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Requirements for disinfection in the cosmetic office

Precise cosmetic and podological tools require the maintenance of the yellow state.The necessary equipment in professional offices is a disinfection bath - a special container with curtains and a scratch, served for the proper conduct of the antiseptic procedure.Modern, practical designs facilitate the daily disinfection of tools.Find out our range and choose practical solutions for the de-contamination and sterilization tools.

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Disinfection, sterilisation and aseptic procedures in the beauty office

Disinfecting tools in a professional beauty salon is a must. This requires a multi-step process involving:

  • disinfection,
  • decontamination,
  • the sterilization.

Every plant should be equipped not only with a disinfecting bath, but must also undergo regular sterilisation. You can choose to use external laboratory services: delivery of tools to a point with specialized equipment and collection of ready-made sterilization kits at the point. However, having your own autoclave, or at least an ultrasonic scrubber, will allow you complete independence in maintaining asepticity. The tool sterilization bath ensures sterility and allows safe use of tools, which is important for both customers and staff.

What bath to sterilize?

To get the best results, you may want to buy solid products for a specific purpose. Instead of eating from a random container, it is better to use a closed bathtub to bathe in a high-alcohol solution. Baths for disinfection is made from a reinforced plastic mixture containing polypropylene. This makes them resistant to aggressive chemical content and does not react with disinfectant. What distinguishes our range of options is a good brand - products designed for professionals. In addition to the high-quality material, they have a special design.

Why not wipe disinfected utensils?

Baths for sterilising utensils it has a built-in drain, often with a press to drain the contents. Properly performed decontamination consists of washing items and placing them in a sterilizer for a specified time. Removal from the solution requires draining and drying of the tools - they must not be rinsed or wiped. Choose a tool sterilizer that will help you keep your facility clean. In addition to the manual product we have bathtubs with self-lifting basket, so that the final stage of the process occurs automatically immediately after opening. Take advantage of one of our offers for home use. If you want a germ-free apartment, a sterilising bath help to achieve sufficient asepticity of household appliances.

Baths for disinfecting cosmetic utensils

How do you approach disinfection properly? The device categories indicate that the autoclave sterilizer guarantees 100% microbial destruction. More and more of these devices for beauty salons can be found at the iLeopard online store. They are characterised by a favourable price and high efficiency. The sterilizer strips the tools and ensures that they are free of microorganisms and viruses. Moreover, it even eliminates persistent forms that cannot be removed by disinfecting with concentrated liquid. A more economical option is an ultrasonic dishwasher. In the opinion of many customers, the average product rating remains very high. However, the main aseptic maintenance product is baths for disinfection. I 'm going . Make the perfect choice and buy your own tool recovery center.

The bathtub to disinfect the tools in our beauty shop

Our offer allows you to choose the most suitable product for cosmetic applications. The brand of the bathtub determines its functionality - it is equipment designed for long and frequent use. The sterilizer and the bath have similar properties, but in the case of disinfection, the product should be adapted to your needs. To this end, specify the number of tools and the dimensions of the container itself. We have tubs for you from 1 litre to over 4 litres . Made of high-quality plastic, the air-tight tubs will last you a long time. For many people, the choice of product also depends on appearance. Every brand and model available in our store, as a visually attractive piece of equipment, fits into the interior design. For regular contractors, even better prices and free delivery. Buy one of our new products, choosing the type of plastic, capacity and functionality.

Put your money on effective iLeopard disinfection

We supply professional beauty salons with specialized disinfecting equipment. The excellent quality and functionality of the hygiene containers will raise the standard of your services. Tools used daily in the salon require sterile cleaning - look for a suitable decontamination and sterilization product for comfort and safety in the beauty or podiatry office. Our site offers more than a selection of specialist brands. The iLeopard catalogue of tools and supplies is also distinguished by its good price and quick delivery - an excellent option for those who value time and savings. In the case of permanent cooperation, the courier shall deliver the product ordered to the address indicated at no extra charge. You can also choose a convenient delivery method to the InPost ATM.

Good price and quick delivery of sterile baths

Do you have any questions or concerns about a particular product? For further information, contact our specialists. Keep in mind that each brand available in our online store is not an accidental choice - we only supply materials and cosmetics for professional use. For us, each delivery represents the support of those who provide services in the cosmetics industry and related fields. Check our expertise in sourcing and place your order with us.