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Cosmetics used before a podiatric procedure

Primarily, the knowledge and experience of a specialist is key to successful foot surgery. Proper preparation of the feet is also important because it can make the procedure easier and improve the results. Therefore, it is important to equip your office with the proper cosmetics to be used before the procedure. We offer a wide selection of specialized preparations to prepare the feet for various procedures.

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Farmona SMOOTH FEET Grapefruit foot bath salt 1500g

Farmona SMOOTH FEET Grapefruit Salt for Foot Bathing   The salt designed for the bath of the legs with a pleasant and refining smell of grapefruit, perfectly prepares for the procedure of pedicure. It is especially recommended for dry skin with a tendency to swelling. It stimulates...

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Camillen Hornhaut profi-Spray - strongly softening liquid 200 ml


Product for the fight against fertilizing skin, imprints, fractures and skin narrowsCamillen Hornhaut Prof-Spray strongly softening skin.In addition prevent the formation of inflammation.In its composition contains 20 percent concentration.This is problematic for him parts of skinwhich are...

Price 45.00 zł

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral foot bath salt 1500g

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral salt for foot bath  The foot bath with the addition of sea salt perfectly prepares the skin for pedicure. It gentles the scores, making it easier to remove patterns and printings. It works disinfecting, refreshing and neglecting the smell of sweat.   Purpose:...

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HARTMANN GRASSOLIND Neutral 10cmx10cm - Grassolind, Yellow 1 st.

GRASSOLIND Neutral - Grassolind Neutral  A carpet for the care of wounds.The tiulous network with large eyelids enables easy flow of the secretion to the absorbing part of the cover.Butter provides the elasticity of the wound shores, preventing the attachment of the cover to the wound....

Price 4.99 zł

GEHWOL BADESALZ salt to bath feet and body 10 x 25 g

Salt to wash the legs and the whole body with rosemary 10 x 25git provides better blood flow of the skin, stimulates it and strengthens it.It prevents sweating of the skin, redness, mushrooms and lungs.It is suitable for bathing for children over 3 years of age (allergy relief, atopic skin...

Price 29.99 zł

Camillen Hornhaut profi-Spray - strongly softening liquid 1 l

  Product for the fight against fertilizing skin, imprints, fractures and skin narrows  Camillen Hornhaut Prof-Spray a liquid that strongly softens the skin.In addition prevent the formation of inflammatory states.In its composition contains 20 percent concentration. This is because of the...

Price 135.00 zł

GEHWOL FUSSBAD herbal salt with lavender for foot bath 10 x 20 g

Herbal Salt to Bath Foot with Gehwol Fussbad Lavender 10x20gSalt regenerates tired and burning legs. Strengthening of the legs affects the softness of the fertilizing spider, patterns and footprints.It works deodorant and disinfectant. It stimulates the bleeding.Released natural aromatic oils are...

Price 36.00 zł

Farmona Antibacterial foot bath salt with silver ions 1400g

Farmona Antibacterial Salt to Bath Foot with Silver Ions 1400g Antibacterial bathing salt has been designed to care for your feet with a tendency to excessivity.Active ingredients contained in the product, such as salt crystals, yony silver and zinc oxygen responsible for strong action...

Price 53.90 zł

GEHWOL FRISCHE-FUßBAD cooling and refreshing salt 330g

Refrigerating salt GEHWOL Fresh 330g Bath with extra granules GEHWOL Frische-Fußbad removes tired legs.The mentol contained in them eliminates burning and leaves a long-term feeling of freshness.The bath effectively eliminates the unpleasant smell and cleans it.Moisturizer and algae extracts...

Price 32.00 zł

Camillen Salt aloe vera and olive oil 350 g - moisturizes, refreshes, relaxes

Keep your feet moisturized even during the bath  Camillen Foot Salt is a product recommended to people who need it deep humidity dry skin and its cleaning.Camillen Aloe salt and olive oil prevent excess water loss.Contains extract from aloe, olive oils and rumianwhich have a relaxing effect and...

Price 26.00 zł

CAMILLEN citrus smell salt 350g – relax for your body and senses

This is a great relaxation solution for your body and senses   The smell of citrus inciting what affects relaxation restoration of internal balance.In addition, salt has a mild stress effect, it affects the reduction of the feeling of internal irritation.   Relax sick and muscular, at the...

Price 26.00 zł

Camillen Hornhaut profi-Spray - skin softening spray 50 ml

Wear for six!Camillen Hornhaut profi-spray soft skin and skin.This makes the skin perfectly prepared for further cosmetic processes.The spray contains a 20% concentration of the urine that bacterial action and very soft.  This is the ideal product for fighting fertilizing scrotum, footprints,...

Price 19.90 zł

GEHWOL FUSSBAD herbal salt with lavender for foot bath 250 g

Salt regenerates tired and burning legs.Strengthening of the legs affects the softness of the fertilizing spider, patterns and footprints.It works deodorant and disinfectant.It stimulates the bleeding.Released natural aromatic oils are relaxing.  Method of Use: 20 g of salt swallow into the plate...

Price 22.99 zł

Camillen cosmetics for use before surgery

Bath salts can be used to treat the feet and the whole body. There are many variations of this type of cosmetics dedicated to pre-operative foot care. They differ in their characteristics, smell, color, and size. They're relaxing, but they're not just that. While there is a wide selection of bath salts on the market, a podiatric office should be equipped with professional cosmetics from reputable brands.

A wide selection of bath salts

We recommend a wide selection of Camillen salts, designed specifically for the most common foot skin problems. For example, cinnamon and orange salt have heating properties. It improves circulation, as well as its nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties. Jagoda and algae salt, on the other hand, have regenerative and softening properties. Seaweed, found in cosmetics, increases the elasticity of the skin of the feet and delays the aging process. Camille salt with strawberries and chili has exfoliating properties. It exfoliates dead skin, is nutritious and nourishing. Bathing their feet in salt prepares them well for a variety of procedures. Most Camillen products are also available in smaller packages so that they can be offered to customers during a visit to the podiatric office. We invite you to view our complete range of pre-operative cosmetics.

Other pre-treatment cosmetics

In addition to bath salt, Camillen, a pioneer in the field of podiatry, has also produced other useful cosmetics before surgery. Camillen Hornhaut Profi-Spray is a powerful skin softener. He's very good with prints, models, and wrinkled skin. It also prevents inflammation. Camillen Hornhautweicher Callus gel also has softening properties. It also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin in the long term. Disinfection is also necessary before each procedure, which is why we offer Camillen Wasch Eau De Cologne. Effectively cleanses, refreshes and cools the skin.

We also recommend other brands. Callusan offers a foot moisturizer that's a great way to freshen up your skin before a pedicure or other procedure. It's a softener and an anti-inflammatory and also a relaxant. We also have a professional skin softener from this brand. It has disinfectant properties, so it can be used by diabetics. We invite you to take advantage of our range of pre-operative cosmetics.