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Peelings, balsams, body gel Apis Professional

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Apis skin peel - refreshing and smooth

Skin peels of the Apis brand it's a great solution for people who want to refresh and smooth their skin. Using unique formulas, the peels effectively exfoliate dead skin, leaving the skin soft and radiant. Regular skin peels support the skin's natural cellular renewal process, which is key to keeping it healthy. Peelings Apis not only do they remove dirt, but they also prepare the skin to better absorb nutrients from other cosmetics. These products are also great to use before applying ointments and creams, making them more effective.

What makes Apis peels different?

  1. Apis Hydro Evolution Enzymatic peeling of pears with volcanic lava 2w1 (200 ml) - This peel combines enzymes and volcanic lava to provide a deep cleansing and nourishment of the skin. The enzymatic action of the peel makes the skin smooth and fresh. The formula of the product is gentle yet effective, so that it can be used even on sensitive skin. Regular use of this peel improves the texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of pores. The volcanic lava in the peel acts as a detoxifier, helping to keep your skin healthy and clean.

  2. Apis Good Life Body, Hand and Foot Cleansing Peel (700 g) - It's the perfect product for all-body care. Its large capacity makes it economical, and its rich formula effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells. This peel is enriched with natural ingredients that additionally nourish the skin during exfoliation. Ideal for use in professional cosmetic treatments as well as a home spa. Its intense scent makes every procedure a pleasant experience.

  3. Apis Watermelon Rejuvenation, Watermelon Peeling to the body with volcanic lava (200 ml) - A refreshing watermelon-scented peel is a feast for the senses. Volcanic lava makes the skin silky smooth and refreshed. The peel also contains moisturizing fruit extracts that help keep the skin moisturized. Its light consistency makes it easy to apply and rinse. The aroma of watermelon is relaxing, turning everyday grooming into a moment of pleasure.

Regular use of Apis peels is a guarantee of healthy, radiant skin. If you're looking for products that effectively cleanse your skin while providing essential nutrients, Apis peels are the perfect choice. Our products are recommended by professionals in the field of cosmetology and are an excellent addition to any professional beauty salon.

Apis cream for the whole body - deep hydration and nutrition

Apis body lotions it's a real treat for your skin. Formulas based on natural ingredients provide deep hydration and nutrition, helping skin regenerate and protect it from drying out. These products are great for everyday use, especially after bathing when the skin is most absorbent. Apis creams are also a great choice after peels when the skin needs additional moisturization and protection. Their light but rich texture makes them easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Why choose Apis cream?

  1. Apis Apiderm Restorative Nutritional Cream for the Night After Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy (50 ml) - This specialty cream is designed for people who need intense skin regeneration after chemotherapy and radiation. Its rich formula promotes skin repair and nourishment, giving it a healthy appearance. The cream contains ingredients with a powerful regenerative effect, such as vitamins and vegetable oils, which help the skin repair itself. Regular application of the cream improves skin elasticity and firmness. This is a product recommended by dermatologists for use in difficult skin conditions.

  2. Apis Sweet Bloom Body and Hand Regenerative Cream (300 ml) - A cream that's perfect for everyday use. Its regenerative properties help to keep the skin in excellent condition while protecting it from harmful external factors. It contains ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil that moisturize and nourish the skin intensively. The cream has a delicate, floral scent that stays on the skin for a long time. Regular use improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy and radiant appearance.

Apis body lotions these are essential products for everyday care that will keep your skin soft, supple and healthy. They protect the skin from drying out and harmful external factors, which is especially important during the colder months.

Apis Body Balm - Intensive Moisturizing and Protection

Apis body lotions are products designed to provide deep hydration and nourishment to the skin. Because of their light consistency, they absorb quickly without leaving a greasy film. These conditioners are ideal for everyday use, regardless of the season. They contain ingredients that form a protective barrier on the skin, preventing moisture loss. Regular application of Apis balms makes the skin look supple, soft, and healthy.

What kind of Apis balms are on offer?

  1. Apis Be Beauty - Nursing body lotion (300 ml) - This conditioner is ideal for people who need intense hydration. Its light formula allows it to be absorbed quickly, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Balsam contains vitamins and natural oils that help the skin to regenerate. Its delicate scent makes it ideal for everyday use. Regular use provides long-lasting hydration and protection.

  2. Apis Good Life - Nursing lotion for the body (300 ml) - It's a moisturizer for everyday use that works perfectly in any situation. Its delicate scent and rich formula keep your skin comfortable all day long. Balsam contains plant extracts that help maintain proper hydration. It's perfect for after a bath or shower. The skin remains soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

  3. Apis Night Fever Luminous body lotion (300 ml) - This lotion is ideal for people who want to give their skin a healthy glow. The glowing particles make the skin look radiant and healthy. Balsam contains natural ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin while giving it a beautiful glow. It's perfect for special occasions when you want your skin to look dazzling. Regular use improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

Apis balms are a guarantee of intense moisturization and protection that make the skin silky smooth and soft to the touch. They make your skin look healthy and beautiful at all times of the year.

Apis oil for vial - relaxation and nutrition

Apis body oils they're ideal for massaging, while providing moisture and nourishment to the skin. With their healing properties, these oils relieve dry skin and give it a healthy appearance. Apis oils are rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids that help regenerate and protect the skin. They are ideal for use after bathing when the skin is still moist, which makes them more effective. These oils are also excellent for massage, relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

What Apis body oils are worth trying?

  1. Apis Oriental Spa Olive warming with ginger and cinnamon (500 ml) - Warming massage oil that relaxes muscles and improves circulation. Perfect for an evening nursing ritual. Olive oil contains extracts of ginger and cinnamon, which have warming and stimulating effects. It's ideal for use after intense training or on cooler days. Regular use of olives helps reduce muscle tension.

  2. Apis Exotic Home Care Exotic Oil for the Body (300 ml) - An exotic oil that invigorates the skin and makes it look healthy. Perfect for everyday grooming, especially after a bath. The oil contains natural ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin while improving its elasticity. Its exotic scent is relaxing, turning everyday grooming into a moment of pleasure. Regular application of the oil improves the overall condition of the skin.

  3. Apis Sweet Bloom Regenerative Silk Body Oil (150 ml) - A silky oil that regenerates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The oil contains plant extracts that promote skin regeneration and hydration. Its light consistency makes it easy to apply and absorbs quickly. It's perfect for use at night so the skin can regenerate during sleep.

Apis body oils they are ideal for massage and daily care products that provide adequate moisture and nourishment to the skin. They keep the skin healthy, supple, and shiny. They are also a great addition to spa rituals, relieving tired muscles and relaxing the body and mind.

Balsams, peels, creams and oils Apis body care at Leopard

Apis personal care products, available at the Leopard store, is a guarantee of the highest quality and efficiency. Apis balms, peels, creams and oils are designed for the most demanding customers who expect natural ingredients and innovative formulas from cosmetics. With a wide selection of products, there is something for everyone, regardless of skin type or individual needs. Apis products are recommended by professionals and are ideal for both home care and professional beauty salons.

Shopping at the Leopard store is completely safe, and our wholesaler ensures fast order fulfillment and competitive prices. By choosing Apis products, you're investing in the health and beauty of your skin, and we're committed to providing you with the highest standard of care. Our team is always ready to advise and help you choose the right products, and with advanced payment security technologies, you can feel safe when shopping.

Don't wait any longer - visit our online store and see how Apis products can change your daily care. Trust the experience and quality of Apis and enjoy beautiful, healthy skin every day.