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Propolis from bees — multi-use kit

For years, bee products have been widely used in cooking, medicine and cosmetics. It's not just the honey! Effective, natural herbal remedies can work wonders, strengthening the immune system and improving fitness. All thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey and propolis, which insects use to protect their nests. Find out which propolis cosmetics are worth using!

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What is propolis?

Bees make propolis from natural resin-based plant components. It protects and seals the nest structures, while protecting them from viruses and bacteria and fungi. This is due to the unique antiseptic properties of bee putty. Therefore, not only honey or pollen, but also propolis is an exceptionally valuable product that we owe to bees. Interestingly, the composition of be e putty can vary depending on the conditions in which the bees live. Propolis is made up of the following components

  • plant resins,
  • pollen,
  • beeswax,
  • vegetable wax,
  • essential oils,
  • tannin substances.

In addition to antiseptic properties, the effect of bee putty is enriched by vitamins (provitamin A, vitamins B, C, D, E). Nevertheless, pure propolis can not be treated as a medicine. However, it undoubtedly supports treatment as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient in dermocosmetics. It is included in preparations, tinctures or ointments with healing and soothing effects. Like royal jelly, pollen and honey, it has a health-promoting and regenerative effect.

Bee putty - forms and properties

Propolis owes its status as a super ingredient to its strong antibacterial and antifungal activity. It is a natural barrier against the threat of microorganisms. It is used like a support for a variety of health problems. The type and number of them can make you wonder. Preparations with propolis can be included at:

  • upper respiratory tract infections,
  • disorders of the immune system,
  • liver problems,
  • stomach ulcers,
  • inflammations of the mouth,
  • in skin diseases.

Preparations with propolis can be in various forms. For internal diseases, tinctures and capsules are used. Podiatric products are mainly drops, ointments and creams. Some of them are used for wound healing, while others have soothing and antipruritic effects. All cosmetics and propolis remedies available at Leopard come from verified sources. We recommend only products with ingredients of tested quality, intended for professional use.

How do propolis products work?

Thanks to its antiseptic components, propolis has an antibacterial effect. Tinctures based on this peculiarity show a stimulating effect on the immune system. Propolis ointments regenerate the epidermis. Therefore, it is worth opting for specialized preparations for acne lesions and ulcers. Also, good dermocosmetics often have propolis in their composition. It is also added to everyday products, such as:

  • face and hand creams
  • regenerating lotions
  • lotions and refreshing sprays,
  • specialized shampoos.

The properties of propolis allow the ingredient to be used in regenerative, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and firming cosmetics. Dietary supplements with propolis in the form of tinctures and capsules also work on skin well-being. Directly on the skin, creams, ointments, lotions or royal jelly sprays are used. Each of these products serves a specific purpose. However, the use of Podological drops 60% with concentrated propolis can simultaneously produce a healing and nourishing effect on the skin. Why? Honey, propolis or royal jelly are some of nature's best sources of vitamins and beneficial substances!

Use of drops, capsules, tinctures in podology

In podology, substances produced by bees have long had applications. Bee putty, like honey, royal jelly and pollen, have many of nature's benefits in them. They cannot be overlooked in foot care and treatment. For example, propolis drops from our catalog are designed for podiatric applications. They are used in the most difficult cases, including in the treatment of diabetic foot. They can be used both during treatments and in the provision of hard-to-heal wounds. They are used for, among other things:

  • soaking tamponades,
  • softening of calluses,
  • treating painful cracks on the heels,
  • fighting warts of viral etiology,
  • relieving itching in excessive sweating,
  • treating nail and skin fungus,
  • softening difficult corns.

How does the soothing ointment work?

The first glance at this list indicates the exceptional effectiveness of bee products. Putty, in the form of condensed soaking drops, helps in most difficult podiatric cases. Deep cracks, diabetic foot ulcers , complicated corns or calluses are among the most difficult challenges for the podiatrist. Propolis preparations can handle such cases. So they are equally effective in cosmetic and hygienic care.

Propolis drops, royal jelly and more

We have at our disposal a range of cosmetics containing honey, royal jelly, pollen or putty. Each of them instantly refreshes and tones the skin. This is an excellent option for people who take care of their feet after a long, tiring day. After applying Prop-Mad soothing ointment from our catalog, a pleasant feeling of freshness comes immediately. The specific product not only soothes and tones. It also immediately takes to nourishing and regenerating the skin of the feet. Remember that the antibacterial properties of bee putty will block the access of microorganisms to the skin and nails. Check out the effective bee cosmetics and preparations we have prepared in our catalog.

Preparations with propolis vs. bee putty in pure form

In addition to condensed propolis drops, you will find other bee products in our offer. As an ingredient in podiatric cosmetics and care products, they work well in specific cases. An example of such a well-composed preparation is Callux 55ml antibacterial propolis foot spray. This is a cosmetic for daily use, which helps effectively get rid of a common problem. Its action is due to propolis, which tones, refreshes and eliminates bacteria that multiply on the feet. Podiatrists recommend it for foot care due to the elimination of unpleasant odor. However, the properties of bee putty also block the causes of odor, preventing its formation and intensity. Another of its properties is the elimination of the feeling of tired feet. Therefore, it can also be used before cosmetic and therapeutic pedicures. It cools, refreshes, helps to permanently care for the feet - the secret of the spray preparation lies in other ingredients as well. Propolis combined with menthol and a set of essential oils gives a unique effect. Check out this and other cosmetics with propolis, pollen, honey and royal jelly from our catalog! We also have for you tinctures, capsules and drops with propolis extract 40 and 60%.

Health and beauty - try preparations with propolis

Propolis shows soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. That's why it also works well in podiatric therapies. Preparations with bee putty can be used temporarily for redness, irritation and itching. Propolis ointment promotes regeneration of the epidermis. It also penetrates into the deeper parts of the skin. It can be successfully used to treat hard-to-heal wounds. Such a preparation is used for ulcers or deep cracks on the heels. Clinical studies have shown the presence in bee putty of about three hundred different substances of natural origin. Most of them have antiseptic properties. For millennia, man has been taking full advantage of the bees' creations. Now you can take advantage of nature's benefits also in your podiatric practice.

Beneficial resins

The basis of the plastic material bee putty is nutrient-rich plant resins. The rest is filled with other substances collected and produced by bees. Honey, royal jelly, but also other products of beneficial insects are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They also have antiseptic effects. In supplementation, they are best used very widely. They can prove themselves, for example, as immune-boosting tinctures or capsules for upper respiratory protection. In our store you will find tried and tested podiatric preparations in the form of drops, ointments or capsules. It is worth using them not only for comprehensive foot care. This can also be done in treatments for cracked heels, ingrown nails or diabetic foot.

Beneficial effects of propolis from the offer of the Leopard store

Proven manufacturers make extensive use of products from the hive for skin care. Do you add honey to your dishes? Do you use bee tincture to support the immune system? Remember that you can offer this power to your patients at your podiatrist's office. Deep lesions or hard-to-heal wounds require good preparations. Callux Pro or Prop-Mad drops and ointments from our offer will definitely enrich your set of preparations. They come directly from nature, so it is difficult to find a better recommendation. In the catalog of the Leopard store you will find only professional remedies with reliable action. We offer only proven specifics, which have a good reputation among our partners. Among the numerous products for podiatry, drops and ointments of bee origin are especially appreciated. They prove themselves as an aid to treatments and the recovery process. We are happy to take on a steady supply of these items for your practice. Take advantage of our recurring supply option with free shipping! Check out why you should use beeswax drops and ointments in podiatry!