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Medical Furniture - for Cleaning and Hygiene

When it comes to the daily organization of the work in cosmetic or cosmetic offices, medical fartuches play an important role.In terms of hygiene standards, beauty salons are increasingly modeled in the health service, and this type of clothing gives a conscious approach to purity and asepticity.Modern shelves not only protect, but thanks to their diverse color, they also revive the premises.Choose from our offer the appropriate patterns and colours for your office.

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Protective foil apron 50 pcs - effective protection of clothing

Protecting film 50 st.protecting clothes during processing A simple one-time bar is made of a transparent film.It is light and durable, providing optimal protection while performing a variety of procedures.The bar is placed on the neck.In addition, it has bands that enable attachment to the...

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Medical vests would be great in the beauty parlour, too

Medical vests are a common sight in beauty salons. As specialised clothing which contributes to a barrier to the movement of pathogens within the establishment, it is one of those items of equipment which must be given due weight. The modern products available in our warehouse are the result of the use of innovative materials. It consists of a specialised industry which also deals with other parts of HSE equipment. At the same time, medical clothing ceased to be a purely protective response. This is still the most important aspect when it comes to professional medical vests, but on the other hand, new designs and colour options are available on the market. Aesthetics are not secondary in a beauty salon, so why not combine protection with eye-pleasing styles and colors?

First, the quality and functionality of the protective clothing

Cosmetic and cosmetic procedures often come into contact with the skin and mucous membranes, so maintaining hygiene should be a priority in such a facility. How, then, can we ensure optimal protection for both workers and customers in the workplace? Choosing medical clothing is one of the first steps. It is easy to find on the market a large selection of products that attract attention by their beautiful style or color, but many are simply plain clothes that do not meet basic standards. What's the difference between them and the real thing medical coats? What ? There are a number of important factors to consider when making a decision:

  1. the medical gown must be made of certified material resistant to dirt and wear
  2. the highest quality material must allow frequent washing - this is a prerequisite for good protection of the apron
  3. modern nursing gowns are free to move, allowing for quick putting on and taking off

Medical quality of material and workmanship remains a guarantee of standards. Modern cosmetic gowns should definitely meet this criterion first. Medical clothing does not need to be specifically labelled and therefore it is often difficult to distinguish professional products from ordinary garments which do not meet the requirements of specialist protection. In our offer you will find only recommended women's medical jackets, which in addition to guaranteed protection will allow you to choose a uniform design and color scheme, so important for the image of your establishment.

Nowadays, a medical gown doesn't have to be a white coat

The wide selection of products means that beauty salon owners no longer have to choose between functionality and visual effect when it comes to a beauty apron. Modern medical clothing is increasingly pleasing to the eye, so a modern nurse's apron that meets all hygienic standards can also be used in a beauty parlor. The same goes for medical shoes. The choice of medical clothing intended for nurses will also ensure an appropriate visual effect. Popular variations of the medical apron, which remain affordable, come in a variety of designs and shades.

The colored and white medical vests available at our warehouse provide a wide selection. Even classic white, with its trendy cuts, is still an interesting option, but our customers like green, blue, purple and pink aprons. A cream, coral, or lavender medical gown is an excellent choice for a modern living room that anyone will enjoy. The price of medical clothing in our catalogue encourages you to reconsider buying the same apron for the beauty parlour.

Women's medical gown for beauty salons

Equal coverage for all employees is definitely a good idea that emphasises professionalism, but the order of selection criteria should be kept in mind. If you are choosing a gown, ask yourself (and your supplier) a few questions, in this order:

  1. Does it meet the conditions of the category 'specialised medical clothing' and what material is it made of?
  2. What color and style will match the decor and style of our beauty parlour?
  3. Medical gown is cheap. Will the price for ordering a kit for the whole crew be lower than for a single piece?

It is only now that we can begin to define the properties that medical suits should have, such as size, long or short sleeve, collar finish, etc. We offer cheap, high-quality medical jackets in a wide selection. The final price depends on the size of the order - please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you which of our medical products might be in your shopping cart. Add a selection of medical jackets to the basket. Fast delivery, not only by courier but also by ATM, will ensure that the medical clothing you order is in your office very quickly.