Medical bluz, cosmetic bluz.A new way of aesthetic protection.

The modern medical cosmetic bluz is an excellent patent for changing your beauty salon.How is it possible?The atmosphere builds the same place as the professional processing.Smiling and kind staff will best present their positive attitude dressed in new, aesthetic uniforms.In our catalogue you will find models of medical clothes in fashion like a fashion shop!Check out our store and order a new collection for your employees.

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Women's medical blouses today - fashionable and functional

Medical and cosmetic clothing is no longer associated with a simple white coat. While classic white is still an attractive option when working in the Health&Beauty industry, most other garments it's a completely different color. Another change involves fashions designed by top stylists. The aprons, the blouses, the pants and the suits look like they've just come out of a fashion house. However, they still fulfil the requirements of a protective product which must fulfil the conditions laid down in the legislation on health and safety. In practice medical blouses they are still functional (fastenings and pockets), comfortable (no restrictions on movement) and durable (fire resistance in product price) models of workwear. However, what you can take into account when shopping is their style and availability in many colors!

An effective and inexpensive solution - medical shirts for your office staff

A wide range of medical blouses creates unlimited possibilities to create your own brand. Your staff will thank you for the comfort provided by the new uniforms in the workplace. Among our offerings, you will find popular styles and a wide range of colors. How about a double-breasted top with a stocking? Or maybe other garments, knitted or crocheted and a custom sleeve finish? We'll get you any size, any color. We have something for you women's medical blouses they are designed to fit different types of silhouettes so that every salon worker can feel comfortable and at ease at work.

Put your money where your mouth is! Women's medical blouses – Choose from 3 styles

The range of our store allows you to choose almost any cut, but it is also worth paying attention to the proven versions of medical clothing in the new editions. The classic format will always work, and many people choose medical blouses in one of three standard styles.

Short sleeve, square neck, without buckle

This outfit is most associated with health care. At the same time medical blouse it's available in a huge range of colours. The novelty does not always guarantee the best result, which is why our shop still offers this model that provides comfort and convenience.

Unfolded medical blouse with stocking

I'm sure you've seen this model before. There was no shortage of products in our store that had worked for hundreds of thousands of hours on duty. All it takes is the right size and an interesting color to combine with the fashionable medical pants to create an interesting outfit that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The advantage of the classic designs is also the advantageous price.

Medical blouse with pocket and side slits

Or a shirt with a matching top, shoulders, and a slightly masked, fuller figure with a side-cut? Such medical clothing is appropriate for an unusual figure so that freedom of movement goes hand in hand with an elegant appearance. The products in our store also allow us to think about customization. Choose a style and specify in your order the dimensions to suit each person working in your office.

What should you look for when buying a medical blouse?

You may feel like you're in a boutique, but remember the practicalities. With a well-thought-out decision, you will achieve all the effects that uniform medical and cosmetic uniforms can provide. Whether you choose traditional clothing or new and unusual styles, remember the well-being of each employee. Check the size carefully, choose the cut in such a way that each of your co-workers feels relaxed and comfortable in it, also think about whether your client will not get tired of excessive avant-garde. Traditional versions of medical suits inspire trust and build an image of a place that especially the elderly associate with help and care.

Medical blouse and material

It is sufficient to order the exact name of the product, the quantity and size of each piece. Remember, with large orders, you'll get a surprise - a discounted price and free delivery. For medical clothing, as for any work uniform, the durability of the material is important. All categories of clothing must comply with the requirements of BHP and therefore workwear textiles are characterised by increased flame and tear resistance. The composition of the products is usually a mixture of polyester or other fabrics, which should nevertheless meet certain standards in terms of providing ventilation or respiration of the skin. Our offer includes only certified medical clothing - each manufacturer ensures that it meets strict performance standards.

Medical blouses - colored or traditional white?

The art of choice involves considering all aspects of the solution. Both the classical options and the novelty have their followers. Therefore, a good manufacturer leaves a considerable margin of choice for future users by offering a wide range of colours. Our store offers not only a full size, but also a rich color palette. Regardless of cut, colour or additional features, iLeopard's strengths remain an attractive price and reliable delivery.

A white medical blouse for classicists

If the novelty isn't what you want right away, go for the classic in white. It's a color that goes with every other shade and interior design. A white blouse and trousers, such as cigarettes, will create a harmonious outfit with a noble atmosphere. They also bring a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. If your customers value these values, then flawless white will be the best choice for your salon.

Garnet and blue - women's medical blouses to emphasize complexion

Shades of blue - from blue to garnet - are ideal for a beauty salon. Are the medical suits too? Our blouses in this color palette will also work as a harmonious accessory. In a subdued, colourful space, they will be a lively accent. It's also a proven addition to healthy-looking skin. Staff dressed in garnet or blue is one of the better ideas for office space.

What about the rest of the color scheme?

Our men's or boys' shirts they are also available in a variety of pastel shades as well as fashionable, vibrant colours such as bottle green, olive, salmon and mint. Every moment, a new product appears in the catalogue, as each manufacturer prepares its first products for the next season. If you need advice on choosing the best colour scheme, we suggest contacting and consulting our specialists. The price of a product in different shades is almost always the same, so only the color criterion remains. Various versions of yellow are often chosen, as well as women's blouses in subdued orange, coral, or celery. When it comes to novelty, customers are increasingly opting for strong accents: burgundy, maroon or dark blue.

Women's medical blouses - see all the benefits

Regardless of what color the buyer asks, the manufacturer has already predicted it or will propose it next season as a novelty. With so much choice and so much interest, the price of a new shirt, even with the option to buy a pair of pants, is an acceptable cost. Some of our regular contractors order several sets in different tones or change the collection during the season. You, too, take care of yourself and your staff by wearing fashionable and comfortable clothing medical blouses.

A rich catalog of medical shirts at the online store

Braided, plain, unusual cut - today medical blouses they come in many shapes and colors. A large selection of beauty salon clothing can be found in our beauty, hair and podiatry store. Designed for professionals, they not only look great but are also comfortable and durable. We offer not only sales and consulting, but also various options and bonuses. When ordering a set of uniforms for all staff, the price will be reduced by the value of the discount and free delivery will be added to the benefit. Order your medical clothing online - not only will you personalize your order by giving it a specific size, not only will you save time and money, but you will also receive your order directly to your address.