PB Nails + Top Coat Base

For the durable application of PB and other hybrid lakes, bases and tops are necessary.These are additional layers with balancing, retentive and secure properties.The hybrid base and top PB are the best to use along with other brand cosmetics.However, they will also be checked with the use of other cosmetics.Check out our entire PB range in the "top to hybrid" and "hybrid" categories!Choose the supplement for the innovative brand’s hybrid lakes.

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PB Nails bases and tops in large selection

The designers of the PB Nails collection adapted the base and top to different styles. Each line needs different properties in terms of substrates and cover. In our store you will find m. other. Other Base 5 ml - a particularly strong version with a good alignment of the nail surface. It could be in your basket, too hybrid base designed for the application of the flagship line of varnishes. PB Gellaxy Power Natural Base 10 ml it adheres perfectly to the tile and holds another layer together. In addition, the manufacturers of the brand have prepared many versions of hybrid tops. There are both no-wipe and dispersion species.

Preparation of the active substance

In the PB Strong Base line, there was a strong base paint of various shades. The cream version is a slightly broken white. Other containers will contain dairy or surgical white varieties. It's a dye that equalizes the color of your nails. It is used for the application of hybrid varnishes with a coverage level < 100%. The name strong means that the PB base acts like duct tape, bonding the tile with the applied manicure. with styling. The medium-density consistency of our hybrid varnish allows you to extend your fingernails up to 3 millimeters. The 5 ml can hold for quite a long time, and the cosmetic is very durable and does not air out. It allows you to do styling that will look good even for a few weeks.

P.B. Nails Drop Top" and "P.B. Nails Top Mat

In the case of tops from our range, you have to decide if the version with the dispersion layer is better. This gives you a better chance of finishing the styling, but it takes extra minutes. We recommend the Drop Top and Top Mat PB versions - suitable for shiny and matte manicure versions.

How about an Elastic Top Coat?

If you use PB Gellaxy, use Power Natural Base and Elastic Top Coat. It's a light protective nail polish that adjusts to the shape of the nail. Gelaxy cosmetics are available in 5 ml and 10 ml sizes.

Top and base PB hybrid offered by Leopard

How do you choose a PB Nails base and top for a hybrid? It's best to match them to the style. The product descriptions on the Leopard website provide the most relevant information. The manufacturer shall include information on the most favourable combinations of substrate layers and finishes with PB varnishes and gels. It is also possible to follow the name of the collection to which the dedicated PB databases with tops have been matched. Check out PB's wide selection and try different options in original styles.