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A special podiatric chair? Try the quality of Namrol!

Other seats with logo Other have a reputation for exclusive and reliable furniture for professionals. From the very beginning, the brand's creators focused on maximum functionality and exclusive design. With this offering, hikers around the world can enjoy seats with extremely smooth adjustment. Products from the catalogue Other they surprise with their delicate movements that allow them to position the patient in the optimal position. In the case of foot treatment or care, this is a key feature! Other seats not only do they look great and make patients feel comfortable. Every podiatrist appreciates the ability to perfectly align the leg during treatment pedicure or to remove a growing toenail. Combined with brand units Other electro cosmetic seats allow you to take the correct position during surgery.

Precise adjustment of supports and footrests

At the heart of these amazing cosmetic and pedestrian seats is a set of precision motors that independently move the seat, footrests, or headrest. A special foot switch is used for clockwork adjustment. This allows the podiatrist to control all functions of the chair. The device can also remember the output circuit. It also takes into account two positions to which it automatically returns when the button is pressed. In each of products optional manual control is provided. Two separate footrests are used in Namrol's floor seats. This allows easy access to the treated foot. Other unique features of Namrol products include:. The following:

  • anatomical profile of the support and seat,
  • rotary base, full range regardless of height,
  • a large height adjustment range,
  • arms folded independently of the support, synchronised with the rest chair,
  • the function of the cushion.

The attachments were developed based on the company's research into human kinematics and ergonomics. This helps people who are parts and accessories of machinery they feel the most comfortable.

Foot and pedicure chair

In the case of parts of footwear functionality and comfort are key. The second is for the comfort of both the patient and the podiatrist. When performing a pedicure on electric cosmetic chair it's one of the most important reasons for customer satisfaction. Patient experience is equally important, especially during painful procedures. Furniture Other they help to minimise discomfort and make the patient feel good. The ergonomic design and the intelligent foam that fills the backrest help. Seats they also have a seat that fits the shape of the patient's body. There's no way to be more confident and comfortable in your footwork! Seamless, pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and disinfect. It doesn't wear out, and after many treatments, it looks like the first time. Durability, elegance and ergonomics of the highest class — are reasons enough to order a product from the top shelf.

Beautifully finished cushions and details create the atmosphere of the cabinet

The cosmetic seats offered by Namrol have a quality comparable to that of luxury car brands. The designers of the brand have taken care of ergonomics, excellent quality and durability, but also the amazing design. It 's perfect foot restraint with beautifully finished garments, it will be the decoration of the living room. With other branded equipment (e.g. unit and cabinets) it will contribute to building its prestige. Among the original namrol products you'll find dozens of models in their original colors. Seamless supports made of organic leather are extremely durable. They can be vacuumed and disinfected without fear of wear. Ordering chair you'll notice the difference in the first treatment foot.

Namrol — wide selection of products for the podiatrist

In addition to the basic models on offer Other you will find many optional accessories. The makers of the perfect floor seats create products that combine a unique look with maximum functionality. Therefore, each of them can offer additional features useful in the treatment and care of the feet. Foot propulsion and multi-directional adjustment are essential. But it's the details that make the job comfortable. You should also stock up on equipment enriching the whole unit:

  • a massaging head
  • a paper roll holder,
  • manual control,
  • heating system,
  • protective covers,
  • protective screens,
  • a length of not more than 30 mm foot,
  • a wheel to move the unit.

Offer Other it's a great idea for a beauty chair for any office. It matches the salon, which also offers manicures and pedicure. I 'm going . It can also be used for other cosmetic procedures. Configure you