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Creams and nutrients for nails

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Camillen Hand Creme Plus 500 ml - strongly moisturizing cream based on urea

Handcreme Plus Cream 500 ml 5 %Take care of your hands every dayCamillen Hand Creme Plus is a highly hydrating product.It surrounds the care of such dry skin, which is exposed to the action of detergents every day, frequent washing and the action of external factors.Daily care at handThe product...

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Camillen Nagelhautcreme 30 ml - cream for cracked hands and feet

Dirty skin?You can prevent themCream Camillen Nagelhautcreme designed for stretched scores of hands and legs.It prevents them from touching. Cream has a strong humidifying effect.Therefore, even when the skin of the hands is strongly dry or after passed injuries cream it is capable of fighting...

Price 27.00 zł

Farmona HANDS REPAIR Moisturizing sorbet for hands and nails 500ml

Farmona HANDS REPAIR Moisturizing sorbet for hands and nails  Product with light and rapidly absorbing consistency, designed for dry and sharp skin after manicure procedure. It relieves irritation, moisturizes deeply, gentles and smoothes the skin. It prevents the ageing of the skin, strengthens...

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Farmona Anti-aging hand serum 200ml

Farmona Anti-Aging Serum 200ml Professional serum white – anti-agingit was created with the mind of the hands with clear signs of aging.The preparation ensures improvement in the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, smoothness and intense moisture.The active ingredients contained in the product...

Price 35.20 zł

Farmona VELVET HANDS Cream-mask for hands 500ml

Farmona VELVET HANDS Hand Mask  Cream with light and acamite consistency with a mask rich in active ingredients. Suitable for dry skin, with signs of aging and loss of strength. It expressly feeds and moisturizes the skin, negating the effect of dryness and thickness. It protects against aging...

Price 53.90 zł

GEHWOL HANDCREME hand cream container 500 ml with doser

Cream for Hands It humidizes, cares for the skin of the hands, quickly absorbs.It is intended for daily care of hands exposed to frequent contact with substances that dry the skin of the hands and using protective gloves.Irritation relieves bisabolol and pantenol, and clotrimazol protects against...

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GEHWOL Hand cream 75 ml tube

Hand creamIt moisturizes, nourishes the skin of the hands, absorbs quickly. Intended for daily care of hands exposed to frequent contact with hand drying substances and when wearing protective gloves. Bisabolol and panthenol relieve irritation and clotrimazole protects against fungus. The...

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Care Cream for Nails and Scores 15ml The preparation contains the highest-quality care ingredients and antibacterial substances, which prevent nail fungus and nail valve inflammation (clotrimazol).Indicated for fragile and broken nails and as a prevention of fungus.With systematic use, they...

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