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Farmona - eye cream with extremely effective action

A delicate skin around the eyes requires special care and attention.An effective way for her regeneration was prepared by Farmona - the cream under the eyes of this brand can take care of recovering the brightness of the sight.Why is it so important?Not only the lack of moisture or other dermatological phenomena can determine its negative appearance.It is also affected by fatigue, stress or an irregular lifestyle.Try Farmon's cosmetics under your eyes and enjoy the perfect skin look throughout the day.

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Farmona Eye Contour dermo-smoothing tri-active eye cream 150ml

Farmona EYE CONTOUR Three-Active Dermoveraging Eye Cream   Eye cream that reduces mimic wrinkles and delays skin aging processes. The active ingredients contained in it penetrate the depth of the skin causing the effect of dehydration and radial sight.   The Second Action:   Impressive – it...

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Why is the skin under the eyes extremely sensitive?

Without proper care, the skin in the eye area quickly loses its good looks and condition. It gets covered with a network of wrinkles, turns red or gray (giving the effect of under-eye circles) - in general, it creates the impression of general fatigue. Did you know that it covers a set of more than 20 muscles surrounding the eyeball? It is distinguished by specific features, including:

  • a thin layer of epidermal surface - up to four times that on the cheeks or forehead;
  • extremely fine structure of supporting fibers,
  • loose subcutaneous tissue,
  • a small supply of sebaceous glands, so that the effects of insufficient hydration are immediately apparent.

What are the eyelids exposed to?

Therefore, it is instantly susceptible to the formation of wrinkles, not only facial wrinkles. The first signs of fatigue, excess light or facial muscle work will be seen in the form of swollen or sagging lower eyelids and so-called dark circles under the eyes. The latter is generally a consequence of lymph and blood stasis, as is swelling (although it can also herald kidney problems or uneven skin pigmentation).

Farmona has in store the perfect prescription for red and puffy eyes

The first response to dark circles and sagging or puffy skin around the eyes is an eye cream with toning and regenerating properties. Often, a cosmetic that quickly brings relief to tight, dry skin is enough. However, it is worth looking for a formula that reaches the causes of such a condition. Farmona has prepared a large selection of both types. Herbal Care eye cream contains natural plant ingredients that smooth out light wrinkles and improve the look and feel. In the catalog of good solutions you will also find an anti-wrinkle roll-on cream , convenient for daily application. For eyes in a weaker condition, specialists from the company's laboratory have prepared an advanced dermo-smoothing tri-active eye cream.

Take care of proper makeup removal

Before you reach for the right eye cream, remember to remove your makeup thoroughly. Leaving makeup on overnight or not properly removing cosmetics from the face most often takes a toll on the appearance of this area. Makeup left on overnight irritates the delicate skin around the eyes and creates the risk of conjunctivitis. On the other hand, when removing makeup, do not rush. Rubbing the epidermis too impatiently, stretching the eyelashes and eyelid skin is also not conducive to maintaining a good condition of the epidermis. A cotton pad moistened with mascara remover should be dampened and gently pressed against the eyelid, and even after wetting, wait a few minutes for the product to work. Mascara, on the other hand, is removed from the eyelashes only with movements along the hair.

Regain the sparkle in your eyes with Farmona creams!

Dark circles under the eyes require a special formula, and you have to wait much longer than 24 hours for the effects of the cosmetic. However, regular use of dermo-smoothing products brings brightening and elasticity to the delicate epidermis. It is also an excellent solution for mature skin, including those with allergic tendencies. In addition to eliminating bags and dark circles, it levels wrinkles and will provide the right level of hydration.

Dermo-Smoothing Tri-Active Eye Contour Cream 30 ml

It makes your skin smooth and supple, slowly disappears discoloration and you regain the sparkle in your eye. Dermo-smoothing tri-active eye cream reduces especially the most difficult to remove facial wrinkles, and in addition to the feeling of relaxation, it really delays skin aging. Active ingredients, selected in an effective composition in the Farmona laboratory, penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and smooth it visibly.

Tri-active eye cream - what is this unique mechanism of action?

Why the name"Tri-active eye cream"? It accurately reflects three categories when it comes to the action of the original product from the Farmona catalog. Dermo-Smoothing Tri-Active Eye Contour cream combines the action of three different products during one application. The innovative formula proposes parallel biochemical activities:


The product strengthens and accelerates the production of collagen fibers in the deep layers of the skin. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is responsible for this, providing wrinkle filling from within. It does this in such a way that their edges lift, which in turn provides a noticeable smoothing on the surface. In addition, this ingredient is responsible for firming the epidermis.


Many users ask, aren't these changes for the short term? IDEALIFT™ lipopeptide, which initiates the thickening of the skin's support fibers (elastin and collagen) and creates a new scaffolding for skin cells, is responsible for their permanence. The result? Elimination of wrinkles not only in length, but also in depth on the upper and lower eyelids. It's also a prescription for sagging skin and the most difficult crow's feet to reduce.


The last ingredient is EYELISS™, a multi-level lymphatic flow stimulator that gradually fades dark circles. It also has a beneficial effecton puffy eyes, reduces facial wrinkles and is responsible for removing phenomena caused by fatigue or problems in other parts of the body.

Anti-wrinkle roll-on eye cream from Farmona

As for the dermo-smoothing tri-active Eye Contour cream, it is definitely an option for ladies in need of thorough regeneration. On the other hand, for daily care of the delicate skin around the eyelids, it is best to use a convenient roll on cream, which not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but also visibly delays the appearance of signs of aging. All Farmona cosmetics show advanced anti-aging effects, but it is worth choosing the right type for the degree of the problem. In the catalog of our wholesaler we have collected a large selection of cosmetics of this brand definitely worthy of recommendation.

What eye cream will be best for people with a tendency to morning puffiness?

Care of eyes exposed to swelling every day requires a gentle and effective formula. The cooling gel from the company's range is a product that brings immediate relief. Try effective Farmona cosmetics with ingredients well absorbed into the deep layers of the epidermis. The drainage of its structure affects microcirculation, restores balance and has a soothing effect thanks to plant extracts with relaxing properties.

Try the effective and convenient Herbal Care Siberian Iris roll on eye cream

This type of product is best put in the refrigerator before use, as this will shrink the capillaries by the way. In the case of the Farmona product, an instant effect is provided by the applicator in the form of a ball - the eye cream with Siberian iris will instantly provide a feeling of coolness while massaging the eyelids and eye area, but also evenly distribute the draining agents.

Farmona - eye creams that work every time

Farmona cosmetics are distinguished by their delicate texture, thanks to which they are easily absorbed. In addition to the temporary shrinking and cooling effect, the gel or eye cream reduces the depth of wrinkles, which you will notice with its regular application twice a day (use in the morning and evening). Due to the sensitivity of the skin to sensitization, only ingredients beneficial to the eyes are included in the composition, for this most cosmetics have a neutral or very light fragrance.

What active ingredients help reduce the signs of aging?

What makes Farmona - eye cream reduce facial and age-related wrinkles? The skin around the eyes over time requires additional hydration, which will be provided by substances that bind water in the deep layers of the epidermis. In addition, specialized dermocosmetics contain vitamins and plant extracts that improve microcirculation and increase collagen production, which weakens with age. At night, the chosen product can be applied a little thicker so that it can affect the depth of wrinkles for much longer.

What is the best choice for darkened eyelids and dark circles under the eyes?

In the catalog of Farmona cosmetics, created for professional beauty salons and spas, you will find eye products with vitamin C and K, caffeine or ginkgo or arnica extracts. Try preparations designed to provide complete care with a long-lasting effect. You will notice their effect on wrinkles much faster, but they should also visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Use them regularly and don't worry about the lack of results in the first weeks - improving blood and lymph flow in the microvessels is a long-term task.

Not just discoloration and puffiness. Get rid of wrinkles and crow's feet with Farmona cosmetics

Dermo-smoothing tri-active eye creamor soothing Siberian iris? For someone middle-aged or with deep facial wrinkles, a more advanced product that stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid will come in handy. If your problem is mainly puffiness and a sense of fatigue, choose a Farmona eye cream in a roller or cooling gel, which will visibly improve the condition of the skin.

The power of natural ingredients. Farmona dermocosmetics for professionals and more!

The skin under the eyes deserves the best cosmetic product. Before applying it, remember to thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse the eyelid area and the base of the nose. Only in this way will the dermo-smoothing tri-active Eye Contour cream or Retin Gold cream be able to one hundred percent use the power of the ingredients - moisturize, strengthen, rebuild the structure of the flabby epidermis. With the use of a dedicated product, you will regain the radiant look provided by the rebuilt skin around the eyes.

Order selected products from the Farmona catalog on iLeopard!

The performance of Farmona cosmetic products supports the attractiveness of our super offer. Your skin, sensitive has puffiness and signs of aging will gain invaluable support, with you can be sure of an excellent price. See what we have prepared for you in this category! Ordered cosmetics are shipped immediately, and there is also a free delivery option for regular customers.