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Palu Bases, Tops for nail modeling

From the rare Palu Base Coat to the thickest Palu Rubber Base 13 product, the Palu Base can fit the needs of a manicure in any situation.Choosing the right number means the density that decides on the rebuilding or extension of the nail.Its basic function always remains to create a foundation under any styling, but the Palu product can do a lot, a lot more.Check the capabilities of the base and tops of this brand from our catalogue in the cosmetic office or in the home cleaning

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Palu Cosmetics - the new standard, Polish manufacturer

Palu Cosmetics is a brand of an innovative Polish cosmetics company. Manufacturer 4mass S A is committed to new technologies that set the standard in the production of nail styling materials. A large selection of bases allows you to expand the range of modeling and nail extensions. In Palu's catalog, in addition to the classic, rare version of nail polish, there are more than a dozen types of dense rubber-based liner that can also replace nail polish. Regardless of the type of specificity of Palu, there are many common advantages of products from the company catalogue, which have the following effects:

  • strengthening of the nail plate after destruction,
  • permanent elimination of discolouration and compensation of slab losses,
  • increase the adhesion of the hybrid paint,
  • lengthening of the nail plate (up to 4 mm).

The preparation may be used as a substrate for a hybrid varnish. Thanks to the adhesive and safe formula of Palu, for up to four weeks he can decide the durability of a new manicure and pedicure. The base layer can be effectively removed with any remover.

Palu's hybrid bases and tops provide the "wow!" effect" Step by step application

Palu's products have proven effective in practice. Every one of them is doing their job 100 percent. Just make sure that you apply them carefully one at a time. Using products of the same brand increases the chances of an excellent result - the same principle applies to the Palu brand. All you have to do is follow six steps to get a hybrid manicure and pedicure in the same position:

  1. Carefully rub the nail plate with the block.
  2. Grease your nails with a nail cleaner.
  3. Apply Palu Primer 2 to strengthen the plate.
  4. Apply a layer of Palu-based vial and cure in a UV/ LED lamp.
  5. If you want to lengthen your fingernail, apply a second layer (making sure the curve is right) and harden it in a UV/LED lamp.
  6. Apply another layer of varnish or gel to the tile.

Palu's tops without the dispersion layer? Check the offer in our catalog

The manufacturer 4mass SA has prepared a set of products necessary for a complete styling. In addition to the varnishes, we have hybrid bases and tops, which are used to pre-prepare the tile for the hybrid varnishes and to finish the styling. Palu's excellent tops and auxiliary fluids and preparations are a complete package for professional nail polish. Among the tops, products without a dispersion layer stand out. This means that after applying the outer layer of Palu, it immediately produces a reflective glow, also known as the wet nail effect. In the case of classical tops, the so-called. a dispersive layer to which, for example, the remains of polished nails may adhere. Liquids and excipients will help to remove it, but the latest generation of Palu products will not require the use of a cleaner. Once you put on the Top Coat No Wipe, the styling is immediately ready to show the world.

Kits: Hybrid varnishes, bases, tops, excipients, fluids and accessories of Palu in promotional offers

In its catalogue, the manufacturer 4Mass S.A. offers not only hybrid Palu bases and tops. Professional nail salons and private users can also find fluids and excipients such as:

  • cleaners,
  • removers,
  • the acid-free primers.

Without these additives, the process of applying a hybrid manicure would be incomplete, so the auxiliary fluids and preparations make up the entire arsenal of Palu cosmetics. It's a must-have for a serious brand. In our warehouse we also offer various promotions and kits: hybrid varnishes + tops, base preparations, building varnishes, UV gels or cleaners, primers and Palu removers. Hybrid bases and tops should be ordered in combination with varnishes and other products, as well as auxiliary preparations, liquids to clean both the tile before the first layer is laid and the dispersion coating after the manicure is covered with a classic top.

The Palu brand also includes tools and accessories for nail styling. UV LED lamps, milling machines and hand tools are very popular with buyers. In our online shop you can also order interchangeable parts for milling machines, such as diamond milling machines, rubber abrasives, other finishes for machining and finishes for polishing Palu.