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Hand disinfectants - put on proven products

An indispensable element of the cosmetic office equipment is the means that support the asepticity, including the fluids for hand disinfection.Why is it so important?80% of all infections occur by hand.Therefore, effective fluids and antibacterial gels are the most important barrier, protecting cosmetic and podological offices from the spread of pathogens, and the habit of disinfecting hands is a priority in for any plant.Check out our offer for effective antibacterial medications.

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Schulke Bottle pump 500/1000 ml 1 pc

Dose pump for bottles Schulke 500 ml - 1000 ml Dose pump for original 500ml bottles and 1 litre Schülke.The product is compatible with disinfectants and handwashers in 500 ml and 1000 ml packages.The set contains a pump and 2 tubes - one for 500ml bottles and the other, longer for 1 liter of...

Price 6.00 zł

Schulke Desderman - Pure Skin Hand Sanitizer 5L

Schulke Desderman-Pure protects against bacteria, fungi and virusesTake care of desinfection and skin care, order today! Schulke Desderman - Pure Hand Skin DesinfectionDesderman Pure is a biochemical preparation for skin disinfection.It has bacteriophilic, fungal, as well as virophilic...

Price 169.00 zł

An effective hand sanitizer will create a protective barrier against microbes

Disinfection requires constant washing of surfaces with alcohol-based agents, which are designed to eliminate microorganisms and viruses. They can be transmitted further, mainly by inhalation and by contact with the surface of the skin, tools or the work surface at the station. Disposable masks are used to protect against inhalation contact, the sterility of furniture and tools is provided by special means for disinfecting surfaces or high-concentration liquids for disinfecting tools in the bath. How should I take care of hand asepsis?

Hand preparations necessary at every station

When it comes to the skin, more than 80 percent of pathogens are transmitted through the hands, which is why gel or hand sanitizer must be a handy equipment of the station, where the sink should also be located. When there is only one common washing point in the office, it is best to equip each employee with their own dispenser for disinfection. Water is essential for proper asepsis, because disinfection alone is not enough. The correct process of skin sterilization is decontamination - it should be carried out correctly according to these four steps:

  1. Wash your hands, wrists thoroughly - as well as your forearms, if they are uncovered - with very hot water and detergent (it is worth using a special soap with bactericidal properties).
  2. Wipe your hands with a disposable towel.
  3. Apply disinfectant or gel to the skin and spread thoroughly over the entire surface, also between fingers and wrists.
  4. Do not wipe or touch anything until the agent has naturally dried on your hands.

If for some reason full decontamination is not possible, remember to choose a special agent with an alcohol concentration of at least 60%, which is described as a hand sanitizer applied directly to the hands without prior washing. It can also be used after washing, and the high content of the biocide when used guarantees complete elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

What not to forget when choosing a hand sanitizer

The most effective antibacterial agents are prepared on the basis of alcohol. In the case of hand disinfection, a suitable product should combine high efficiency, achieved by the concentration of this agent with safety and comfort for the skin. Daily use of disinfection can easily lead to drying of the epidermis. Therefore, it is worth checking whether the biocidal liquid intended for hands also contains protective agents, such as lubricating or moisturizing substances. Otherwise, remember to use protective cosmetics after disinfecting your hands. Moisturizers or creams used after washing hands also make it easier to put on disposable gloves. In our catalog there are only means tested in this respect. A good alternative here will be hand gels with antibacterial action, which combine both properties: they disinfect and moisturize the skin sufficiently.

What are the problems of hand disinfection at the desk in the beauty salon

An important protective element for the hand, which protects against the transmission of infectious material to other people, are other means of protection - disposable products, e.g. latex, nitrile or vinyl sleeves. Among the accessories belonging to this category there are also disposable towels, pads for chairs and couches, as well as simple tools and cosmetic utensils. However, hand sanitizers should be used independently of using such products and replacing them after each use, and certainly after the next customer. Too often it happens that the staff of the beauty salon:

  • does not attach importance to hand disinfection and regularly bypasses the eyes of preparations standing on countertops or hung in distributors on the wall
  • is convinced that disposable gloves and frequent replacement are sufficient for protection;
  • By accident, absent-mindedness or other circumstances, he does not always use antibacterial gel or liquid for his hands

The manager or owner of a beauty salon is not able to record every case of disregard for hand disinfection. However, he should develop clear procedures for maintaining sterility in the office, including bulleted rules on when and how hand sanitizer should be used. It is best to pass on their content to all personnel on special training after implementing the rules - if it is conducted in a practical and interesting way, the chances of proper prioritization of crew members increase. A similar initiation about the role of hand sanitizer in the plant must be passed by every newly hired beautician, hairdresser or stylist.

Hand sanitizer should be in constant use

We offer you a wide selection in the category: hand sanitizers. Proven, enjoying a good reputation among our customers, antibacterial hand lotions and gels can also be found in your beauty salons, hairdressers, tattoo shops or podology offices. Preparations from our offer come from reliable sources and are produced by companies with a recognized reputation on the market of disinfectant protective agents. With comprehensive protection at the workplace or in a generally accessible space, there should always be applicators containing hand sanitizer or gel, which is why we offer you constant cooperation and regular deliveries of proven decontamination agents.

Reliable skin disinfectant with convenient application

Antibacterial hand lotion or gel should be available at the workplace in a way that allows immediate access of the employee not only after the cosmetic procedure, but also during it, if the type of activity performed requires the use of sharp instruments that come into contact with the epidermis or mucous membrane. When using scissors, skins, cutters, etc. Disposable gloves will be damaged, it is absolutely necessary to stop the procedure and wash and disinfect your hands before putting on a new pair. Therefore, the best will be a remedy with a distributor in the form of a pump or a wall-mounted feeder, into which a supply in a bottle or bag is put. Hand sanitizer can also be in the form of an atomizer or a container with an easily tilting lid and a distribution hole. If you use such a package, be sure to close the lid - the alcohol-based agent can evaporate quickly. In our offer you will find a wide range of hand disinfection products, ready for use at the workplace.

Alternative - antibacterial gel for hands

Hand sanitizer remains the basis of the decontamination process in beauty and podology offices. A high-concentration liquid is by far the best idea when disinfecting hands after using sharp tools, and especially when there is an accidental violation of the epidermis or mucous membranes. However, with standard use, where internal aseptic procedures require workers to disinfect their hands several times during the day, a milder and skin-friendly antibacterial hand gel can be a useful solution. Both categories of measures are indispensable in the daily work of a cosmetic plant, so it is worth taking care of comprehensive protection of both employees and people using their services.

Choose a hand sanitizer gel or lotion from our catalog

Disinfectants placed on the stands and the habit of using them before each treatment is also an important way to build the company's image as a place that respects hygienic standards. We invite you to contact us - thanks to the service of regular customers, we have a lot of experience when it comes to adapting the assortment to the specifics of the services provided. For companies that decide to cooperate permanently, we have attractive price offers. We are also happy to advise those who want to try specific products on their own. We are sure of our offer, which is why we recommend all antibacterial liquids and gels for hand sanitizer and disinfectants from our catalog.

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