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Henna powder - a traditional method in modern edition

The first known experience with henna can be seen more than eight thousand years ago.Can there be a better recommendation for this natural remedy, which still enjoys the great interest of customers in cosmetic offices?And that’s all because the plant called lawsomia for many years has shown excellent coloring properties.Thanks to this, the professional henna in powder is still one of the most important products in the beauty salon.

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A friendly and effective henna powder

The world's oldest known cosmetic is still in use, but it now finds its way into the hands of beauty professionals as henna powder. Most commonly, henna is used to color eyebrows and eyelashes, although it can also be used to dye hair. Good henna powder is a mixture of dye and beneficial ingredients that have accompanied laxative extract since ancient times. Most commonly, these are tea leaves, indigo leaves, or the leaves of Jatropha glandulifera. Other products will also be needed for henna staining, such as a special water to prepare the mixture, a tonic to remove excess from the skin (it has strong staining properties), and olive oil to maintain the staining effect, giving the eyelashes and eyebrows a truly silky appearance.

Gelatin henna, cosmetic henna for natural styling

The selection of henna dye products in our store allows you to find the right ways to style your eyebrows and eyelashes. Not only is it available in various shades of henna powder, but it is also gel henna in a tube, ready to be applied.

Add these products too

You can also get accessories, such as waterproof eye pads, cutting utensils, brushes, or contour patterns to accurately model your eyebrows. Every product in our catalog is a complete set of natural eyelash dyes. The thrilling effect of henna on your eyebrows is slowly fading, so repeat the process with a proven gel or powder.

Henna vs. what. synthetic dyes

An important feature of this process is its natural progression - even on the hair, the process is gradual and harmonious, and people who use laxative do not know what regrowth is. Without artificial enhancers and stabilizers, good gel or powder henna does not damage the structure of the hair or impair its physiological nature. Thousands of years ago, elegant Asian women appreciated not only its aesthetic benefits but also its harmful effects on skin and hair.

Henna in a beauty parlor with a deep color guarantee

Henna penetrates very deeply and quickly into the color, so it is best to apply it on your eyebrows in a beauty parlour. Beauty professionals will say that this is a demanding coloring product that must be applied carefully and carefully. The strongest eyebrow henna can leave traces around the affected area, so it's definitely worth getting a professional hand on it. The choice of cosmetics is important because the specialized lines can penetrate the hair more rapidly and intensively, but they are free of chemical dyes that can cause serious damage to the hair in the future.

Henna Anna Hornung – a proven classic

It is also worthwhile to know about a specialized, years-tested product for professionals, where "add to cart" should be displayed at all times. It's a typical eyebrow treatment in a beauty salon, under the supervision of a professional makeup artist. It has been on the market since the interwar period, when Polish chemist Antoni Hornung patented its invention. Its long history and continuing excellent results in enhancing the character of the eyebrows and eyelashes put it on the top shelf of dye products.

How does Anthony Hornung's invention work

It gives the natural color a much more intense character - warm brown will add to the eyebrow charm of women with dark blonde to dark brown hair. There are also graphite and black hues to add vitality and mature vigor to both sexes. Its most important features - high coverage, easy preparation of the mixture and high consumption savings - make A. Hornung products still the most common choice of Polish curlers. Eyebrow products bearing this name have been on the market for many years.

Dyeing with henna Hornung

Hornung henna powder for colouring should only be used in protective gloves and under full supervision, so it is recommended that it be used by qualified and experienced professionals.

  1. Wash your eyebrows and eyelashes very thoroughly before applying - this increases the chance that the product will settle deep into your eyebrows.
  2. In a glass vessel, measure the volume of the powder and add three percent water.
  3. Then mix to make a thick suspension. Distribute the product gently with a brush, spatula or brush for 10 minutes until washed off with water.

Repeat the procedure for deeper shades.

What can we expect from henna

Using it always has three effects: increased hair volume, natural shine, and a color that will never be the same for two people. Just add a little strong henna to any cosmetic, and in no time you'll see a whole new shade of hair. But that's not enough, because when we paint, we have to apply henna three times.

Important - natural fixation of henna

This is the best time to see the difference between natural hair dyes and dyes made with parabens, silicone, and other substances. Henna never darkened the hair as it would with artificial means, but it enhanced its natural luster. It is strengthened with special oils. In ancient times, they contained

  • amli (emblica officialis),
  • other fish of the species gallus domesticus
  • brahmi

Today, instead of the beneficial plants of the Orient, we can offer other, more modern methods to intensify the effects of henna.

Add a little modernity to the basket

When you buy cosmetics at our store, add to the basket not only henna for eyebrow coloring but also the accompanying preparations. Because the application of henna is time-consuming and time-consuming, eyebrow or eyelash dyeing should be entrusted to specialized beauty salons. If you are the owner of a salon that offers henna beautification, there is no better certification for the professionalism of its professionals. For further information please contact us by telephone, e-mail or messenger. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.