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Among the tools to perform manicure and pedicure must necessarily be found well-profiled, accurate scores.Its proper use requires a bit of repair, but the effect is worth even a few trials.After multiple use, necessarily taking into account the professional version of the tool, you will be able to master special sharks for modeling the nail line.If you prefer scratching than scratching, try the profiled scratch from our offer.

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What can't be missing from a professional manicure?

Commonly available nail polishes, tips, extension gels - these are the most commonly associated with manicures and pedicures. But first, you need to properly prepare your nail for decoration. Without it, even the most dazzling array of colors will not produce a perfect effect. Therefore, before getting into hand styling, you need to get a basic set of at least a few hand tools:

  • scissors or nail clippers,
  • scissors or skin care product,
  • the watch,
  • it's a hoof to push off the skin.

Remember that you can choose how to prepare your hands and feet for further styling. The assumption is that the skins should be taken care of - they should be cut or pushed away. Both methods are equally effective, and the choice depends on the preference of the owner of the hand or someone who specializes in manicure. It may be the same person, but you also need to evaluate your own abilities. When you entrust your hands to a professional manicurist at a beauty parlor, you can be sure that your skin will be perfectly developed.

A razor to cut the skin or a metal hoof to push it away?

If you choose the skin removal option, the heel will be the tool you use to do the nail work. A threaded stick or, even better, a surgical stainless steel tip ensures that the cortex recedes evenly toward the nail shaft. The type and quality of the tool is crucial here, so see what we have prepared for those interested in metal hooves or precise advice to develop nails before applying varnish.

How about a tip and a toenail claw in one?

In our offer you will also find skin care product, which consists of two parts - on the other side of the handle it has a wider, flat hoof. It can also be used as a tool to weigh the entire circumference before cutting. Used for removal of skin it should be made of stainless steel. Whether you choose to cut or remove the skin, you should moisten your fingernails before the procedure, and even better, soften the stiff skin with a little olive oil or a similar ingredient.

Use a razor, chisel, or scissors to professionally remove the peels

These categories of tools, available in our professional edition, are used to remove skin during manicure. What depends on their use? It's a matter of choice, habit or manual skill. As long as you learn how to use the rod properly, this method will allow you to get rid of the growing skin quickly and easily. All you have to do is soften it and prepare it by shaking it slightly. Then, with a decisive movement, draw a line along the entire perimeter. The fewer corrections, the smoother and more even the inner edge of the nail.

A convenient option for peeling

Pother, of circular cross-section and its contoured shape make the product a convenient way to prepare your nails for the next stage of styling. The slanted, well-sharpened edges of the fork ensure not only a secure cut but also a firm grip on the leather. The rest depends on skill and the right hand. If the tip is driven too deep, it may cause cuts and bleeding, and if it is too shallow, it may cause uneven cuts and scratches. Only the new super product of a brand designed for professionals - hooves, hooves or council - it can give you 100% confidence that you'll get your fingers perfectly prepared for a manicure or pedicure. Our website is a good source of branded accessories.

Professional manicure product- only of stainless steel

Many nail and pedicure practitioners are often discouraged from using a sharp tip on the handle because of the problems that occur when cleaning the nail plate. The cuts, the scratched edges, the irregular edges raise questions about whether it is really possible to cut the skin to prepare the nails for the manicure. However, it is crucial that the manufacturer designs and markets a tool for professionals that is designed to be reliable and precise. In the event that your equipment shows various shortcomings, an overly radical assessment of your own abilities may be formulated for growth.

Do you really want to take care of your nail? Use the highest quality products available!

Often it is simply a question of the quality of the accessories - the construction, the raw material or the professional design. Only the stainless-steel handle, which keeps the blade sharp for a very long time, allows it to be used with precision and wow! effect, like a good cosmetic. If used forremoval of hides and skins if you associate it with cutting, it could mean that your accessories aren't high enough. Therefore, order the new equipment from our online store with supplies for beauty salons and next time use products that ensure an even and reliable cut.

It's a nail polish from an online beauty store. Use our site

How do you recognize professional nail styling accessories? First of all, you have to make sure that your hooves and councillor they're going to be great because they're made by a recruitment company. The professional metal tools available in our catalog come only from the best manufacturers. Each counsel and skin remover from iLeopard guarantee reliability in use. They make it possible to aesthetically reshape the detached skin of your fingernails, which opens the door to a successful professional manicure adventure. A proven manufacturer, good reviews from regular customers and free delivery on larger orders are not the only advantages of our offer. Professional advice and the leather heel, which we have delivered to the address indicated, will change the approach to nail styling even for people who were previously afraid to use this product.

Buy cosmetics at a professional store - good price, fast delivery

A good heel and tips in the hands of people who are skilled at aligning the edges of the fingernails can produce spectacular results in a very short time. Our shop will provide you with a tool for professionals, selected from an assortment accompanied by excellent reviews from our regular contractors - the most experienced beauty salons. Instant shipping will ensure that the product reaches its destination in a very short time, and its price will also be a pleasant surprise for you. Free delivery is also provided for those who order larger quantities or decide to cooperate permanently. We'll get you some great stuff counsel to manicure - a product available in an online wholesale for beauty salons with professional accessories.