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Although pot belongs to the natural reactions of the body, sometimes its secretion is excessive and causes a discomfort feeling for many people.Excessivity can affect any part of the body, but most often this problem affects the legs.Therefore, it is worth taking care of the right foot cosmetics that will help get rid of the persistent problem.In our online store there is a rich selection of cosmetics for potent skin, very effective in its action.

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GEHWOL FUSSKREM Foot Cream Preventing Feeding and Poisoning 75 ml

GEHWOL Foot Cream 75ml Product Description :A cream that prevents feeding and sweating of the legs, as well as the formation of wounds and muscles and scratching of the skin.It improves the bloodshed of the skin, prevents the rash.The cream has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the fungus of...

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GEHWOL Green Balsam Refrigerant to Dry Foot Tube 125 ml

Refrigerating Balsam for Dry FootThe reduction of the unpleasant smell is the responsibility of zinc ricinolein and zinc oxide, which reduce the amount of sweat.Triclosan has anti-inflammatory properties.Balsam cares for the legs (Shea oil, jojoba oil), witalizes and refreshing.Eliminates the...

Price 35.00 zł

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME highly refreshing cream for the feet 125 ml

Intensely softening foot creamIt eliminates the unpleasant foot odor all day long. It contains a care formula with jojoba oil and aloe and the active substances of manuka oil. It prevents foot fungus. Micronized zinc oxide provides antibacterial protection. Aloe inhibits the growth of bacteria...

Price 35.00 zł

Gehwol Fusskraft Grun Refreshing balm for sweating feet 75 ml

The reduction of the unpleasant smell is the responsibility of zinc ricinolein and zinc oxide, which reduce the amount of sweat.Balsam cares for the legs (Shea oil, jojoba oil), witalizes and refreshing.Eliminates the symptoms of heavy legs and swelling in the cortex. CompositionDeozinc Complex...

Price 28.41 zł

GEHWOL Balzam Normale Haut refreshing to the 125 ml

Gehwol Balsam Normale Haut it has refreshing and relaxing properties.It prevents the formation of fungus, sweating and feeding of the feet.It relieves the feeling of fatigue, reduces the discomfort associated with cold skin.It makes the skin soft and soft. The purpose:Fresh Foot Balls for Normal...

Price 34.34 zł

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Refrigerant Cream 75ml

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Renewable Cream 75 ml  This is an intense deodorant cream with long-lasting action. It removes the smell of the feet throughout the day.It contains a care formula with jojoba and aloe oil and the active ingredients of manuka oil.Prevent the fungi of the legs.Micronized...

Price 32.00 zł

GEHWOL FRISCHE-BALSAM Refrigerant and Refrigerant to Foot Tube 75 ml

Refrigerant and cooling balloon for legs and legs 75ml It contains a balanced composition of coolants and protectors.It takes care of tired and burning legs and legs.It protects from the fungi of the legs, prevents the discomfort of the smell.Recommended for pregnant women, relieves the...

Price 27.00 zł

GEHWOL Antiperspirant Lotion Tube 125ml

Antiperspirant of GehwolThe foot lotion with an antiperspiratory effect effectively normalizes the sweating secretion and prevents the formation of a crazy odor of the feet.With regular, daily use, it prevents skin swelling and protects from the fungi of the legs.Unlike other antiperspirants, it...

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Why are feet prone to excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating of the feet is a growing complaint. Although sweating is a natural response of the body, there are more than 250,000 sweat glands in each foot, causing the body to sweat profusely. Additionally, physical activity, high temperatures, and wearing thick socks and heavy shoes contribute to this. Sometimes, though, a person sweats excessively for no apparent reason. The causes of this phenomenon are not fully understood. It could be emotional or genetic. In fact, excessive foot sweating is a nuisance because it is associated with bad breath and a predisposition to fungal diseases. Therefore, it is important to care for feet that are prone to excessive sweating. In this case, you may want to see a podiatrist, who will also recommend and advise on the use of appropriate cosmetics. Properly chosen foot deodorants, creams, and bath fluids are sure to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant and troublesome condition of excessive foot sweating.

Cosmetics for sweaty skin from our range

Since excessive sweating of the feet is quite common, it is a good idea to have suitable cosmetics in your office that you can use and recommend to clients during their visits. We offer a range of professional cosmetics for sweat skin. Callusan has created a four-phase foam cream called Callusan Fresh to treat sweaty feet. It prevents sweating, is anti-inflammatory, and keeps you fresh. Camille Fussbalsam, on the other hand, brings instant relief to tired feet. It also elasticates the skin and acts as a disinfectant. It is also available in a smaller package, so it can be offered to customers for everyday, home foot care. We also offer deodorant in Camillen Fussdeo spray, which is refreshing and antiseptic. It helps to neutralize the unpleasant odor and gives an immediate refreshing effect. It is especially recommended for athletes who can quickly refresh their feet after training. Frima Najel offers alum powder, which has antibacterial properties and eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat. It relieves irritation without leaving a trace on the clothes. There are also other skin care products available at our store. We invite you to view the full offer.