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Cakes for the Ears

The first ears and other parts of the body that require an interference in the tissue are best applied in the beauty salon - for this they serve special clusters for ears.There are different techniques known to do this, but the most important choice is to do something else.Do you want to swallow your ears or other parts of your body?Do not do it on your own - with us you can choose the first clothes for yourself or a close person, which is best to apply in a sterile cosmetic or piercing office.

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What earrings for piercing ears?

The decision to pierce your ears is not one of the easiest. It's a procedure that comes with natural pain, so there's a lot of solutions to make it easier. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the age of consent for ear piercings. Parents may choose this procedure for very young children, but even at school age, piercing the eardrum is a stressful and painful experience. Modern methods include simultaneous piercing and insertion of earrings or piercing the ears with earrings with a special gun. Regardless of the method chosen, there are several rules to follow:

  1. The material injected (ear piercing earrings, needles, gun tips) must be sterile.
  2. The pierced area and tools should be thoroughly disinfected before the procedure.
  3. Special earrings made of non-allergenic material (e.g. medical steel, medical plastic) should be worn immediately after piercing.
  4. It is best to wear jewellery earrings after the eardrums have healed completely and properly, but not earlier than after 4 weeks.
  5. Care should be taken daily during healing.


The first earrings - medical plastic or stainless steel?

Having pierced ears and wearing earrings can expose you to allergens, including even metals commonly considered precious. The ears are a delicate part of the body, and for many people, they can be several times more bloody and therefore more prone to pain. It is also an indication of an allergic reaction, including a psychosomatic response to increased levels of pain and stress from ear piercing. Did you know that up to 10% of the world's population may be allergic to gold? Other common allergens that are often found in your earrings are:.

  • nickel
  • chromium
  • cobalt
  • palladium
  • articles of acrylic
  • epoxy resins

Special ear piercing earrings are made of medical plastic or surgical stainless steel. Plastic earrings in particular exclude the possibility of the so-called. contact allergy. An allergic reaction can ruin all the effort put into the procedure, causing the earring to become a foreign body to the body. Ear piercings pose little risk to the general health of those who choose to wear a conch earring, but in addition to local complications, allergies remain a major concern. This is a condition that often occurs during unprofessional ear piercing and is not limited to children and young adults. It can develop at any age, even in people who have held off on piercing their ears for years because of fear of pain.

Ear piercing earrings - kits and individual products available in sterile packages

A special sterile earring made of medical plastic or surgical steel designed for the first application further accelerates the wound healing process and ensures that it is properly shaped. A well-executed ear piercing results in even-edged openings without any deformation. Complications during healing, on the other hand, contribute to scaling, overgrowth, or growths or thickening of the earlobes. The best way is a special earring - the earrings we offer greatly facilitate the healing and normalization of the earlobe.

Medical plastic safety and health earrings - available in our offer

Our medical plastic ear piercing earrings are made from certified skin-friendly material. The Blomdahl system - earrings designed to pierce both ears at the same time - guarantees complete freedom from allergens while minimizing the stress and pain of piercing. If you use this method in your beauty salon, please see our catalog. Medical plastic products are available in a wide range at an attractive price. Blomdahl earrings are a proven standard for sensory-sensitive clients - piercing both ears simultaneously minimizes or at least shortens the pain.

What about surgical steel earrings? It's also a safe option

Surgical steel is an equally safe way to pierce an ear. High-end ear piercing jewelry is hard to tell from jewelry. Aesthetic finish with glasses styled for garnet, diamond, zircon, crystal, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz and many other precious stones. The products of the Studex brand are a comprehensive proposal for the use of the Plus Studex earring system by professional beauty salons. A sterile earring that resembles stylish jewelry, giving each person with freshly pierced ears a sense of comfort and elegance. It makes the healing process much easier and less stressful. Many clients choose a surgical steel earring for the first four weeks after ear piercing as an aesthetic alternative to other, temporary solutions.

Titanium earrings for those most at risk of allergies

Another option would be to buy from the top shelf. Titanium ear piercing earrings are designed for people with allergic reactions who don't want to give up their looks. The earring consists of two parts: a protective titanium that can be coated with gold or silver on the outside. Also available are versions made entirely of elegant titanium, a lightweight metal with anti-corrosion properties. Regardless of the choice, each earring must be worn in a sterile environment - after disinfection, with gloves and as little contact as possible with sensitive parts. Air quality is also important - efficient ventilation is sufficient

Aesthetic ear piercing for all ages

Despite the widespread practice of piercing the ears and, increasingly, other parts of the body, we are constantly dealing with activity that harms living tissue. As you know, the ears are a heavily blooded part of the head, so piercing the ears will always be associated with pain. Modern methods that combine piercing and wearing earrings while the wound heals greatly reduce the pain of the procedure. Only in sterile conditions in a professional beauty parlour or a specialized piercing salon (where earrings are placed on sensitive parts of the body, such as the nose, mouth, eyebrows, belly button, and even the tongue) will 100% sterility be achieved. The products we offer are guaranteed to be completely sterile, so that unwanted pathogens do not enter the ear for a short time. Every piercing earring in our catalog is a proven option, tested by our contractors and partners.

Blomdahl earrings, medical plastic or surgical steel earrings - find your own way to enrich the offer

Available methods of application, a sterile earring with a tightly sealed package, disinfectants, and increasingly modern tools allow for completely safe ear piercings. Maximum precautions in modern beauty salons are also a way to attract new customers. With our products for ear piercing and safety earrings for wound healing, you'll enrich your offer. Choose individual ear piercing earrings or complete sets of sterile accessories that combine aesthetic appearance with the role of medical products. We also offer piercing tools and accessories as well as disinfectant hygiene products that are available on hand, also with the option of regular supply. If you have any questions about a particular earring, any part of the offer, or about ear piercing for sensitive people, please ask by phone or email.

First earrings - piercing and classic earrings

The available products will be used both in the beauty parlour and in the modern piercing salon. Increasingly, customers are visiting such facilities in search of effective and safe ear piercings. Since ear piercing affects even very young, elegant women, treatments in authentic beauty salons must be sterile and precise. Disposable gloves are a standard that need not even be mentioned - a sterile, well-ventilated workstation with careful disinfection and care is essential. Try our accessories, tools and hygiene products on the ear piercing chair. Add them to your cart today and order online. Good results and customer reviews will enrich your betting list - many people are looking for proven, recommended places that offer safe ear piercings. If you're looking for supplies at an equally reputable wholesaler, we invite you to take advantage of our wide range of piercing earrings. Excellent quality, affordable price and clear terms of cooperation - discover these and other strengths.

Check the available accessories for safe piercing

Classic piercing earrings and piercing earrings combine sterile properties with materials that reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Besides, these are completely different categories of cosmetics. Depending on the site, a piercing may require special attention and hygiene after the procedure. Interfering with the epidermis or cartilage can be likened to medical procedures, which are also linked to a sterile environment. Sterile piercing earrings often require special plastic mechanisms with a stopper, and the first earrings to be left in the hole have a huge impact on the proper healing of a narrow piercing. Our store and wholesalers offer access to products of recognized brands that will pass the exam in any piercing salon. We invite you to take advantage of our company's offer, where regular delivery and a favorable price go hand in hand. Use the contact details for details.