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Sterilization bags and sterilization gloves - products necessary to maintain asepticity

In a cosmetic, podological or tattoo salon, in which modern methods of explanation of tools are applied, the list of permanent orders should be attached to the sterilization bags.After using the autoklave and obtaining a hundred percent validity each st.the tools should be in a separate, closed packaging.Check the exceptional quality and reliability in using any product to pack sterilized multi-use cosmetic tools.

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Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

Professional handbags and other products consist of a combination of a transparent and a paper part that acts as a backing on which a precise description with the date and expiry date of sterilisation can be placed. Many details must be taken into consideration during their manufacture, such as:

  • seamless combination of clear plastic with paper part
  • the reinforced density of the materials provided by the special chemical composition
  • additive of biocidal substance

Packaging for autoclaving - a product essential for peeling

The special purpose and improved reliability criteria ensure that the price of the best products reflects their high quality. In our range you will find sterile paper bags made of foil, sourced exclusively from the catalogs of reputable companies that produce a line for professionals. However, thanks to our supply system and access to promotional offers made directly by the manufacturer, we have a unique offer for you. The price of our products will provide constant access to the best methods to support the sterilization process. If we add to this the model of permanent cooperation we have developed, whereby the maintenance and supply of accessories necessary for beauty salons does not generate additional costs, you can count on access to a procurement service with a number of additional benefits. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about sterilization products, and we'll take orders for the first shipment, up to a few hundred.

Medal products - recognised standard and affordable price

Medal is one of the best manufacturers of sterilization packaging in Poland. Sterilization bags and other categories offered by the Alexandrov Łódź manufacturer are increasingly appreciated by satisfied users. The brand's original technology and affordable price make sterilization sleeves and packaging available wherever sterilization is performed with state-of-the-art equipment. They are also used by specialized medical facilities, which is the best recommendation for these accessories and means that they are approved for use in all conditions. In our offer you will find versions with additional indicators for different technologies used in autoclaves. Select your version of the product that can be dedicated to sterilization:

  1. water vapour
  2. ethylene oxide
  3. formaldehyde

It's a good idea for your shipment to include a versatile product, with a double or triple indicator, so it's sure to fit the specifications of the equipment. Interestingly, the price of a handbag will not then vary significantly between product versions. In cosmetic, dental or podiatric offices, the first two types of technology are most commonly used. Are you ordering sterile bags? Put our address in the browser! When entering the data for the consignment, check also the size and the appropriate quantity. the products in the kit.

Sterilisation gloves - convenience and safety of use for dewatering

Tape sleeves are a convenient way to protect sterile tools. They allow the user to cut the product to any length of scalpel, chisel or mallet. Measure the required length, cut and weld one end before inserting the tool. Modern protective products not only protect the sterility of tools, but also help to prolong the sterility of tools when properly prepared. The sterilization glove guarantees a 100% leak-proof package and a sterile environment that will keep the tools aseptic in your beauty or healthcare facility.

Product in rolls or single bags?

If you're wondering whether to choose sleeves or sterile bags, we're happy to suggest the best solution. Contact us about any product and specify the type of autoclave used in your office. Both categories have their strengths - the rolls represent a compromise on the additional activity of welding the packaging before the tools are applied. Bags are products that have a specific length and, although they can hold most of the equipment, you should check before you buy that your kit does not contain devices with a longer handle or small dimensions.

Sterilization kits - low cost, great benefit

In our range, all categories of products supporting the work of autoclaves share a common feature - high quality and reliability in use. They provide an impenetrable barrier to germs and pathogens, supporting you in your efforts to reduce the risk of infection for your staff and visitors. Information on whether the office has a stand for maintaining complete asepticity of the equipment is increasingly an asset in the operation of beauty salons, so it is worthwhile to rely on the self-service of professional equipment for sterilization of cosmetic tools. Sterilisation kits, properly prepared and described with robust packaging and storage solutions for reusable metal tools, greatly facilitate work. Choose a permanent supply of reliable products - our store has prepared an offer in which low price and a secure delivery directly to your office play the most important role.

Specialised combination of plastic and paper - fantastic price for a professional quality product

The Medal brand, known for its advertising in the industry, like every product in our catalogue, stands out for its durability and careful combination of paper and transparent parts. The plastic part is composed of seven layers of blue barrier film, making it virtually impossible to accidentally tear or cut the sterilization package. Similar properties are found in high-density 60 g/m2 paper. Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product 90x230 mm as a basic dimension, suitable for most tools used in cosmetic and podiatric offices, provide a reliable barrier to single-celled organisms and viruses. The manufacturer of the bag guarantees full security, which is also confirmed by our stable contractors.

Sterilisation packaging - branded products for professionals

Every product in our line comes from a line designed for professional use. Certified sterilisation gloves and bags are also used in sterilisers in medical facilities, and packages from these containers also end up in operating rooms and operating rooms. We also recommend them to beauty salons and podiatric practices that are serious about keeping their tools sterile. The good price of the tested products, ensuring a proper sterilisation process, and the constant supply at favourable conditions are not only a guarantee of constant access to the means. Thanks to our offer, the ordered batch of sterilization bags will be delivered to your address without overcharging your budget.

Sterilisation bag - a basic product

If you have decided to buy an autoclave to improve hygiene standards in your own facility, it will be on your shopping list just like disposable cosmetics. Regular supply will ensure constant access to packaging which must comply with the leaching requirements. Strong plastic made specifically for this product is not all - sterilization bags require full transparency so that the type of equipment inside the package can be easily identified. Don 't forget to include a description . information on the date and method of sterilisation must be available. Individual product categories need to be sized, but they should fit easily in universal packaging.

Ask about a product you're interested in. Fast delivery and always attractive price

If you are not sure, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with information about the product and its use. By the way, we can agree on the details of the order, like the quantity. and the supply period necessary for the supply to take place on preferential terms. To meet your needs, we provide delivery of sterile bags and other products by courier and parcel delivery. We also invite you to follow our Facebook page for news and promotions.