Take care of your feet - preparations for cracked heels. Foot creams, ointments and other cosmetics for foot care and regeneration

Healthy feet are not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all, comfort of life. Cracked heels can cause discomfort and even pain when walking. In the Leopard podiatry store you will find everything you need to restore your feet's smoothness and healthy appearance. Remember that feet are the foundation of our body, so they deserve special care and the best products that will keep them healthy and look nice. Get to know our offer.

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GEHWOL SCHRUNDEN-SALBE Foot Butter with Roasted and Wiped Skin Tube 125 ml

Regeneration of the most damaged skinThis oil is intended for very damaged and strongly dry skin.It works perfectly in fighting the swollen legs, bringing immediate relief.It is also recommended for people fighting with damaged and dry skin of their hands, arms and knees.Regular use of butter...

Price 40.00 zł

GEHWOL SCHRUNDEN-SALBE Foot Butter with Roasted and Wiped Skin 20ml


Butter for fertile, swollen, dry and thick skinIt is ideal for fighting thick, swallowing legs, dry hands, locks, knees.Brings immediate relief to the skin with fractures and redness. It also accelerates the healing. Regular use improves skin elasticity and natural immunity. Indicated for...

Price 10.99 zł

Farmona Hypoallergenic ointment for cracked feet 75ml

Farmona PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM Hypoallergenic butter for swollen legs   Specialized lipid butter recommended for very dry and swollen skin. Included in the composition of lanolin cares, accelerates healing, relieves and helps to proper skin regeneration. It effectively softens and smoothes the...

Price 44.00 zł

Camillen Schrundencreme - cream for very dry skin

Miraculous humidification of dry skin legs, legs, knees, handsVery intensive hydration very dry skin this is Camillen Schrundencreme.This is the case active ingredients fast into the depth of the skin and regenerates its surface.Cream has drawing action and strongly humidifying.It should be used...

Price 29.90 zł
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Causes of cleft heels: What are they and how can they be prevented?

Cracked heels are often the result of poor grooming or improper footwear. External factors such as weather and internal factors such as vitamin deficiencies also play a role. At the Leopard Podiatric Shop, we offer products to help you care for the skin of the feet and prevent heel fractures. I 'm going . Remember, proper grooming is not only a matter of beauty but also of health - it prevents infections and other foot problems. Understanding the causes of metal problems is the first step to solving them effectively.

How can you choose an effective treatment for a sprained heel?

Key ingredients such as urea, vitamin E, and glycerin are essential in treating dry feet. In our range, you'll find heel lotions, ointments and serums that effectively moisturize, regenerate and promote skin regeneration on the heels. I 'm going . When choosing a product, pay attention to the concentration of active ingredients - we offer products tailored to different needs and the degree of severity of the problem. Our preparations are carefully selected to ensure maximum efficacy and safety. We know that every skin is different, so our tips will help you choose the perfect product for your feet.

Product presentation: what do we offer in the category of 'cracking heel preparations'?

Our foot creams with urea are a guarantee of intense hydration. He's an expert in regenerative medicine. And if you need a quick cure, our serum and oils are highly effective on cracked heels. Each product has been carefully selected to ensure the best results and satisfaction of even the most demanding customers. At Leopard's, you'll find products that not only relieve your symptoms, but also act as a preventative, preventing your skin from cracking again.

Expert advice: How to use ointments for cracked heels?

Regular use of dry foot products is the key to success. Apply creams and ointments on cleansed skin and cracked feet, preferably in the evening. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin regularly or wear exfoliating socks, which will increase the effectiveness of creams and ointments, allowing them to penetrate the skin better. Remember, proper foot care and use of cosmetics are key to combating cracked heels.

See our full range of products - not just for broken heels

Other than manufacture from materials of any heading, our Leopard store offers a wide range of products dedicated to other foot problems. If you are struggling with toenail fungus, you will find effective antifungals. For people suffering from: other we have specialized insoles and stabilizers. Our product category for people with diabetes, including diabetic foot, contains products designed to minimise the risk of complications and promote foot health. On the other hand, in the case of onycholysis and scarring of the nails, we offer products that help to regenerate and protect the nails. For those struggling with patterns and prints, we've prepared a selection of patches and softeners. If the problem is growing nails, our bath salts and pedicure tools can provide relief and prevent further complications. And in the case of chickenpox and viral warts, our antiviral drugs are an effective solution.

Why choose foot care products at Leopard?

Regular foot care is an investment in your health and well-being. That's why we offer not only a wide range, but also expertise. Safe online shopping, easy returns and a guarantee of satisfaction are our standards. Take care of your Leopard feet - your feet deserve it! Remember, a healthy and well-groomed foot is not only beautiful but also comfortable at every step. And with our products, healthy feet are at your fingertips. We invite you to explore our full range and choose the products that are perfect for your feet.