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Manuka honey – a way to heal wounds

For hardly heating wounds, it is worth using manuka honey supplies, available in several versions.The unusual properties of this product originating directly from the world of nature help relieve pain and reduce vomiting.With the help of the Activon Tube or a grid with honey you can treat the most chronic states.It is completely safe for children as well.Find out more from our experts!Try the natural power of manuka honey in an effective preparation for the hardest wounds.

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Activon Tulle 1 pc - viscose mesh dressing soaked in Manuka honey

Activon Tulle 5cmx5cm 1st - Manuka whisky grid   Guidelines that in their composition contain Manuka honey are applied primarily in the therapy of chronic wounds such as ulceration of the ends, diabetes foot syndrome, as well as cancer wounds and post-radiotherapy, in the case of infected wounds,...

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Activon Tulle 10cmx10cm 1 pc - viscose mesh dressing soaked in Manuka honey

Activon Tulle 10cmx10cm 1st - Wiscose grid saturated with Manuka honey   Guidelines that in their composition contain Manuka honey are applied primarily in the therapy of chronic wounds such as ulceration of the ends, diabetes foot syndrome, as well as cancer wounds and post-radiotherapy, in the...

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Algivon 5x5cm 1 pc - alginate dressing soaked in 100% medical Manuka honey

Algivon 5x5cm 1 st - Alginine container saturated with 100% medical Manuka honey   This is an absorptive, non-absorbent alginic supply saturated with Manuka honey (minimum UMF® 12+). Honey in combination with alginian takes the form of a gel.It creates a moist environment that supports the...

Price 25.99 zł

Why is Manuka honey so effective for wounds?

Recently discovered properties of manuka honey have been used to treat wounds. He has all the qualities needed for healing. It's antibacterial, bioactive and osmotic. They help the honey-coated bandage to cleanse and heal even the most severe wounds. One of the ingredients is glucose oxidase. When this enzyme comes into contact with the wound, it forms hydrogen peroxide, or oxygenated water. The osmolarity of the New Zealand bee product causes excess water to be removed. Another advantage is the abundance of antioxidants that promote wound granulation. Significantly, the Manuka honey bandage reduces bad odors. It's a 100% natural substance with extraordinary properties. Use them in two available forms. We have for you a pure bee product in a tube and a compress on several pads to choose from.

Manuka honey — dressing in a tube

In the iLeopard catalogue you will find Activon Tube — a medicated honey in the form of a thick wound dressing. The pack contains 25 g of pure Manuka honey from New Zealand. It's a substance that's ready to fill the healing surface. It can be used for all types of wounds, including severe, extensive tissue damage. Manuka honey in the tube, it also proves to be an effective dressing for deadly wounds. Heals wounds infected with anaesthetics, giving off an unpleasant odor. It can be used for:

  • ulcers of the extremities,
  • burns,
  • local transplants,
  • diabetic foot,
  • cancer wounds,
  • i'm going to bed.

When you use Activon Tube — medical manuka honey — you're using a 100% natural product. Pure bee honey, derived from the Manuka tree, has remarkable healing properties. Try it and see how it affects your complexion and skin.

Other, of a fat content, by weight

We also have an Activon Tulle Manuka honey patch for you. It usually comes in 5cm x 5cm and 10cm x 10cm versions packed individually. The compress is ready to be applied to the treated area. It consists of a viscous mesh covered with a healing substance. The medicinal Manuka honey for extensive wounds immediately adheres to their surface. All you have to do is cover it with a bandage or gauze with a patch. For the next few hours, the bandage will soothe and heal the affected area. The manuka honey compress can be further strengthened with Activon Tube to condense the active substance. Enzymes in the bee product can be felt and noticed quite quickly. As for Manuka honey, a bandage with this ingredient works even on large, problematic wounds. Then it's worth looking for a size that matches the extent of the damage.

Manuka honey in tube and compress — popular size 10cm x 20cm 1 piece

The healing active substance kit is supplemented by Algivon — an alginate bandage containing manuka honey for wounds. To Activon Tube and Activon Tulle he adds the high efficiency of the alginate dressing. It's a hygiene product made from calcium-sodium alginate fibers that come from beneficial algae. If a validated osmotic connects manuka honey dressings, its effect will be doubled. Compressors with dimensions 10 x 10in the case of the treatment of ulcerative colitis, the treatment should be carried out in the presence of a local anaesthetist. By using single packets, you can use the whole package at once, stored in 100% aseptic conditions. Remember that our products are completely safe for children too.

Put it on a leopard manuka honey tube or mesh bandage

Manuka honey for your wounds? It's really a working patent when it comes to treating problematic injuries. Its healing properties are especially helpful in the case of serious wounds, including children. Try manuka honey — The bandage also helps in cases of maceration, rotting or dead skin. You can find several versions of pre-made compresses at an online podiatry store. A viscose or alginate base with a 10 cm edge covered with a manuka can be applied directly to the protruding wound. We also recommend Activon Tube with pure medicinal honey. You can combine both versions! For the most severe wounds manuka honey in tube this will increase the amount of natural enzymes in the compress. Add reliable natural bandages to your order list, check the limit, and use the free shipping option.