special hyaluronic acid...

Price 47.00 zł

GEHWOL BEIN-VITAL Balsam to Foot and Foot Tube 125 ml

Welcome to the daily care of legs and legs. It is easily absorbed, making the skin of the legs and legs smooth and smooth (algae and vitamin E extract).Restore the vitality of the legs.It helps blood and humidify the skin, brings relief to tired legs and legs. Indicated for Diabetics The...

Price 38.00 zł

GEHWOL Balsam Trockene Sprode Haut Refrigerant 75ml

Balsam is intended for daily care.Mentol relieves and refreshing and relieves the skin.Regular use of the balsam prevents mushrooms, sweating, baking and the feeling of tired feet.The skin becomes soft, soft and pleasant in touch. The composition: lavender, rosemary, oilwith avocado, mentol,...

Price 26.00 zł

Callusan cosmetics for dry feet

There are a lot of personal care products on the market. Our range includes cosmetics from world-renowned brands that are widely used in podiatry. One of them is Callusan, a company known for cosmetics and personal care products. dry skin of the feet. Among the different Callusan series are foam creams with a wide spectrum of action, designed to eliminate skin problems in the feet. They come in smaller packages, which allows them to be offered to customers for home treatment. Their delicate consistency makes them easy to apply and absorb, leaving no greasy stains.

Meet Callusan's effective treatments for dry skin

Callusan Extra, available in our store, is designed to treat very dry and scaly feet. It can be used by people with diabetes and those prone to atopy. Callusan Forte, on the other hand, is an effective treatment for extremely dry and cracked feet. It regenerates damaged epidermis, providing long-term moisturization of dry skin. If you're dry and stressed, you should try Callusan Mares. It has a moisturizing, smoothing effect, protects the skin from adverse environmental effects. We also have other dry skin products from Callusan. We invite you to view the full offer.

Dry skin cosmetics of other brands

Although Callusan offers a wide range of cosmetics for the dry skin of the feet, there are also other well-known brands on the market whose products can be found in our shop. The Polish company Arkada is gaining a growing following. Ointment for cracked skin on the feet contains active ingredients that provide rapid healing and provide relief.

Camillen, a company that produces chamomile cosmetics for the feet, also helps to combat foot problems. Camillen Fussbalsam Plus is a novelty on the market, designed to treat dry skin. It's a 5% urea solution. It's very regenerative. It provides long-lasting moisture and, thanks to its high chamomile content, also has anti-inflammatory and even antibacterial properties. The cream is also available in a smaller package, like most of the brand's cosmetics. Camillen has developed a line of gentle foam creams that effectively eliminate numerous foot ailments. Please place your order.